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3901 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, KS 66160
Quotation No.683F11-002 Date Mailed 08/04/10 Closing 4:00 pm 08/20/10
This space for bidders name and address:

If Given an Order, Bidder Agrees to Furnish the Items Enumerated Hereon at the Price(s) and under the Conditions Indicated

1. In communicating always refer to the quotation number above.

2. In order to receive consideration for award, one copy of this “Request for Quotation” properly completed and signed must be returned to, and received by the Department of Purchasing, not later than the specified central time.

3. All prices, items and conditions must be shown. Any prices, terms and conditions not shown, and presented after the specified closing time will not be considered in the bid evaluating process.

4. Purchase orders or contracts resulting from this quotation may not be assigned without written prior approval from the Director of Purchasing.

5. The seller agrees to protect the purchaser from all damage arising out of alleged infringements of patents.

6. Unless otherwise specified, the Director of Purchasing reserves the right to accept or reject all or any part of this quotation.

7. All offered discounts will be considered in determining the low bid, and taken when payment is made.

8. Bids and performance guarantee, when required, will be outlined in the specifications below.

9. All prices quoted are to be less federal excise and state sales taxes.

10. Facsimile No.: 913-588-1102. Facsimile bids are not acceptable in lieu of original response unless prior approval has been granted or outlined in the specifications below.

11. It is hereby agreed that the bidder will, if required by law, comply with the Kansas Act Against Discrimination, K.S.A. 44-1030 et seq.
Items and Specifications Unit Prices Total Price
1 lot…assorted medical devices and equipment, per attached listing. For compatibility and standardization reasons, the brand names listed are the desired items.
Show Terms __________________________________ Signed By __________________________________________

Delivery will be made _______ days after receipt of order

FOB Destination Title _______________________________________________

FEIN/SSAN __________________________________ Date _______________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________________

Email Address ______________________________________

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KUMC, Request for Quotation No. 683F11-002


  1. It is the intent of KUMC to permit competitive bidding. It is the bidder’s responsibility to advise KUMC Purchasing, in writing no later than three (3) days prior to the closing date, if any specification or requirement limits bidding to a single source.

  2. Unless otherwise specified, KUMC reserves the right to accept or reject all or any part of a quotation, and to waive technicalities.

  3. Except as otherwise indicated, the merchandise quoted shall be in new condition.

  4. KUMC reserves the right to award purchases by item, by group, or by lot, whichever is deemed to be in its best interest.

  5. In the event of a tie for low bid, the award shall be made to a Kansas bidder.

  6. Unit price shall prevail in the event of extension errors.

  7. When brand names or trade names and model numbers are used in the bid request, it is for quality, style and features. Bids on equivalent items of substantially the same quality, style and features are invited, unless otherwise indicated. However, to receive consideration, such equivalent bids must be accompanied by sufficient literature and/or specifications to clearly identify the items and allow for functional evaluation. If a bid indicates that an item quoted is functionally equivalent and is purchased and found to not be comparable, KUMC reserves the right to return the item at the bidder’s expense, and the bidder will be charged back for any difference in cost for the specified item.

  8. If any portion of this bid is provided by a vendor other than the bidder, the bidder remains the prime contractor responsible for fulfilling all requirements of this bid.

  9. Samples of items, when required, shall be furnished at no expense to KUMC, and, if not destroyed in the evaluation process, will be returned at the bidder’s expense if requested.

  10. Partial payments shall not be made unless otherwise specified.

  11. Any conviction for a criminal or civil offense that indicates a lack of business integrity or honesty must be disclosed. This includes 1) conviction of a criminal offense incidental to obtaining or trying to obtain a public or private contract or subcontract or in the performance of such contract or subcontract; 2) conviction under state or federal statutes of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of documents, receiving stolen property; 3) conviction under state or federal antitrust statutes; and 4) any other offense to be serious and compelling as to affect responsibility as a state contractor. Failure to disclose an offense may result in disqualification of the bid or termination of the contract.

  12. The terms and conditions of any quote submitted in response to this RFQ shall not apply to any resulting purchase order or contract. The State of Kansas Department of Administration Contractual Provisions Attachment shall apply.

  13. For similar KUMC requests:

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Qty Product Description UOM

1 1531603 IV Set Interlink Basic LL 76" Ea CA

2C6401 Baxter Healthcare
2 3312293 AC T Diff2W/Pak Tubing Ea EA
6605540 Beckman Coulter Corp
2 1101386 Oto Clear Ear Lavage System 1/Bx BX
7280 Bionix Medical Technology
2 9671733 Oto Clear Irrigation Tips 40/BX BX
7200 Bionix Medical Technology
25 1117903 Stool Chrome Base Emerald Ea EA
2102-24-3EM Clinton Industries, Inc.
2 1065736 LeadCare II Reagent Test Kit 48/Bx BX

70-6762 ESA Inc

2 1064441 Analyzer LeadCare II Hematology Ea EA
70-6760 ESA Inc
2 1117983 Suction Unit Compact 800mL 800ml Ea EA
88005001 Laerdal Medical Corp
2 1087826 Table Proced Base Program/Rece 641 Ea EA
641-003 Midmark Corporation
2 1098449 Upholstery Set f/641 Seamless Shadow Ea EA
002-0966-00- Midmark Corporation
9 7669818 Base F/Table Exam Plvc Tilt Drawer Warm Ea EA
204-002 Midmark Corporation
9 4979346 Uph 204/222/223 Seamls Shadow Ea EA
002-0871-232 Midmark Corporation
2 1146666 Pagewriter Trolley Cart TC50 Part-Assembl Ea EA
860309-B01 PAL Medical Instruments
2 1153995 Pagewriter ECG Cardiograph TC50 Ea EA

860310 PAL Medical Instruments

10 8068285 Transducer Oxygen Adult 1/Bx BX
OXI-A/N Puritan Bennett Corp
2 4109078 Bilicheck System w/Free Tips Ea EA
B800 Respironics, Inc
2 1025854 4c Es Tri For Onyx & AC T 9x3.3m EA EA
7547189 SKFDIA Beckman Coulter, Inc
2 8234044 Diff Act Pak Reagents 15liter Ea CA
8547134 SKFDIA Beckman Coulter, Inc
2 3573531 Act Rinse 500ml Ea EA
8547113 SKFDIA Beckman Coulter, Inc
2 1147054 Refrig &Freezer Pharm Combo 12&2.9CuFt Ea EA
MPR-414F Sanyo Electronics

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Qty Product Description UOM

1 1137269 Infusion Pump w/1yr Warranty Refurb Ea EA

6201 Soma Technology
2 1102308 MacroView Otoscope Digital Ea EA
23920 Welch-Allyn
10 1103022 Cuff WA Reusable Child Small Ea EA
REUSE-08 Welch-Allyn
10 1103145 Cuff WA Reusable Child Ea EA
REUSE-09 Welch-Allyn
7 1138643 Mobile Stand w/Basket f/SpotLXI Ea EA
4700-60 Welch-Allyn
10 1102665 Cuff WA Reuseble Small Infant Ea EA
REUSE-06 Welch-Allyn
10 1102995 Cuff WA Reuseable Infant Ea EA
REUSE-07 Welch-Allyn
10 4115445 Vital Signs Mntr,NIBP/Ox/Temp/ Printer Ea EA

53NTP-E1 Welch-Allyn

2 1209341 Spirometer Kit w/Calibrtn Syr USB Ea EA
SPIRO-S Welch-Allyn
2 5668425 Tympanometer W/audiometer Ea EA
26230 Welch-Allyn
2 5664836 Suresight Vision Screener Ea EA
14000 Welch-Allyn
10 5665658 Int Diag Syst w/Macroview 11710 Ophth Ea EA
76792-M Welch-Allyn
1 5660094 GS 900 Procedure Light Mobile Stand Ea EA
44900 Welch-Allyn
5 1788374 Suretemp Plus Oral Therm W/Wall Mt Ea EA
01690-400 Welch-Allyn

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