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The purpose of this manual is to provide technical information about the CACs set-up guide. The set-up guide is designed to help clinical coordinators to run the Electronic Health Record (EHR) application.

This setup will explain options that are part of the Veteran’s Administration CPRS, TIU, and consult packages and how they differ from the EHR, as well as those items that are unique to the EHR.

This document is divided into the following sections: Basic EHR Setup, Patient Context Configuration, Encounter Context, Setting Up a New User, TIU Configuration, Notification Configuration, Order Entry Configuration, Consult Tracking Configuration, Medication Management Configuration, Lab Configuration, Vital Measurement Configuration, Report Configuration, Problem List Configuration, POV Configuration, Personal Health Hx Configuration, Procedure Configuration, Patient Education Configuration, Exam Configuration, Health Factor Configuration, Immunization Configuration, VueCnetric Framework Configuration, Spellchecking Configuration, Reminder Configuration, Design Mode, IHS Setup, Point of Care Lab, Reminders, Coding Tools, Drug Text Orders, and Print Formats for CII Prescriptions.

For further information on any topic, see the following manuals:

  • CPRS GUI “Getting Started” (

  • CPRS Clinical Reminders (Clinicians) (

  • CPRS Set-up Guide (

  • IHS Health Summary (IHS) (

  • CPRS Users Guide (VA) (

  • CPRS Consultations (VA) (

  • IHS Women’s Health Version 2.0 (IHS)

  • IHS Immunization Tracking

  • IHS Allergy Tracking (Refer to PSO Manual

  • IHS Laboratory Version 5.2

  • IHS Outpatient Pharmacy Version 7.0 and Inpatient Pharmacy Version 5.0

  • IHS Radiology Version 5.0

  • IHS Dietary

  • PIMS

  • Lexicon

  • Code-Set Versioning

  • VistA Imaging Version 3.0 (not yet available)

2.0Basic EHR Setup

The setup of the EHR involves the setup of several different packages. The setup is generally done using RPMS options available to Clinical Coordinators. The setup is also a continuing process. This section contains the various setups that need to be done. The majority of the setup can be done through the RPMS-EHR Configuration Master Menu. The CAC needs access to the BEHO menu and have the BEHOZMENU key/ to access this master menu.

RPMS-EHR Configuration Master Menu

ART Adverse Reaction Tracking Configuration ...

CCX Chief Complaint Configuration ...

CON Consult Tracking Configuration ...

EDU Patient Education Configuration ...

ENC Encounter Context Configuration ...

EXM Exam Configuration ...

FRM VueCentric Framework Configuration ...

HFA Health Factor Configuration ...

IMM Immunization Configuration ...

LAB Lab Configuration ...

MED Medication Management Configuration ...

NOT Notification Configuration ...

ORD Order Entry Configuration ...

PAT Patient Context Configuration ...

PHX Personal Health Hx Configuration ...

PLS Problem List Configuration ...

POV POV Configuration ...

PRC Procedure Configuration ...

REM Reminder Configuration ...

RPT Report Configuration ...

SPL Spellchecking Configuration ...

TIU TIU Configuration ...

VIT Vital Measurement Configuration ...
Select RPMS-EHR Configuration Master Menu Option:

2.1TIU Setup

Because TIU will be installed before the EHR software, some of the setup can be started early. The TIU Maintenance Menu is where these options are found (EHR | TIU Configuration | TIU Medical Records | TIU Maintenance Menu). Use the options in bold.

DDM Document Definitions (Managers) ...

TAT TIU Alert Tools

TPM TIU Parameters Menu ...

TTM TIU Template Mgmt Functions ...

UCM User Class Management ...

2.1.1Document Definitions (Managers)

Select Document Definition (Manager) (DDM) option on the TIU Maintenance Menu to display the following:

DDM1 Edit Document Definitions

DDM2 Sort Document Definitions

DDM3 Create Document Definitions

DDM4 Create Objects

DDM5 List Object Descriptions

DDM6 Create TIU/Health Summary Objects

You use these options to create and maintain note titles and objects. The only basic one needed is the Create Document Definitions, because a site needs to make its progress note titles before users can write progress notes.

2.1.2User Class Management

Select TIU Management Menu Option | UCM (User Class Management.).

Start assigning users to the proper user class and review the business rules, using the options in bold.

UCM1 User Class Definition

UCM2 List Membership by User

UCM3 List Membership by Class

UCM4 Manage Business Rules Membership by User (UCM2)

Use this function to assign user classes to users.

Select User Class Management Option: UCM2 List Membership by User


Current User Classes Jun 10, 2004 14:29:29 Page 1 of 1

HAGER, MARY G 4 Classes

User Class Title Effective Expires


1 Chief, MIS 02/09/04

2 Clinical Coordinator NO 01/07/04

3 Physician 05/02/04

4 Provider 02/01/04
-------+ Next Screen - Prev Screen ?? More Actions ------------

Add Remove Quit

Edit Change View

Select Action: Quit // Business Rules (UCM4)

Print and review the business rules for Progress Notes, Discharge Summaries, and all documents.

Figure 2 1: Sample Business Rules for Progress Notes
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