Questions for: Francesca Webster, founder & ceo of Brazilian Beauty

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Questions for: Francesca Webster, founder & CEO of Brazilian Beauty

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Is the number of women asking for Brazilians increasing?

Yes, Brazilian waxing has steadily increased over the years, it's now common place and part of the female grooming mindset. However, we’ve also seen the trend change over the years from waxing to a more permanent form of hair removal IPL as clients look for a more permanent solution.

Why do you think that women love the look so much?

It is as much about the feel as it is the look that it gives us. Beauty is ever changing and women have the ability and opportunity to embrace an array of beauty treatments for many reasons. Brazilian waxing offers women the confidence be able to wear a bikini without having to worry about hairs or any shaving rash, it gives them more confidence with their body and how they feel about themselves. The comfort, convenience, cleanliness of being hair free after a Brazilian wax is also a reason so many women return time and time again for this treatment.

Is the treatment your most popular treatment?

Brazilian waxing and brazilian IPL hair removal together would be our most popular treatments. Either way people are removing their hair from this area. We have expanded our service offering since we first opened and have offered what our clients want. Performing an exceptional Brazilian Waxing treatment will always be a passion of ours, the signature Brazilian is the foundations upon which Brazilian Beauty has evolved from.

Valentine’s Day is upon us. In general, do you find that women ask for Brazilians for special occasions or as a regular treatment?

The majority of our clients are returning customers who receive this treatments every 4-6 weeks on average. However, our clients do work around special occasions to ensure they have their treatment a few days prior to the big day. We do have an increase in Brazilian waxes of 20% from outside our regular Brazilian wax customers. I would say that this is because we all want to feel and look our best and keep the area tidy for the day of romance! For many of our clients I would say Valentine's Day and Brazilians go hand in hand.

Do you expect more clients through your salons’ doors in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely. Weather it is Brazilian waxing or other areas for waxing, tinting, tanning, eyelash extensions or facials, the lead up to Valentine’s Day is all about looking and feeling gorgeous.

What do Brazilian Beauty salons do in the lead up to Valentine’s Day? Is there anything special planned in salon for Valentine’s Day?

This year we are offering a free lipstick to all clients who choose to do their Valentine's Day prep with us. Just for that extra layer of Valentine's day loving from the brand to our clients!

You say more men are asking for male waxing. What are they asking for?

Yes, shapes were popular last year across our salons with many guys requesting heart shaped chest and Brazilian waxing as a symbol of love for their partners for Valentine's Day. Day to day we are seeing many men who are looking for hair removal, be it waxing or IPL, and other treatments including professional skin treatments, tanning and massage. BB Men, just like our Beauties, want to look and feel good as well as experience the benefits of being hair free.

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