Rail Terminal Connector Information

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Rail Terminal Connector Information

Rteck Pacific uses a combination of different suppliers to give our customers a choice of quality and price with rail connector product combinations.

These include

• Weidmuller – Rteck code W = AKZ4 Rail Rteck code I = AKZ1.5 Rail

• Phoenix – Rteck code P

• Elmex – Rteck code E added, medium quality specifications at lower costs.


Push in terminals can be provided and fitted on request (via your wholesaler)

Rteck Weidmuller options are the TS15 series micro terminals type AKZ –

see descriptions below:

Rteck’s Phoenix option includes their micro rail MBK terminals specifically 6mm

Rteck’s Elmex option uses the MP4 micro rail terminals (4mm)

Weidmuller terminals are the TS15 Micro Terminal Type AKZ.

Production information and catalogue numbers are provided on our website – www.rteckpacific.com (See the specifications fact sheets on the tool bar).

Basic information details for the Weidmuller parts used in the Rteck terminal boxes:

Category No. Type Descriptions

029436.00 AKZ4 Micro Terminal Polyamide

029446.00 AP AKZA End Plate

034826.00 TN AKZA Partition

038286.00 EW 15 End Stop

038026.00 AKEA Micro Terminal Earth

PO11750S1 TS 15 Rail Steel Slotted 1m

033640.00 Q2 2-Way Cross Connection

034046:00 AKZ 1.5 Micro Terminal Polyamide

034056:00 AP End Plate

031856:00 AKZ 2.5 Partition

038286:00 EW 15 End Stop

130336:00 AKE 2.5 Micro Terminal Earth

036820:00 Q2 2-Way Cross Connection

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