Rules for Rotary Young Persons Award for Design & Innovation 2015 1 Objective

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Rules for Rotary Young Persons Award for Design & Innovation 2015
1) Objective

To give full time (up to and including year 13) GCSE and A level Design and Technology students an opportunity to show case their design and technology coursework.

2) Prizes
The following cash prizes will be awarded:-

1st £200

2nd £100

3rd £50

3) Procedure

  1. GCSE and A level Design & Technology school teachers should liaise with their local Rotary Club if they consider any of their students are producing coursework which could match the judging criteria in paragraph 5 and would like to enter the competition. All teachers are asked to do so to select a short list of promising coursework.

b) As students are producing this coursework for their exams, there will be no extra work

for the student, other than preparing an extract from their design folder/portfolio

(see paragraph 4.b) and a short note highlighting the most important aspects of their

Design (see paragraph 5.b) Scoring Criteria 4).

  1. Each entrant into the inter-district final will have a display space 1 metre square. The

Space is bounded by display boards 2 metres high. The display boards are available for candidates to display their design folder/portfolio or other material.

  1. Rotary will arrange judging of entries put forward by the schools.

e) Each candidate at the inter-district competition will be presented with a certificate of


  1. Candidates should consider protecting their ideas. There is a simple form for which

there is no fee payable, which can be submitted to the Intellectual Property Office to

provide initial protection for 12 months. A copy of the form can be downloaded from:

http// Further information can be obtained from

http// or by telephoning the Intellectual Property Office

on 0845 9500505. Candidates should note that it is important to submit the forms

before the competition.

4) Candidates
Candidates should

  1. complete the entry form at the end of this document and

b) attach to the entry form an extract from their design folder/portfolio containing the

name, photograph, introduction and objectives of their project. This should be no more

than two A4 sheets. This attachment may be used if a selection process is necessary

prior to the inter-district competition on Sunday 12th July 2015.
c) send their entry form and attachment to their sponsoring Rotary Club.

  1. be available to attend the competition in person.

Rules for Rotary Young Persons Award for Design & Innovation 2015 (cont)
5) Judging Criteria

  1. Judging will be mainly concerned with the basic ideas and concepts of the entry,

Originality of thought, practical application and potential for development for commercial application.

  1. The judges will award marks out of 10 for each of the four criteria in paragraphs (1) to

(4) below. Each score will be weighted by the factors in brackets for each criteria. The

Marks are weighted in favour of inventiveness and design, although other factors are

Note: The term ‘Inventiveness’ can be interpreted as a new approach as a new

Approach to an existing idea or product.
Scoring Criteria

  1. Inventiveness, originality and effectiveness of design (x 4)

  1. Sustainability and quality of workmanship (x 3)

  1. Potential for development (x 2)

  1. Design folder/portfolio (x 2)

(Candidates are advised to prepare a short note to draw the judges attention to the most important aspects of their design)

  1. Candidates should make every effort to ensure that the design portfolio is

available for the competition. If potential candidates consider that external

examiners may retain their design portfolio, they are advised to make a

copy for the judges.

Provided the judges are satisfied that in the event of no portfolio being

available, that the candidate has used reasonable endeavours to provide the

design portfolio; the judges may, at their discretion, award an average score.

  1. The judges deliberations shall be confidential and their decision must be deemed

6) Notes

  1. The organisers cannot enter into individual communications with regard to any

Entry except to acknowledgement of receipt and sending of appropriate information.

  1. The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any entry/exhibit

c) The organisers accept no liability for any injury whether directly or indirectly caused

to any third party or to that third parties property by any innovation provided that

nothing in this rule shall exclude the organisers liability for death, personal injury or

damage brought about by negligence of any officers, employees or agents.
Young Innovator Competition Rules and Notes 2015

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