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F. ‘50-‘60s Flat BlackCottonBoot Laces, approximately 60”, NWSM (per pair)

(3 pair from same Veteran)


G. ’50-‘60s Flat Black Cotton Boot Laces, approximately 59”, NWSM (per pair)
(3 pair from same Veteran as 7700F)


H. ’50 – ‘60s Flat Black Nylon Boot Laces, approximately 60”, NWSM
(from same Veteran as 7700F)


K. ’50 – ‘60s Flat Black Cotton Shoe Laces, approximately 30”, NWSM

(Shoe = low-quarters) (from same Veteran as 7700F)


L. ’50 – ‘60s Flat Black (cotton/Nylon??) Shoe Laces, aprx 26”, NWSM
(from same Veteran as 7700F)


M. ’50 – ‘60s Flat Black (cotton/Nylon??) Shoe Laces, aprx 25”, NWSM
(from same Veteran as 7700F)


7702 WWII ERA U.S. Army Boot SOLES

A. Size 8 - 8 1/2, marked: "O’Sullivan's", "U.S. ARMY" "HTS", New (per Pair)
( 4.5" wide x 6.5" long, will probably fit a bigger boot, maybe up to a 10 )
see on Footgear page:


7703 Reproduction Soles and Slanted Heels for Paratrooper Boots

Excellent quality repros

(see pictures on this page )

These are excess items from the “Band of Brothers” Flick

A. Pair of Soles, marked 12 – 12 ½, (can be cut-down), New
Approximate measurements:

Long = 7 5/16

Wide = 4 7/8


B. Pair of Soles, marked 10 – 10 ½, (can be cut-down), New
Approximate measurements:

Long = 7

Wide = 4 3/4


D. Pair of Slanted Heels, no size markings, (can be cut-down), New
Approximate measurements:

Long = 3 5/8

Wide = 3 1/8

(cavity ¾” from the outside 3 edges)

(The heel can be cut-down about 1/4” on each side and rear)


7704 HeavyDuty Boot ZIPPERS (Non-Issue)

Lace the Zipper into your boots for Easy-on, Fast Donning!

New Condition!
(Count the Number of Eyelets in your Boots to order the Correct Zipper)

see pictures on Foot Gear page:

A. 8-Eyelets, #7 Heavy duty Talon Zipper (Quantity)


B. 8-Eyelets, Heavy Duty Scoville zipper


C. 9-Eyelets (Quantity)


D. 10-Eyelets (2 Pair in Stock)


F. 10-Eyelets, Heavy Duty Scoville zipper (2 Pair in Stock)


7708 Brown ISSUE Dress SHOES (Low-Quarters)

A. 9W (EE), Dated 1958, GC

(data stamp reads: "9W -EE 82076 12 J. F. McElwain CO. MCTSA CONT QM 3566 31 DEC. 58")



7709 Brown Leather Boot with 2-Buckles, 11.25" High (smooth finish)

B. no markings, approximate size 10R, leather is brittle, Static Display only, GC
( Very similar stitching and cap toes like the MP Riding Boots )
( Found with Brown Jump Boots and other very old Army/Marine foot gear )
see on Footgear page:


(none in stock)

7710 Brown Leather Boot, 10.75" High (smooth finish)

C. 10 1/2C, leather soles marked: "U.S.A. No 55 101/2C", rubber heels marked: "LIGHT TREAD", boots look like they were the buckle-top MP Riding Boots and the tops (where the buckles were) have been cut-off (see pictures), stitch marks on the uppers where a buckle-strap was neatly removed, worn once, Near-New
( Very similar stitching and cap toes like the MP Riding Boots )
( Found with Brown Jump Boots and other very old Army/Marine foot gear )
see on Footgear page


7711 Brown Leather Leggings(Leggins), High-Quality Private Purchase

D. Original brown laces, leather hang-label reads: "TEITZEL-JONES & DEHNER BOOTS BEST AT ANY PRICE WICHITA,KAN. U.S.A.", written inside each leggin is: "550" "14 3/8" "13" (they are 13" high so I assume this marking is for the size when they were made(?)), well worn but in Good Condition

( Found with Brown Jump Boots and other very old Army/Marine foot gear )

see on Footgear page:


7712 Cloth Leggings (all services)

C. USMC M-1936 Khaki Canvas 7-eyelet Leggins, size 5,

dated May 1941, Cheesecloth hang-label reads: “Q-62” “Depot of Supplies U. S. Marine Corps Philadelphia, Pa.” “MCPB 85594 5-26-41 100 M.”,

stamped inside: “QUARTERMASTER DEPT U.S. MARINE CORPS 1941 – 1942”, minor corrosion on some of the eyelets, New

( see in Grunt Gear book, page 88 )

Picture on Footgear page:


D. Army Khaki Canvas 8-hook Leggins, size 3R, dated 6-7-43, worn once/twice(?), minor corrosion, EC


7713 WWII Era Brown Leather Parachutist's BOOTS

Brown Leather "Jump" Boots, Issue and Private Purchase,

with 12-eyelets and re-enforcing stitching along the ankle (2 - 4 rows of stitches),

with the bevelled heel (boots without bevelled heels will be noted)

(see Geronimo and America's Finest Books for some good reference Pictures)

AB. size 9D, Made by Jos. M. Herman Shoe Co., stamped labels inside both boots and a Blue embroidered label sewn inside the tongue of right-boot. Size “9D” stamped on the outside of boots at the top, original Leather laces, NWSM


AK. size 12 1/2D, made by Corcoran, woven red/white label in right boot, stamped labels inside of both boots in the top band, old leather laces,

“U. S. Army” embossed on soles, heels replaced with straight heels, named inside, Good Overall Condition

(same Veteran as #7713BA Jump Boots)


AR. size 13AA, made by Corcoran, stamped(or silk-screened) red/white label in right boot, stamped labels inside of both boots in the top band, also yellow paint labels inside uppers, “U. S. Army” embossed on soles, No laces, boots have had Black Polish applied (has an “Ox Blood” color, possibly can be removed(?)), surface cracking along the “backstrap”, Good Overall Condition


18-eyelet Brown Jump Boots(?)
AV. size 13 1/2AA, made by Corcoran, stamped inside “CORCORAN INC.” “STOUGHTON MASS” “13 ½ AA 8136” and a “W” in a square, Overall in Excellent Condition
see on Footwear page:


BB. size 8 1/2B (aproximate modern size is 9R), "WILSON" “U.S.A.” stamped on inside of tongue, "CONT." stamped inside = “contract” means they are Issue Boots (other stamps on the inside but very hard to read),

lots of wear, leather lace broken (needs new laces), both soles are broken,

these boot have been worn a lot but still could be cleaned-up,

will never be "inspection" boots but would be ok for a Static display,

well-used, overall in GC

( I suggest these boots be used for a Static Display and are priced accordingly )

see pictures on Footgear page:


( see Foot Wear Web page for pics )

7714 M-1943 2-Buckle Brown Leather Service BOOT

Rough-Out (Suede) Leather Lowers; Smooth Side-Out Leather Uppers

with 2-Buckle Cuffs. (see Doughboy to GI, page 160)

A. size 14 ½ A (sole is 4.5” wide = I would guess the width is a "C"(?)),

dated 1945, right sole needs to be re-stitched/glued, GC

(see pictures on the Footgear Page: )


J. size 8 ½ EE (actual size is approximately 9.5 Wide), No Date, GC

(Rare Width)

(see pictures on the Footgear Page: )

(Name & Serial Number inside, found with USMC Gear)


P. size 8 ½ E (modern size approximately 9-9 ½ Wide), dated 1945,

Name and strange Serial Number ("6 822 535") stamped inside, uppers coming loose from soles, stitching has started to rot, Good Static Display Boots

( You should use this pair as a STATIC DISPLAY item ONLY! )

(see pictures on the Footgear Page: )



17" High Brown Riding Boots with 7-eyelets and 3-Buckles. Worn by U. S. Army MPs who were assigned to the Allied Forces Mounted Constabulary Unit.

A few Pictures exist showing this Unit wearing these boots.

(This is the same style as the Pre-War/WWII Era Spec. No. BQD 59A

which was known as the "Legging-Top Laced Leather Boot")

(I have more in stock which are not logged, contact us for more info)

7716 USMC Rough-Out Lace (Suede) High-Boots (Korean War Era)

High-Top Boots used during the Korean War to RVN (1950s - 1960s)

Marine Corps Boots with 5-Eyelets and 6-Hooks.

C. 10 ½ FF (modern size is approximately 11-12 wide), Dated June 1951, made by Endicott-Johnson, over-dyed-Black, (not original laces), EC

( Boots were originally Brown but have been dyed Black = common )

( Boot-laces replaced by shoe-laces)

see on Footgear page


7718 Brown Leather BOOTS, pre-1950-51 era ( Issue )

Smooth Cap Toe, 11 Eyelets, Boots are Not Stamped/Labeled

( I have assigned & listed APPROXIMATE Modern Sizes below )
( from Pictures of Troops enroute to Korea (circa 1950-1953) these appear to be pre-1950 or early-1950 manufacture )
( Cases of these boots were found in the New York State National Guard inventory, circa 1988-1990. I have a few pair left from the cases I obtained )
Comes with Original Brown Laces, unless Noted

Soles are marked "B. F. GOODRICH"

Heels are marked "PANCO"
Boot Uppers are still folded-over, that is the way they came from the factory
Most Boots will have storage marks; mainly on the Toe-Caps & Heels

Approximate Modern Sizes are Listed Below!

B. 10W, NWSM ( NWSM = New-with-storage-marks)




L. 9 ½R, NWSM


M. 10W, NWSM


O. 10W, NWSM


T. 10W, NWSM




W. 9 ½W, NWSM








see on Foot Gear page:


7719 USMC Rough-Out Boondocker BOOTS ( ankle-high )

A. 14 ½ FF, Dated 1960, 9-eyelets, soles are marked "PANCO", New

Stamp Reads: "Safety First Shoe Co. MC&TSA-QM(CTM)-8816 OCT.11.60"

(1ST Pair of "FF" Width Boots I have ever seen (Really Wide))
see on Footgear page


7720 Early RVN Black Leather BOOTS ( 8-Eyelets)

8-Eyelets, Smooth-Toe Boot with Round Nylon Laces, Slanted Heel
(Early to mid-1960s Issue) (Similar to #7722)
(similar to the Boots shown in Lyles' Book, pages 14 - 29)

A. 8R, Dated 1965, NWSM


D. 8R, Dated 1966, NWSM


F. 8R, Dated 1963, NWSM
see on this footgear page


7722 2ND Pattern Black Leather BOOTS ( 9 or 10-Eyelets with Slanted Heel )

9 or 10 Eyelets, Smooth-Toe Boot, with Round Nylon Laces, Slanted Heel
( One Customer has a pair of 9-eyelet boots dated 1963 )
(similar to #7720)

D. 9-eyelet, 11W, dated October, 1966, NWSM

(contract dated 1967 inside of boots stamped: "DSA 100-67-C-1103")

(conflicting dates were very common with "open-ended" contracts during

the high-consumption years)


F. 10-eyelets, 14XW, dated February 1967, DSA-100-67-C-3..1, “DASC FEB 16 1967”, made by International Shoe CO., worn for a barracks inspection(?) very minor wear showing on heels (see picfile), as-New except for heels and minor-storage marks......Used
From same Veteran #7770FD Jungle Boots


7724 M-1967 Black Leather BOOTS (DMS Chevron Sole)

10-Eyelets, Smooth-Toe Boot,

Chevron(Wavy) Direct Molded Sole (DMS)

a few pair of the 7724 boots have 9-eyelets, these will be noted

A. 12R, dated 1973, NWSM


E. 11R, dated 2/69, NWSM


G. 9W, dated 8/72, 9-eyelets, some of the Paint has rubbed-off the eyelets, NWSM

(Rare Size and Width)

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