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(May 1-5)

May 1-3

  1. What happens in many children’s stories?

  1. People become clinical therapists.

  2. People live happily ever after.

  3. People grow up in Los Angeles.

  4. People change their nationality.

  1. Why did Meghan Markle want to become an actress?

  1. Because she wanted to be a celebrated star

  2. Because all of her family were in the acting business

  3. Because she spent a lot of time in her father’s TV studio

  4. Because she knew she could help more people if she were famous

  1. What does Meghan Markle feel strongly about?

    1. Acting is the best job ever.

    2. People should be treated fairly.

    3. Rare animals need to be protected.

    4. People can live “happily ever after.”

  1. What was Meghan Markle’s big break?

  1. She took a long vacation in Italy.

  2. She changed jobs in the middle of her career.

  3. She landed a starring role in the TV series Suits.

  4. She got into a serious car accident that broke her arm.

  1. How did Prince Harry meet Meghan Markle?

  1. They met through online dating.

  2. They studied at the same university.

  3. A mutual friend introduced them to each other.

  4. Prince Harry saved Meghan’s life during a natural disaster.

  1. Where will Harry and Meghan live?

  1. In Los Angeles, near the studios

  2. In a cottage on the grounds of a palace

  3. In India, so they can help poor families and children

  4. It’s a secret where the couple is going to live

May 4-5

  1. Beautiful, decorative hats used to be what?

  1. Part of every fine lady’s wardrobe

  2. Really quite affordable for anyone

  3. Extremely uncomfortable to wear

  4. A sign of loyalty to your country

  1. What kind of hierarchy did millinery have?

    1. Only the rich could buy hats, which separated them from the poor.

    2. More expensive hats were taller than less expensive ones.

    3. Different hats were used for different occasions.

    4. Senior and junior hat makers had different titles.

  1. What event caused millinery to fade from importance?

    1. The start of World War II

    2. The beginning of jazz music

    3. The invention of umbrellas

    4. The great hat revolution

  1. Where can you still find fancy hats today?

    1. At church services and weddings

    2. At some famous horse races

    3. Among British royalty

    4. All of the above

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