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M. Contract Number 7791466, by Cathey Enterprises, cloth Leg-Thong, NWSM

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M. Contract Number 7791466, by Cathey Enterprises, cloth Leg-Thong, NWSM

(4 in stock)


7231 USAF Black Shoulder HOLSTER for .38 “snub-nosed” Revolvers

Probably procured for OSI agents, Couriers, and etc., Used by some Pilots

No markings - could have been made by the Hunter Corp(?).

A. bottom has been opened-up to allow for a “quick-draw”(see picfile),

“clam-shell” style with spring-steel tension to retain the weapon, GC+


B. same as “A” but in New Condition


7232 USAF Swivel Holster for the Air Police .38 Revolver

Some are stamped: “HOLSTER REVOLVER GUU.1/P”

Carried by: APs, SPs, AF INTEL personnel in the field (i.e., CMIC Teams), & etc.

B. dated 1968, minor usage, EC+

More verbage on Web Site


D. dated 1963, made by Boyt Harness Company,

stamped: “HOLSTER REVOLVER GUU.1/P” “1095 – 3198591”

“AF 09 (603)-41535”, below average: wear, abrasions, etc., EC
( this is a pre-1964 contract, see 7232F )
(As this is a “Boyt” made holster with the older style contract number I would think it might be hard to find?)


F. dated 1964, by J. M. Bucheimer CO., stock number 1095-819-8591, contract AF-09(603)-48707, worn by an ACS pilot, GC+


G. dated 1967, by J. M.Bucheimer CO., stock number 1095-819-8591, contract .F. 09603-68-D-0232, brought home by an ACS pilot, NWSM


See pictures on the Weapons page

7233 USAF Issue Black Leather Holsters for Flight Crews

These Holsters are from Flight Crews, mainly Pilots.

They do not have contract numbers but were purchased “off-the-shelf” for the immediate needs of the Air Force.

Pictures available on this page:

Then scroll down

B. small black Leather Holster for the belt or harness, Smith & Wesson short-barrel MP-10 Air Force Issue .38 revolver, stamped on the back with the SW circle and “NE”, not much wear, EC+


C. hip-holster for the regular MP-10 Air Force Issue .38 revolver,

Bucheimer stamp on back, minor wear (if any), as-New with storage marks, EC+


7234 U.S. Military M-7 Shoulder HOLSTER (Issue)

Black Leather Adjustable Shoulder Holster for the Large Frame Auto-Loading Pistols (.45 and 9mm). Many holsters will not have markings except for the “U.S.” on the front.

Pictures available on this page:

Then scroll down

D. Vietnam era, stamped “U. S.” on the front, no other markings(typical for the RVN era), these holsters were not made with high-quality: materials or craftmanship (almost like they were designed to be a “throw-away” item),

well used but not “put-away-wet”, GC

( a bringback from an Army Helicopter Pilot )


7236 U. S. Military Brown Leather M-3 style .38 cal Shoulder Holster

Worn by USAF and some U.S. Army Aircrews in early 1960s

(Possible worn in the 1950s)

B. dated May 1962, made by BOYT, stamped “MRT” ( mildew resistance treated), NWSM
See picture on weapons page


7238 WWII Naval Aviation “Victory” hip Holster for .38 cal Revolver

No Markings, Brown Leather with flap, wire belt hanger for Issue Pistol Belt, used by Marine and Navy Aircrews in WWII

A. no markings (most common), less than average wear, leather clean and supple, Used
See on Weapons page



7240 M-12 U. S. Military Beretta HOLSTER (Issue)

marked “U.S.” under the flap, OG Nylon Holster for the 9mm Beretta Pistol

I. with Cleaning Rod and Lanyard, from the 1980s era, GC+



K. stamped on rear: “M – 12, Part #9388057, NSN 1095-01-194-3343, Bianchi International, 19200”, NWSM
See on Weapons page:



7242 Brown Leather HOLSTER for the Beretta or .45 Pistols (Issue)

Similar to a M-1916 (#7226) but is wider to accommodate the larger Beretta. I was told this was called the "Transitional Holster" so it could be used with the .45 Autoloader or the New Beretta. Stamped "US" on the Flap with a Brown Leg Tie-down, stamped "CATHEY ENTERPRISES 7791466" on the reverse (same contract number as the older Black .45 holster(?))

A. no date, 90% Condition, EC+


7280 U. S. Military HOLSTERS (Miscellaneous)

Can be a Private Purchase or Military Issue, this will be noted on the entry

A. U.S.N. and USMC "Victory" holster for S & W 4" Barrel revolver, with Belt,

Name stencilled inside flap, Belt has adjustable loops for 20 rounds of .38 ammo, crack in leather near the bottom of the holster (ask for JPEG),

Brass hardware has Verdigris, GC

(see in Alec Tulkoff’s Book, “Grunt Gear”, page 284)

pics on this page:


G. WWII Era Local Made Shoulder Holster (made in North Africa(?)),

Crudely-made, GI penned his Duty Stations and Dates on the Leather: "AFRICA ...... 1942"(at least 10 dates and locales), possibly the Unit number is written on it but you will need to spend a few-hours trying to decipher the

faint-writings, stained & Hardware rust, GC


7290 Police HOLSTERS (Civilian)

A. Black Leather BELT and HOLSTER (35N), by Tex Shoemaker & Sons,

Belt (size 36), Baton and Key Holder, Ammo HOLDER, 6 x small Snap-Straps,

worn 5-10 times, Quality workmanship, EC+


7292 Military HOLSTERS (German)

C. Black Leather P-38, dated 6/76, GC+


see above items on this Page

7300 - 7399 Winter, Mountain, and Ski Gear

(Also see 51xx Section Parkas & Trousers)

All items Sold in this Catalog are for a "Collectible Display" purpose ONLY! A "Collectible Display" = anything a Prudent person would not use for anything but a Display. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please communicate with us before you purchase an item.

7310 Olive Green Nylon ROPE ("Army Green Line")

120 Foot Coil of Rope used for Rappelling and etc.

A. 120' Coil, Dated 1989, In-Box, New ( 3 in stock )


B. 120' Coil, Out of the Box, New


7313 OG Nylon ROPE (Short Piece of Line (Rope))

Short piece of Rope used to make a Rappelling Seat or etc.

A. Used, EC


7316 RVN Era CARABINIER (Snap-Link)

Corroded Links can be shined by using a Fine-Grit Polishing Cloth or Steel Wool

G. Dated 1972, GC


J. Dated 1972, New-but-Corroded, GC+


K. Dated 1975, New-but-Minor-Corrosion, EC ( 2 in stock )


L. Dated 1975, New-but-Corroded, EC ( 4 in stock )


7318 CARABINIER (post-RVN)

Similar to #7316 but with Post-RVN Era Dates

A. dated 1984, New ( quantity )


B. Dated 1986, New ( 3 in stock )


7330 WWII Mountain Jacket

Jacket with tuck-in Hood, cargo pocket on back, built-in suspenders, belt loops to accept a web belt.
( many jackets are missing the belt(used for trousers) and internal suspenders )
( see in GI Collector’s Guide Book by Henri-Paul Enjames, page 151 )

F. size 36R stamped in neck ( chest = 40”+, sleeve = 35”, back = 32”+ ), pocket label has faded-out, missing the web belt and the suspenders have been neatly removed (ask for picture), possibly washed once, minor wear, Below average: wear, stains, and etc., EC
( has a button sewn on each shoulder hold down the hood )
see on Clothing page:


7340 WWII Era 2nd Pattern Mountain/Ski Googles

Googles with: Brown or Green Fur Trim, adjustable Elastic Headband, adjustable Leather Bridge, carrying case, and Extra Type III Lenses.

(see Doughboy to GI, page 38)

K. OG Fur Trim, Extra lenses in OG case, GC+


L. Brown Fur Trim, minor scratches on lenses, No case or xtra lenses, FC


R. Brown Fur Trim, Carton Dated 1942, New

(Fresh from the Government Carton, Dated September 4, 1942)


7346 WWII Era White Overmittens

T. Dated 1942, Style with Snap-Flap on back, Unissued with Storage Stains, EC


7350 WWII Era Olive Green Ski Gaiters

Pair of Short Leggings used by Mountain/Ski Troops

(see Doughboy to GI, page 150)

Z. Size Medium, Made by Tweedie, (No Laces), NWSM


7352 WWII Era Brown Leather Mountain - Ski Boots

Rubber Cleated Soles, felt innersoles, 2nd Pattern

(see Doughboy to GI, page 156)

H. marked size “7E 53 5”( a 9W on my foot), dated 1943, stamped “7 E KM” on the uppers, “The ...KTA(?) Shoe CO. INC BOSTON DEC 22W19-074 DEPOT 1943 QM902”, GOODYEAR Soles and Heels(very-minor wear( if any), named to F. O'Brien, no laces, Still have the gray-felt innersoles, lots of scuffs/storage marks - minor wear (if any), solid WWII Boots and hard to find in this width, EC+
see on this page:



7356 Snow Camouflage Items

If the Vintage is know, it will be listed.

Many of the White Winter Camo items were not labeled.

C. White Pullover with fixed Hood made of heavyweight cotton material, approximate size Medium (chest = 48”+ ), with tie-tapes at front and rear of neck area(?), horizontal heavyweight OD tape on back of neck is sewn at both ends to form a 3” loop(?), Draw-strings at Hem and Cuffs, 2 front-lower pockets with flaps, no label or stamps = vintage is unknow, less than Average stains, GC+
see on Clothing page:


7360 M1950 Overwhite MITTENS

Pattern Dated 7 February, 1951, One-Size-Fits-All

worn over the regular gloves/mittens for Camouflage in Snowy terrain

see pictures on Clothing page:

A. dated 7 August, 1951, New (3 in stock)


B. dated 20 April, 1953, NWSM (1 in stock)


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