Quality requirements for visa sticker photos

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Schengen visa (Norway)

Photos to be used on the visa stickers must fulfil certain set-up and quality requirements. If the requirements stated below have not been fulfilled, the applicant will have to deliver a new photo which fulfils the requirements.
The photo must:

Regarding glasses:

Glasses are allowed as long as the eyes are clearly visible.

Regarding head-dress:

Religious head-dresses are allowed, provided that all details of the face are clearly shown.

shadows on the face due to the head-dress are not allowed

Examples of photos that have not been approved:

No. 1: background

No. 2: shadow covering face

No. 3: hair covering eyes

Examples of approved photos:

No. 4: children, same quality requirements as adults

No. 5: glasses OK

No. 6: religious head-dress correctly applied

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