Resources for Recruiting Dental Providers

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Resources for Recruiting Dental Providers

The following resources may be helpful in recruiting dental providers to health centers. (Please note that inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by NACHC, and some resources may charge a fee.)

Health centers that were awarded FY2016 Oral Health Service Expansion Grants should keep the following grant-specific information in mind:

  • Positions that may be partially or wholly funded by this award include dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, aides, technicians and dental therapists*.

  • Hires may be direct-hire or contracted staff or a combination of new part-time direct hire and contracted providers equaling at least 1.0 new onsite FTE provider.

  • *Dental therapists are defined as licensed oral health professionals who practice as part of a dental team to provide educational, clinical and therapeutic dental patient services. More specifically, dental therapists may provide basic preventative and restorative treatment to children and adults and preform extractions of primary (baby) teeth under the supervision of a dentist. Their specific scope of practice is established by state law.

  • This grant can focus on special populations, but must be available for all patients, regardless of status.

NACHC Job Board:

NACHC hosts a job board, which allows health centers to advertise open positions to interested potential candidates nationally. (NACHC members receive reduced rates.)

PCA Job Boards:

Many state Primary Care Associations (PCAs) operate job boards allowing health centers to advertise their open positions. A listing of PCAs contact information and web addresses can be found here.

National Health Service Corps’ updated Jobs Center:

All health centers can advertise open opportunities for dentists and dental hygienists for free on NHSC’s online Jobs Center, which was recently updated to be more user-friendly. (Note that many non-NHSC providers look at the NHSC Jobs Center; therefore, it may be worth posting here even if your HPSA score appears too low to qualify for an NHSC provider.)

National Network for Oral Health Access:

The National Network for Oral Health Access allows defined safety-net organizations, including community health centers, to advertise oral health openings in their job bank.

This publication and its contents are solely the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily represent the official views of the National Association of Community Health Centers

National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network (3RNet):
3Rnet is a nonprofit organization which connects professionals searching for jobs in rural or underserved areas with health care facilities.
Dental Schools (American Student Dental Association):

The American Student Dental Association maintains a current list of dental schools in the United States. Consider contacting the schools within your state to inquire as to whether they advertise current job postings internally.

State Grant Programs to Expand Oral Health Workforce

HRSA’s Bureau of Health Workforce make awards to state-based organization to assist in the development and implementation of innovative programs to address dental workforce needs in dental health professional shortage areas.  As of summer 2016, grants have been awarded in the following states: IA, MA, MI, MO, MT, NY, WI. In addition, new awards are scheduled to be announced by September 1, 2016; see this website for more details.

Other Dental Job Boards & Banks:

American Dental Hygienists Association

Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities

Barton Associates


Disclaimer: Please be aware that one or more of these sites may charge a service fee for the utilization of their services. This non-exhaustive compilation of resources does not constitute an endorsement of their use or practices by NACHC or any of its employees.

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