Reservations for August 10, 2013 1970’s Era Multi-year Reunion

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Reservations for

August 10, 2013 1970’s Era Multi-year Reunion

***If someone's not on the list you expected to see on the list, or want to see on the list, please call or send them a friendly email reminder to send their reservation fees in! Fees are due no later than July 20, 2013. If YOU aren’t on the list yet, well, what are you waiting for?? Please remember you are not on the reservation list until your reservation payment has been received.***

Pay in advance is officially closed for the August 10th reunion! If you plan on coming and haven't paid yet, you will be able to pay at the door. The cost will be higher than the $72 pay-in-advance charge, and you may pay with cash, debit, or credit card. No checks accepted the night of the event and please send an email to let us know you plan to pay at the door! Payments received prior to August 2, 2013:

Abbott, Rick 72

Acree-Foster, Sherie 73 and spouse Randy

Adcock, Jim 74 and Lori Kawa-Adcock 72

Alexander, Al 73 and spouse Tina

Baker, David 73 and spouse Beth

Banks, David 73 and spouse Martha

Banks, Tony 72

Beale-Stevens, Melissa 72

Beale-Gann, Robyn 76

Bramblett, Bobby 68 and Terry Bramblett-Moore 74

Britt-Wright, Cindy 72 and Jeff Wright 72

Brown-Shuttles, Kathy 75

Brune, Lynn 76 and guest, Al Jett

Burch, Scott 73, and Dawn Christy-Burch 73

Caldwell, Yvonne 72

Carmichael-Stewart, Deborah 72 and Mike Stewart 70

Carson-Donegan, Cindy 74 and spouse Rick

Cato, Paul 72 and Vicki Brooks-Cato 71

Crisler, Billy 73

Christopher-Norton, Cindy 73 and spouse Jerry

Coffey-Galanski, Karen 70

Conway-Cook, Karen Sue 71

Cross-Harris, Beth 71, and Mark Harris 71

Crowder-Hogan, Vicki 74

Davis, Barry 74

Dearing-Beckett, Teresa 72

Deerman-Petty, Diane 71 and spouse Dean

Devereaux, Rick 74 and spouse Elizabeth

Dewberry-Jones, Kay 71

Dickson-Yarbrough, Teresa 72

Dobson, Tommy 73 and Susan Hendricks-Dobson 74

Dunn, Johnny 71

Edmondson-Wallace, Dyanne 73

Elrod-Binion, Laura 74

Elrod-Dwelle, Sally 73

Ergle, Kenny 73 and wife Lee

Everett-Ressler, Joanne 71 and spouse Ed

Foster, Jim 70

Fortman-Maddox, Katrinka 73 and spouse Larry

Fowler-Sawyer, Susan 73

Fowler-Hill, Sherree 76 and Jimmy Hill 73

Gaines, Ted 70

Garrett-Hall, Ginger 73

George, Bo 69

Gilroy, Brent 73, and spouse Laura Moore

Hall, Chuck 72 and spouse Dawn

Hall-Riner, Renee 74

Hall-Moore, Suzanne 73

Hand, Paul 72

Hanson, Austin 73

Harden, Thomas 73 and spouse Donna

Henry, Bruce 74

Henry, Mark 73

Holbrook-O’Daniel, Kay 71

Holcombe-Brown, Ricki 71 and spouse Skip

Hornston, Neal 70

Howell-Motley, Denise 75

Hudgins, Dexter 73 and guest Suzette Daniels

Hudson-Tiblier, Mary Beth 73 and spouse Joe

Jackson-Fowler, Cynthia 71 and spouse Ron

Jackson, Ralph 73 and spouse Janice

Angie Jones Harwood 73

Jones-Parks, Cheryl 74 and spouse Charlie

King, Ted 72

Kramer-Carney, Vicki 73 and spouse Richard

Lassiter-Zakas, Kathy 73

Lloyd, Adrienne 73 and spouse David

Lovelady, Jay 73 and Kerri Kramer-Lovelady 76

Lowendick, Durance 73 and Sharon Patrick Lowendick 74

Lunsford, Cynthia 73

Lyons, John 74 and spouse Jackie

Maduros-Coulter, Mary 73

Mangold-Hester, Laura 73 and spouse Jim

Martin-Owens, Bonnie 73 and spouse Gene

Martin-Hope, Paula 72 and spouse Clif

Matthews, Robert 71

McCormack, John 74, and Beth Nalley-McCormack 72

McCutchen-Scott, Sue 73 and spouse Harry

McGahee-McFarland, Jennifer 73 and spouse Brent

Merritt, Phillip 73 and spouse Sara

Miller, Kevin 73 and spouse Sue Young

Mobley-Cook, Linda 73 and spouse Frank

Moncrief, Ira 68

Moore-White, Nita 74

O’Barr-Fitzgerald, Deborah 74 and spouse James

Peek-Gary, Sheryl 71 and boyfriend Nelson Caton

Poole-Bozard, Darlene 71

Richards-MacPherson, Melodi 74 and spouse Don

Rowland-Moncrief, Juli 73 and Randall Moncrief 72

Russell Peters, Patricia 74 and guest Saadi Majzoub

Sinyard-Elliott, Manita 74 and spouse James

Slyfield, Steve 72 and wife Linda

Smarr, Kay 75 and spouse Donald Rorabaugh

Smith, Charles 70

Smith-Satterfield, Leigh 74

Smith-Margol, Cheryl 72

Smith-Jenkins, 71 Vangie and spouse Rick

Sorrow, Ronnie 72

Staines, Gary 73

Swords, Gil 73

Swords, Steve 75 and spouse Karen

Terrell-McNeil, 71 Gail and spouse Jim

Tumblin, John (Jack) 73

Upchurch, Rick 74 and Cynthia Southard-Upchurch 76

Vincent, Robert 71

Weldon-Ray, Donna 73 and spouse Rickey

Welsh, Gary 73 and Alice Wells Welsh 73

White-Sellings, Tina Marie 74 and spouse Wayne

Willingham-Mucci, Carol 72

Yeager, Judy 73

Zolotas-Prince, Cindy 74 and spouse Mike

Photographer is Byron Davidson 73 and his wife.

DJ is Ken Jones 80.

Titans who've said they're coming or told a friend they're coming:

Barry Allen 75

Andy Barfield 74

Melanie Carter Wilkins 73

Melinda Carter Hague 73

Renee Giles 73 (possibly)

Johnny Holland 74

Ron Johnson 73

Randy Kawa 74

Dawn Mercer 73 and guest John Beardon

Michelle Mitchell Johnson 74 (for sure)

Jerry Peeples 72 (for sure)

Laura Rotruck Bowden76

Pam Smith Webb 73

Bennie Sears 73

Cathey Tinsley Jones 74 (possibly)

Dan Turner 71 and wife, Susan

Vaughn-Jones, Susan 77 and spouse Mike

Vicki Ward 73

Billy Wright 74

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