Regional Autonomy (Grace, Aditya, Matthew, Gwang Tae, Jelle 2)

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Regional Autonomy (Grace, Aditya, Matthew, Gwang Tae, Jelle 9.2)



Social differences

It’s good to have rules that applied in different province so they can each have different opinions for the rules.

In USA, gay marriage are allowed in some states like new york. But not in some areas also in America. So, those people who wants to have the freedom to marry same sex, can go to the states that allows them to do it. For the states that forbid this thing, they can just stay with their opinion without harassing others.

Six states (CT, IA, MA, NH, NY, and VT) plus Washington, D.C. have the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. In 2012, the legislatures in MD, NJ, and WA passed freedom to marry bills that have not yet taken effect.

With these advances, a record number of Americans live in states that recognize relationships between same-sex couples”

“Freedom to Marry.” 2003. web. 13 August 2012.


Statement: Unfairness between religions.
A lot of case regarding religion are happening in this world, not only in Indonesia. But, one example is in the province of Aceh.

Churches are not allowed to run their chapel for Christian and Catholic. It’s not fair for the Christian and Catholics who live there.

“Twenty churches in Indonesia's Aceh province have been closed down and are likely to be demolished by the local administration.

A lower house lawmaker Eva K. Sundari said her human rights commission received complaints about the forced closure of 20 churches from the United North Sumatra Alliance on Monday.”
Islamo Critic, Jakarta Post. “Indonesia: Aceh Muslims Forbidden from Approving Construction of Non-Muslim Worship-Places.” 12 June. web. 13 August 2012. <>

Statement: Benefits the People: In Kalimantan, regional autonomy increases the indegenous people’s welfare.

The indigenous people from Kalimantan, known as the Dayak have been in Kalimantan from thousands of years ago. Up to know they live very traditionally, they still have their ancient cultures and traditions. From example the longhouse, the traditional Dayak house which can withstand more then one family. Like the other ethnic groups in Indonesia, the Dayak people are governed by customary law. It is their order in life, the customary law in Dayak connects the people with each other as well with nature. However as Indonesia gained indepence and started to unite everything into one. The rights and status of the people severely weakened, customary leaders and systems were replaced by village goverment. Then again, Indonesia changed again with the existance of regional autonomy which gave the community more respect and freedom.

Evidence: “In the case of Dayak people, regional autonomy opened the

opportunity to have their rights over natural resources recognized by the State, according to their customary law.”

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Statement: Lack of Control: Due to the regional autonomy in Kalimantan, the lack of control rapidly increases deforestation.

The rainforests in Kalimantan are surely awesome, one of the few forests left in the world. There are various plants and animals inside the forest, some are extremely endangered for exampe the orangutan. Orangutans only exist in Asia and one of the species is in Kalimantan along with the other exotic apes in Kalimantan. With the existance of regional autonomy, the government lack control with the maintenance and security of the forest. As a result, deforestation occurs, which destroys the nature in Kalimantan. Sooner or later the animals and plants will get extinct, this is definitely a disadvantage due to regional autonomy.

Evidence: “I think the massive forest conversion in Central Kalimantan was started by and is the responsibility of the central government.”


  • "Letter: Deforestation in Kalimantan." Home. N.p., 05 Feb. 2011. Web. 13 Aug. 2012. <>.

Statement: Due to the Regional Autonomy, it’s hard to be responsible for the resources.
Rebels fight out of oil because the government can’t handle them because they cannot be organize.

They want a better regional autonomy for their province.
"The desperately impoverished local residents of the delta have seen little benefit from Nigeria's vast oil riches, and rebel groups are fighting for a more equal distribution of the wealth as well as greater regional autonomy."
”Religion and Fighting Threaten Nigeria’s Stability”2005.web.13 August 2012.<>.

Statement: The government didn’t treat them equally and fairly.
The government didn’t treat the north and southern part fairly. The Southerners who had been promised by the government started a war and end up with a lot of victims to flee from their homes.

“From 1924-1956, the British had treated the north and south as two separate entities. The first Sudanese civil war (1955-1972) erupted on the eve of independence, prompted by angry southerners who had been promised and then denied regional autonomy. The fighting resulted in the death of half a million people, mostly civilians, and forced hundreds of thousands to flee from their homes. “

“Warning Signs”. web. 13 August 2012. <>


A lot of corruption is happening in regional autonomy. Sometimes it because they cannot manage each of the leader on by one. But there’s one example that is coming from Indonesia. The Regional Autonomy law that delivered trillions of rupiah to the regions, has forced the governments with business people to work together to do some corruption. It’s all because of the budget.

“The regional autonomy law, which disburses trillions of rupiah from the state budget to regions, has encouraged many local officials, councilors and businesspeople to conspire to create fictitious projects and procurements to embezzle state money. A survey conducted over the past year by Transparency International Indonesia (TII) on 10 cities and regencies across the archipelago has found that corruption in procurement projects and regional budget arrangements remains prevalent in most regions.”

Abdul Khalik, The Jakarta Post. Regional “Autonomy a driver for conspiracy, regional corruption”. 27 Nov 2008. web. 13 August 2012. < >

Disadvantage of having different cultures and religions could lead them to war, where In Nigeria The Christians and The Muslim people disagree with their religion and opinions, which makes a conflict between them. Each of them have different culture, makes different opinions. Which resulted a huge damage to each other, 52 people was killed in this religious riot.

“A Reuters reporter visited two hospitals in Kaduna, where the rioting broke out on Sunday after suicide car bombers attacked three churches in northern Nigeria, killing at least 19 people and wounding dozens. Christian youths had set up roadblocks and dragged Muslims from cars or motorbikes and killed them, witnesses said.Although there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for Sunday's church bombings, Islamist sect Boko Haram, which is waging an insurgency in the northeast against President Goodluck Jonathan's government, had claimed deadly church attacks on the previous two Sundays, as well as others.”

Mohammed, Garba. "Nigeria Religious Riots Kill at Least 52." Reuters. Thomson Reuters, 18 June 2012. Web. 13 Aug. 2012. <>.

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