Report from the Investigation Commission appointed by Rikshospitalet – Radiumhospitalet mc and the University of Oslo January 18, 2006

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8.2 The journals

In the Commission’s opinion, this case has disclosed certain weaknesses in the routines practiced in connection with the publication of medical research articles. The Commission believes that, in order to contribute to the proper compliance with prevailing rules, medical journals should introduce and practice a system in which all coauthors are made part of the communication with the journals. They should be sent letters informing them that they have been stated as coauthors, and they should individually submit their confirmations of this directly to the respective editors. At the same time, the authors should submit a written account of what their intellectual contribution to the work consists of, which is something some journals require already. Likewise, the Commission believes that it would be reasonable that all coauthors are sent review statements. In this way the individual author’s awareness of his/her responsibility would be strengthened, and one would also avoid that researchers are listed as authors without any knowledge of this fact.

If such principles had been applied to the Lancet article, it is, in the Commission’s opinion, fairly likely that the research fraud would have been discovered already prior to publication, in particular considering fairly negative statements and critical questions by one of the professional colleagues who

reviewed the articles. Corresponding principles should apply to contributors who are listed under acknowledgements.

With the use of modern electronic communications, these suggestions for changed routines ought not to imply substantial administrative or financial burdens, in the Commission’s opinion. In order to alleviate the administrative challenges, one should therefore require that the submission of manuscripts be accompanied by a list of the email addresses of all authors/coauthors and contributors.

Furthermore, the Commission has considered whether the system of “fast-track publishing” which is practiced by some journals, may have unfortunate effects, in the sense that there is too little time between the evaluation by professional colleagues and publication for professional objections to the work to form part of the procedure. The Commission here confines itself to pointing at the problem. Even though the persons who are employed as professional colleagues in a “fast track” review system possess solid professional weight and integrity, one can nevertheless not entirely disregard that the time pressure inherent in the system itself generates an unnecessary risk that errors are not discovered.

8.3 The Commission’s concluding remark

In conclusion, the Commission will remark that although this case has been very serious and tragic for individuals, institutions and Norwegian research more generally, there appears to be a remarkable will internally in the research community to turn the case around to something positive – something everyone can learn from. Frequent contributions to newspapers, debates and seminars have shown an already great involvement in many research environments. The Commission will support such a way of thinking, and at the same time caution against sweeping this extraordinary case under the carpet – because it is extraordinary – and just continue as before.

On the contrary, this case provides an opportunity for a thorough discussion of different sides of the norms related to good research practice. The research community must make an all-out effort to make plain research’s traditional ideals of honesty, thoroughness, trustworthiness and openness. And this must be made visible to the general public so that the population’s trust in Norwegian research is maintained and reinforced.


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