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Shanon Arnold

Project Manager

Phone No.:

(807) 343-8077

Project Title:

Bearskin Lake

Flooring Replacements


March 23, 2015

No. of Pages:

including this page

Project. No.:


Your firm is invited to submit a quotation to provide the Work described below including labour, products, tools, construction machinery and equipment, transportation, and other facilities and services necessary to carry out this project in accordance with the contract documents attached hereto.





Remove and replace existing flooring in Bearskin Lake Townhouses, (formally known as Phase 3).

Existing flooring, (except the storage and utility rooms), in each unit of the townhouses, shall be removed, disposed of and replaced. The replacement flooring shall be carpet in the living rooms, stairs, and bedrooms; and vinyl plank in the main floor hallway, entrance, kitchen, dining room and washrooms.

There are 8 units with only 2 bedrooms, and a different floorplan. These units have vinyl on the stairs and upstairs landing. Please see Room List, in the Appendix.
Carpet: ‘Dominator 3G’, manufactured by Kraus Carpet Mils. Colour: #176816, “Tobacco”.

Approximate total required: 11,270 sq.ft.
Vinyl Plank: ‘Ultimo Plus’, manufactured by Kennedy Floorings Ltd. Colour: #24837, “Dakota Wood”. Approximate total required: 10,920 sq.ft.
***See Appendix for room listing and square footage.
This work can start as early as May 4th, 2015, but must be completed by July 31st, 2015.
The contractor is responsible for moving the beds and desks into/out of the bedrooms.
The contractor shall co-ordinate the schedule of work, with the painting contractor.




00101 – Bid Form


007303Supplementary Conditions


011000Summary of Work


013300 - APPENDIX ‘A’—Submission Schedule


013523 - APPENDIX ‘A’—Owner’s Safety Requirements


Drawing No. SK1 – Key Plan, Floor Plan
Rooms List




  1. Interpret terminology used in the contract documents as follows:

the Owner

Lakehead University and its employees, officers and agents

the Work

the total construction and related services specified in the documentation of design activities for the Project


  1. Conform to the following schedule for submissions and performance of the Work:

Date of pre-submission site visit:

April 2nd, 2015 at 1:00

Date of Substantial Performance of the Work:

July 31st, 2015

Submission & Award

  1. Submit this REQUEST FOR QUOTATION document (Section 004113 only)—each page signed and dated by the vendor’s authorized representative—PLUS ONE (1) PHOTOCOPY THEREOF together with the documents listed in provision 7 hereof to the Manager, Procurement & Contract Services—Geoff Matte (Tel. 807-343-8455 / Fax 807-343-8947 / E-mail:

  1. Deliver copies of this REQUEST FOR QUOTATION documents in a sealed, opaque envelope clearly identified as to contents to the following address prior to the local time and on the date stipulated below. Time of submission will be recorded from the clock in the Purchasing Department office.

Closing date for receipt of quotations:

Thursday, April 9th, 2015.

Quotations must be received prior to the following local time on the closing date:

3:00 PM (15.00h)

Mark envelope to be submitted exactly as follows:

Quotation for:

Bearskin lake Flooring Replacement


Geoff Matte

Manager, Procurement & Contract Services

Braun Building Room BB 1002

Lakehead University

955 Oliver Road

Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1

  1. Quotations received after the closing time and date will be returned unopened to the vendor.

  1. Quotations submitted by facsimile or e-mail transmission will not be accepted.

  1. Submit with this quotation one (1) copy of:

    • certification of requisite insurance coverage;

    • a statement of the vendor’s health and safety policy pursuant to provision 25. (2)(j) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act;

    • a subsistent Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Certificate of Clearance.

  1. Certification of requisite insurance coverage shall evidence conformity by the Contractor to Standard construction document CCDC 41—CCDC INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS (see APPENDIX ‘A’) including general liability, automobile liability, broad form property and equipment, exclusions, duration of notice of cancellation period, and the Owner as additional insured only for liability arising out of the operations of the Contractor. Certify such other coverage applicable to risks of the Project as may be specified by the Owner at its sole discretion.

  1. Include in quoted price costs for product delivery F.O.B. site at 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  1. This quotation shall be open for acceptance by the Owner for a period of sixty (60) days after submission.

  1. The lowest or any quotation not necessarily accepted.

  1. Quotations shall be submitted on the basis that the selected vendor will enter into a written agreement with the Owner pursuant to the provisions of the CCDC 2 – 2008 stipulated price contract published by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee and supplementary conditions thereto set forth in Section 007303.

  1. The Owner will issue a purchase order to the selected vendor that will serve as the agreement between these parties for provision of the Work. Performance of the contract shall not commence unless and until the vendor has received a purchase order therefor.

  1. Address questions to the Owner’s representative: Responses will be issued in writing via addenda.

Shanon Arnold, Project Manager

(807) 343-8077 / Fax: 343-8938

  1. Submissions that do not conform to the foregoing terms and conditions will be declared informal and may be rejected at the discretion of the Owner solely.

Signed and submitted for and on behalf of:

Legal Name:


Address for Service:

Title of Person Signing (please print)

Postal Code:


955 Oliver Road Thunder Bay Ontario Canada P7B 5E1


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