Ridgefield Academy Lice Protocol in the Classrooms

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Ridgefield Academy

Lice Protocol in the Classrooms

Head lice have continued to be a problem at school this year. Infestation is easy to control if detected and treated before head lice spreads. Here are some simple rules to follow to prevent the spread of lice and/or nits.

Please report any case of head lice to the school nurse.
If you see a student scratching their head, please send them to the school nurse to be checked.
Each student will put all their belongings in their own lockers each morning and after recess.
Students should be discouraged from sharing personal items, such as combs, brushes, ipods, hair accessories, hats, clothing, helmets, headphones. Brushes and combs should be sent home and not kept in school.
Our custodial staff will sweep the classroom floors daily.
Our custodial staff will sweep the gym floor and mats every other day.
Our custodial staff will vacuum classroom carpets daily. Upon several cases in a classroom, the area rugs will be removed for 2 weeks and shampooed.
Students should be asked not to put their heads on the classroom rugs.

Students with sleeping mats should use their own mat exclusively. Upon a reported case of lice, the mats will be disinfected.

No stuffed animals should be brought in or kept in any classroom if there is an infestation of lice in that grade. Class stuffed animals/pets should be put in the dryer on high for 30 minutes before and after going home.
No dress-up centers should be used if there is a lice infestation. All clothes should be disinfected before reuse.
All students should wear their own individual smocks in Art class.
PE pinnies should be disinfected when there are lice reported in a grade. Pinnies should not be used in a grade with a reported case of lice until treatment has been commenced.
All headsets should be wiped down after each individual use.

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