Raffle Items The following items have been donated so far…

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Raffle Items
The following items have been donated so far…
Cake & Candy Supply Pie Plate & Cookbook

Capital Plaza Hotel 2 certificates for a free room

Carole Cloud Bag Daddy Purse

Harley Davidson 4 glasses

Washburn University Football signed by team,

4 tickets to WU/Ft. Hays game on Sept 15

Certificate to be “Honorary Basketball Coach” with Bob Chipman & provide pregame pep talk & join team on bench.

2 tickets to Washburn Basketball Game

Credit Unions United Certificate for use of McPherson Booster Room for a non-conference basketball game

Gary Colcher 2 Nascar tickets

2 field level tickets to Chiefs/Broncos Game on Nov. 11 & Parking Pass

2 field level tickets to Chiefs/Titans Game on

Dec. 16 with Parking Pass

Backs By Popular Demand 1 hour massage

Acupuncture Session

Prairie Band Casino 4 tickets to Collin Ray concert & 4 buffet tickets

Hills Pet Nutrition coupons for a big bag of cat food & dog food

Whirled Hair Design 4 sets of shampoo/conditioner bottles

Sams Club 1 year membership to Sams Club

Gardners Floor Covering 4x6 KU rug

Topeka Civic Theatre 2 tickets to Brighton Beach Memoirs (Sept 8-29)

Rockstar Detailing $100 Gift Certificate for Auto detailing

WIBW Radio Colbert Hills Golf Passes

Royals Gift Pack: Jeff Montgomery autographed baseball, Paul Splittorff autographed Bobblehead,

Autographs from Frank White, John Buck, & Buddy Bell

2 tickets to Royals/Yankees game on Sept 7th

–Row 5 with a parking pass

Timberline Steakhouse 4 $25.00 Dine-in Certificates

4 Field Level tickets to Chiefs vs. Broncos and a

parking pass on Nov. 11

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