Rainbow Lakes West 3rd Addition hoa annual Meeting

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Rainbow Lakes West 3rd Addition

HOA Annual Meeting
Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2015


The annual meeting of the Rainbow Lakes West 3rd Addition Home Owner’s Association, was called to order at 1:04 PM on September 19, 2015 by Patrick Trant, President.

Board Members Present

Patrick Trant (President), Steve Cooper (Treasurer), Jolene Kaufman (Secretary), Scott Masterson (Zone Representative 2) Phil Iwinski (Zone Representative 4), and Keith Stutzman (Zone Representative 5).

Homeowners Present

Virginia Bigelow

Al Cavallaro (ACC)

Jane Cavallaro

Mary Hill (ACC)

Debbie Iwinski

Maria (Agnes) Johnson

Jason Jones

Judith Just

Vernon Just

Doug Kaufman

Marjorie King

John Lindsay

Nina Porter

David Pote

Richard Rose

John Shepherd

Bev Smiley

Rick Smiley

Rochelle Stutzman

Dru Trant
A) Presiding Officer

  • Patrick Trant, President presided over the meeting.

  1. Assignment of time keeper and two tellers to approve the minutes from the annual meeting

  • John Shepherd and Al Cavallaro assigned as tellers.

  • Mary Hill assigned as timekeeper.

  1. Introduction of Current Board Members

  • Patrick Trant (President), Steve Cooper (Treasurer), Jolene Kaufman (Secretary) and Zone Representatives: Scott Masterson (2), Phil Iwinski (4), and Keith Stutzman (5).

  1. Introduction of New Home Owner Association Members

  • Jason Jones

  • Richard Rose

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  • Steve Cooper, Treasurer, presented the treasurer’s reports: the actual budget for the 2014-2015 year, the proposed budget for the 2015-2016 year, and the 5-year estimated budget (all attached).

  • Patrick Trant moved to approve the proposed budget for the 2015-2016 year.

Vernon Just seconded the motion.

Motion carried 22-0

Because the budget presented on the proxy was not the same as the actual budget presented at the meeting – the 6 proxy votes indicating the approval of the budget, are null and void. Only the votes for those present were counted.

  • HOA Member, Richard Rose, expressed concerns as to why specific items (proposed expenses) were not outlined in the proposed budget.

  • Steve Cooper explained that the expenses estimated – but, not specified, have to do with maintenance projects involving the lake (Reservoir A).

  • The board is currently researching options to treat the silt at the bottom and, at this point has not received estimates for the expenses.

  • In addition, an evaluation of the lake’s water level, which was completed by lake engineers in the spring, is ongoing. Because of the amount of rainfall over the summer, accurate water level readings could not be taken.

  • Steve Cooper explained that while maintenance expenses do not need the approval of the HOA, it is best practice for the board to seek input from members before considering major maintenance expenses. Therefore, the board will notify members or hold a special meeting to outline any special projects involving major expenses.

  1. Old Business

  • There were no recorded notes or minutes from the 2014 annual meeting to discuss.

  1. New Business

  • Steve Cooper and Phil Iwinski were previously nominated for the Executive Board.

  • Patrick Trant opened the floor to additional nominations.

  • After no other nominations were made, Rick Smiley moved the nomination be closed.

  • Patrick Trant moved to elect Steve Cooper and Phil Iwinski to the Executive Board. Rick Smiley seconded the motion.

Motion Carried 28-0 (21 members who were present and 7 proxy votes).

  • Mark Stolz was previously nominated to fill one of two Architectural Control Committee (ACC) positions.

  • Patrick Trant opened the floor for additional nominations for the open position.

  • Mary Hill nominated Jason Jones to fill the 2nd ACC position. Phil Iwinski seconded the motion. However, Jason Jones declined the nomination.

  • Mary Hill then nominated Agnes Johnson to fill the open ACC position. Al Cavallaro seconded the motion.

  • Patrick Trant moved to elect Mark Stolz and Agnes Johnson to the Architectural Control Committee. Al Cavallaro seconded the motion.

Motion Carried 28-0. (20 members who were present and 8 proxy votes).

  • The board discussed the desire to have a social committee to organize neighborhood functions such as: neighborhood garage sales, block parties, etc…

  • Patrick Trant asked for volunteers from the floor.

  • Agnes Johnson volunteered to head up a social committee.

  1. Open Items from the Floor

  • Agnes Johnson, who was speaking on behalf of a neighbor trying to sell a home, discussed it is time to upgrade the neighborhood to make it more inviting to homeowners and potential home buyers. Examples included: neighborhoods that have a community pool and/or playground area.

  • Patrick Trant explained that would be difficult to support the idea of a community pool given the amount of the current HOA dues.

  • Dru Trant volunteered to research options and details of installing a community playground.

  • It was the general consensus of homeowners present at the meeting that it is time to make improvements to the entire community including getting it cleaned up and more welcoming to homeowners and visitors.

  • Richard Rose asked about the possibility of having a dumpster available in the fall for a clean-up week as was provided in the spring.

  • Patrick Trant explained that having the dumpster delivered and maintained for a week costs $500 - $1000. However, it may be considered in the future.

  • Rick Smiley asked what action is taken on homeowners who are delinquent on HOA dues.

  • Patrick Trant explained that a letter had been sent to homeowners owing $200 or more in an effort to collect outstanding balances.

  • Richard Rose shared a website: http://gis.sedgwick.gov where homeowners can compare property tax values to their own. His opinion is that it could be well worth the homeowners’ time to do [their] research.

  • Homeowners that live on the south side of the lake expressed concern over fast moving cars and vehicles that are not street legal. It was advised that homeowners call the law in an effort to stop the offenders.

  • Patrick Trant reminded homeowners to visit the HOA website at www.rainbowlakes3.com to stay up to date on news and also reminded homeowners that all are welcome at the monthly meetings.

  1. Adjournment

  • At 2:02 PM, Patrick Trant declared the meeting be adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by

Jolene Kaufman, Secretary

Approved by: Al Cavallaro and John Shepherd

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