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Epicstoke Announce Kickstarter Campaign For Revolutionary Sunglasses
Changing the way you see the world with Carver Sunglasses by Epicstoke!

An innovative and cutting-edge design brand have announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign, opening up a range of opportunities for backers to get involved in the global launch of 'Carvers' interchangeable sunglasses.

Carvers sunglasses are the world's first optimised vision-enhancing and customisable glasses, designed and manufactured from the latest technologically advanced bioplastic. Unlike most commercial sunglasses, which are made using cheap injection molding processes, Carvers are built using tough cellulose acetate, which is carved, hand polished and reinforced with stainless steel providing:

  • Incredibly strong, flexible, and lightweight frames

  • Hypo-allergenic and retains the soft feeling of cotton on the skin

  • Environmentally friendly and made from renewable resources

In addition to the high-end frame, Carvers provide wearers with the option of polarised interchangeable lenses, which provide 100% UV protection and come in a broad range of eye-catching and stylish colours, meaning Carvers are as unique as their wearer.

Epicstoke's first ever Kickstarter backer, Jonathan, commented “I own pairs of Oakley and Ray-Ban sunglasses but your double spring hinges make for a much more comfortable fit than what I am used to. If there’s any one thing I make sure I take with me before driving to work it has to be one of my three pairs of Epicstoke sunglasses, though now I’m stuck having to choose which lenses I want to set the tone for my day.”
The Kickstarter campaign opened with the aim of raising around $15,000 of support from backers, however the project created instant buzz and attention, reaching almost 50% of the target with over a month left to run. Co-founders Joe and Nick Schaeppi are encouraging backers to get involved by visiting the official Kickstarter campaign page at, where a range of rewards and backing levels are available.
About Epicstoke
Epicstoke is the brainchild brand of entrepreneur co-founders and brothers Joe and Nick Schaeppi. Joe is a UX designer, photographer and North Face brand ambassador, with Nick currently preparing to release his first musical EP. The Carvers sunglasses range are the latest addition to the Epicstoke brand and are set to revolutionise the way sunglasses are worn.
Media Contact:
Contact: Joe Schaeppi

Telephone: +1 612.501.9995



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