Purple Belt 11th k

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Purple Belt 11th kUP

Foot Work:

L / Stance moving forward & Backwards combined with knife hand strikes & blocks.

Knife Hand Strikes :

  1. Upper knife hand strike

  2. Mid-section knife hand strike

  3. Lower knife hand strike

  4. Inner knife hand strike

Practice in L/ stance right then left


  • Outer forearm block

  • Double knife hand block

One Step Sparing:

Both students face each other, step back into a walking stance. Attacker (A) double fist, defender (D) double knife hands

  • (A) Step forward lunge punch.

(D) Upper block, step forward punch, front kick.

  • (A) Step forward lunge punch.

(D) Lower block, step forward 2 punches, roundhouse kick.

  • (A) Step forward lunge punch.

(D) Inner block, step forward 2 punches grab shoulders pull down same time front knee kick.


  • Low roundhouse kick the mid section roundhouse kick

  • Trust kick

Self Defence:

  1. Two hands onto one.

  1. Grab thumb upper elbow strike to chin

  2. Sandwich rotate large circle (third leg)

  3. Step through cast away

  1. Double hand grab:

  1. Wind & Earth

  2. Step through double hand cast

  3. X strike knife hand to neck

  4. 1 up 1 down thrust kick

Pattern 4:

  1. (W). LF forward. lunge punch LH then reverse punch RH, front kick RF. Keep RF forward inner block RH, upper block LH, roundhouse kick LF, turn (E)

  2. (E). RF forward, lunge punch RH then reverse punch LH, front kick LF. Keep LF forward inner block LH, upper block RH, roundhouse kick RF; turn to the front (N) Chun-bi bow.

Footwork Drill No. 3:

Go to Pg. 11A


Cat Roll then Back Roll

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