Riding Helmets Helmet Awareness

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Riding Helmets

Helmet Awareness

Echo Creek Riding Academy, Ltd. requires all riders to an ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet. An investment in an approved helmet is cheap insurance for your head. Echo Creek encourages you to read the articles on riding helmets. Echo Creek also encourages you to watch the video Every Time, Every Ride.
Helmet Fit:

A helmet must fit properly to be protective. The helmet should fit securely on the head covering the top of the forehead. You should be able to shake you head vigorously up and down and not dislodge the helmet. If the helmet slides, then it is too big. Padding may help the fit. Remember to check your fit often.


*A borrowed helmet allows you to ride on a specific day. You need to invest in you own helmet for your safety.

*A bike helmet is not designed for horseback riding.

*Please label your helmet and other riding equipment. Echo Creek is not responsible for lost items.

Warning: Under North Carolina Law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting exclusively from the inherent risks of equine activities. Chapter 99E of the North Carolina General Statues.

Riding Attire


Long Pants: jeans, tights, jodhpurs, breaches, chaps, half chaps

Shoes: with a hard sole and a small heel: paddock boots, tall boots, duck shoes etc. (NO tennis shoes or large hiking boots)


No Baggy Pants or Shirts Please.

ASTM/SEI helmet

Recommended Show Attire

For those under 13:

Jodhpur pants: Cotton or cotton blend – beige or sage color

Paddock Boots or Jodhpur Boots

Garder Straps

Button down show shirt with a collar and a stock pin

Polo shirts for schooling shows.

(No shirts, which are baggy and have a screen-print on them)

Riding Jacket in navy, hunter green or black (optional for schooling shows)

Gloves – Black

(No Rubber Boots)


Black Helmet

For those over 14

Breaches: Cotton or cotton blend; side or front zip; beige or sage color

Tall Boots: Show or Field: Leather or Vinyl. (No Rubber Boots)

Fitted Riding Jacket in navy, hunter green, or black

Ratcatcher Riding Shirt with Collar and Stock Pin or a Polo Shirt for schooling shows

Black Gloves


Black Helmet
Other Items for the Rider

Recommend Books:

US Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship Levels D, C and A by Susan Harris
Winning: A Training an Showing Guide for Hunt Seat Riders by Anna White-Mullins
Hunter Seat Equitation and The American Jumping Style by George Morris
Safe Horse, Safe Rider by Jessie Hass
Other items aspiring equestrians may desire:

Grooming equipment

Lead Rope


Polo wraps

Saddle pad



Horse or Pony

Tack Stores, Etc.
Rocking B Saddle Shop

Ben Johnson Road Exit 161 off I85S and I40W


Sell everything for the horse plus helmets and books

Triangle Horse Sports

Duraleigh Road in Raleigh


Sells riding attire, horse attire, horse supplies, etc.

Horse Cents – Capital Blvd. Raleigh

M&M Tack – Dover Farm Rd Raleigh

Petsmart –State Line Tack



State Line Tack 1-800-228-9208

Dover Saddlery 1-800-989-1500

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