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10.6Renewal Limit for Expired Meds (REN)

Select the Renewal Limit for Expired Meds (REN) option on the Medication Management Configuration menu to display:

Renewal Limit for Expired Meds

Renewal Limit (Days) for Expired Meds may be set for the following:


Enter selection: 900 System DEMO.CIAINFORMATICS.COM
Setting Renewal Limit (Days) of Expired Meds for System: DEMO.CIAINFORMATICS.COM
Renewal Limit (Days)for Expired Meds:

This is the maximum number of days following the expiration of a prescription that it may still can be renewed.

11.0Medication Counseling

The RPMS-EHR application contains the Pharmacy Refill Counseling macro that is available to be placed on the pharmacist’s VueCentric template. The macro enables rapid visit creation and documentation of Purpose of Visit and Patient Education for high volume workflow situations, such as dispensing medication refills.

The macro is launched from the Pharmacy Ed button that should appear in the Patient-Visit Toolbar.

Figure 11- : Pharmacy Ed Button

11.1Pharm Ed Button

The CAC needs to insert the Pharm Ed button on the toolbar, using the Medication Counseling component.

Please note the following about the Pharmacy Ed button:

If no patient has been selected, the button will not be selectable.

If the macro has not been run on that patient on that day, the button is select­able and launches the macro.

If the macro has been run on that patient on that day, the button will not be selectable.

When the pharmacist clicks this button, The Medication Counseling dialog (a form) appears where medication counseling information is entered.

Figure 11- : Sample Medication Counseling Dialog

The following sections described the various parts of the form that the CAC can setup.

11.2Medication Counseling Configuration

Go to the RPMS database and select EHR | MED | MEC to display the Medication Counseling Configuration options.

Figure 11- : Medication Counseling Configuration Options

11.2.1Default Comprehension Value (DCMP)

The Default Comprehension Value controls what options appear in the drop-down list for Comprehension.

Figure 11- : Example of Comprehension on Form

The default comprehension can be blank or it can set as Good, Fail, Poor.

Figure 11- : Sample Default Comprehension Value

11.2.2Default Counsel Time (DCTM)

The Default Counsel Time allows the default duration for medication counseling to determined.

Figure 11- : Example of Time on Form

Time can be set to any number between 1 and 999 minutes

Figure 11- : Sample Setting Counseling Time Default

11.2.3Default POV (DPOV)

The Default POV allows a site to set the Purpose of Visit code radio button to be pre-selected when the macro is launched.

Figure 11- : Sample Pre-Selected POV on Form

The RPMS provides a list of valid POVs. At the “Default POV code” prompt, you can enter the ICD diagnosis code number or description.

Figure 11- : Sample List of Valid POVs

11.2.4Edit Disclaimer Text (EDTX)

The Edit Disclaimer Text option allows you to edit the bolded disclaimer text.

Figure 11- : Sample Disclaimer Text

At the “Edit Value” prompt, enter Y and you go to word processing field where you type the text of the disclaimer (there is no limit on the number of characters).

Figure 11- : Sample Edit Disclaimer Text

11.2.5Education Topics (ELST)

The Education Topics option allows a site to modify the list of available education topics that are listed under the Counseling List label on the Medication Counseling dialog. The default education topics displayed in the component are the Medication education topics in the standard IHS patient education table.

Figure 11- : Sample Education Topics

11.2.6Hospital Location for Visit (HL)

The Hospital Location for Visit option allows you to change the default Hospital Location. The default Hospital Location for the component is Pharmacy.


Hospital Location for Visit
PharmED hospital location may be set for the following:


Enter selection:: 80 Division DEMO INDIAN HOSPITAL
-- Setting PharmED hospital location for Division: DEMO INDIAN HOSPITAL --

Hospital Location for Visit: GENEAL PHARMACY//

This option allows you to specify a hospital location for visit creation. The hospital locations must have a Pharmacy Stop Code associated with it.

11.2.7POV List (PLST)

The POV List option allows a site to select different ICD-9 codes that they want to use instead of the default POVs that display on the Medication Counseling dialog. The POV List is a list of pointed to values.

Figure 11- : Sample POV List

11.2.8POV Narrative Text (PNL)

The POV Narrative Text allows you to define the Provider Narrative once the set of POVs that will be used in the component are selected. This narrative will be stored along with the ICD-9 codes. If no Provider Narrative is defined, the standard ICD-9 code language will be used. The POV Narrative Text is a list of external name synchronized with the POV List.

Figure 11- : Sample POV Panel

In the above screen capture, “Medication Counseling” is the narrative text for V65.49 and “Medication Counseling By Proxy” is the narrative text for V65.19.

You enter the text at the “Narrative Text” prompt.

Figure 11- : Sample POV Narrative Text

Note: The two parameters, POV List and POV Narrative Text are required to hold information about the pointed to value and the list of external names. These two parameters are pre-populated and require little adjustment. Using the “List Value for a Selected Parameter?” option, you can output the values for each parameter to ensure that the mappings are correct.

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