Sample Letter: Lateral Transfer Offer Letter Use Agency letterhead

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April 22, 2018


Sample Letter: Lateral Transfer Offer Letter

Use Agency letterhead

((Applicant Name))

((Applicant Address))
Dear ((Name)),
Congratulations on being selected as the ((position)) for the ((Unit or Agency)). Your transfer date is effective ((date)), and your salary remains at $((salary)) per month. This is Step ((#)) of Salary Range ((#)). Or Your salary is between Steps ((#)) and ((#)) and remains off-step until your next salary eligibility date. Or (List other circumstances affecting the salary.)
Please report to ((name of supervisor)) at ((location)) on ((date)) at ((time)). You must bring identifying documents necessary to complete an Employment Verification Form (I-9). Attached is a sample Form I-9. Page three lists the types of documents you need to bring to verify your eligibility to be employed. (Only if candidate is new to your agency.) Your employment is contingent upon your employment eligibility in the United States.
You will serve a trial service period of ((#)) months. (If applicable. Check State HR Policy 60.065.01 Trial Service or Collective Bargaining Agreement.)
Our agency accepted ((#)) hours of your vacation leave. Your unused Personal Business Leave and Sick Leave will transfer in full. (If applicable)
I have included two copies of this letter. Please sign one and return it to me by ((date)). The other copy is for you to keep.
Thank you for accepting this position. The skills and talent you bring to this position will greatly assist this administration in achieving its goals.

((Agency Contact Name))

((Contact Title))


((Contact Information))
cc: Personnel File
Attachments: Sample Form I-9

Copy of Offer Letter

I understand and agree to the above information regarding my employment with ((agency)).

Signature __________________________________________________ Date _________

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