Sample cover letter for an apprenticeship as a dental technician

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Sample cover letter for an apprenticeship as a dental technician

Mary Elias

15 Wroy Street

WEMBLEY WA 6063 (1)

Mr Brian Smiles


Wembley Dental Repairs

445 Cambridge Street

Wembley WA 6014 (2)
Dear Mr Smiles (2)
I am writing to you to secure an apprenticeship as a dental technician with Wembley Dental Repairs. I am interested in an apprenticeship that will allow me to gain a trade qualification in an area that I am keen and interested to have as a career. (4).
I have completed Industrial Arts, Biology and Human Biology at school, and have completed work experience at the Dentures Repair Clinic in Bedford. During my work experience I prepared moulds to take dental impressions and helped prepare wax replicas and polish dental prostheses. I also had the opportunity to interact with the clinic’s clients when dropping off or picking up their dentures/prostheses. I enjoyed working at the clinic and found the work interesting and rewarding. (5), (6).
I realise that in considering my application for an apprenticeship you would not only want someone who can do the job, but also show a commitment to a career as a dental technician.
I hope that what I have described in my resume will show how I can be of service to Wembley Dental Repairs. (7).
I would like very much to meet with you to discuss the opportunity of getting an apprenticeship with Wembley Dental Repairs. I will call you within the next 10 days to discuss my application with you. (8).
Yours sincerely

Mary Elias

5 May 2007
Enc. Resume (9)

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