RP095 James ‘Drilled’ Racing Helmet Visor

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RP095 – James ‘Drilled’ Racing Helmet Visor

A racing helmet visor used in the production of Ron Howard’s 2013 sports-drama, Rush. Based on a true story, the film follows racing icons Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) during their infamous 1976 Formula One season. As their rivalry on and off the track begins to take its toll, a near-fatal injury leaves Lauda fighting for the championship and Hunt in pole position to take the title.

This helmet visor and others like it can be seen being worn by James Hunt prior to the all-important final race in Japan as it is drilled into by his pit crew in order to reduce condensation caused by the harsh weather conditions. The visor is made from clear polycarbonate with two large holes on either side in order to attach it to the helmet itself, in addition to a further four holes which would have been made by the hand drill. There are a few slight scratches to the visor, but it otherwise remains in very good production-used condition. The visor measures approximately 24.5 x 15cm (9.75 x 5.75”).

This prop is an original asset used in the production of the 2013 film RUSH. The asset is made available through a partnership between Prop Store and Exclusive Media. This is not a replica, but rather an original piece from the making of the film.

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