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Quiz for November 8, 2017 Name_________________________________________

  1. Years ago, when you bought a bottle of soda at the store, you paid for both the soda and the bottle it came in. The soda cost 10 cents and you paid an extra 5 cents for the bottle. When you finished drinking the soda, you brought the empty bottle back to the store and got your 5 cents back. By doing this, no soda bottles ended up in the trash, and all soda bottles were re-used.

Today, soda bottles are made of plastic, and soda bottles do not get returned to the store and reused. They are either thrown in the trash or recycled on recycling day. People no longer want to take empty soda bottles to the stores to be reused, and stores do not want to take the empty bottles back.

The reason that we use plastic soda bottles today is

  1. Economic

  2. Social

  3. Political

  4. Environmental

Choose your answer carefully. More than one answer is correct, so, in the space below, explain why you think the answer you chose is correct in the space below:

I think we use plastic soda bottle for ___________________reasons because__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

  1. Many people in Houston, Texas lost their homes after terrible hurricane this summer. Which of the following types of stores would be doing poorly right now? Explain why it would be doing poorly. Careful—there is more than one correct answer!

  1. A company that sells flowers, bushes, and trees

  2. A company that sells building supplies

  3. A company that sells furniture

  4. A company that sells scented soaps and scented candles

  5. A music store

  6. A fancy restaurant

A store that sells ______________ in Houston, Texas would be doing poorly in Texas right now. The reasons for this are as follows:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

  1. There actually is a soda called Celo Polka Soda. Explain why no one drinks this brand of soda in Baltimore.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. In 1968, Clairol did not make a pink hair coloring. In 2017, Clairol does make pink hair coloring. Why do you think Clairol did not make pink hair coloring in 1968.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. In 1968, school cafeterias used real glass dishes and real metal forks for serve school lunches. Today, the plates are made of Styrofoam and the forks are made of plastic. Explain why this change is political, environmental, economic, or social.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  4. You are building a new school, and you have to decide whether to put paper towel holders in the bathrooms or electrical hand dryers/blowers in the bathrooms. Which would you choose? ________________________________________What is one good thing about your choice?_______________________________________What is one bad thing about your choice?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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