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3018 M1943 Field Jacket (No labels or stamps)

These jackets have no markings

D. Large/Regular (Never had a label or stamp), ex-82nd Airborne Division, 82nd ABD SSI neatly removed from the left SSI (minor shadow-see picture), still has the SFC Olive Green on Dark Blue Wool Stripes (3 chevrons with 2 rockers), maybe washed once, small paint stains(most are not visible when worn), minor wear, EC

Chest = 46+

shoulder-to-shoulder = 21 ½

sleeves = 36 ½

back = 33


See 7517F for USMC M43 style Field Jackets

3019 M-1943 Field Jacket HOOD

Attaches with Epaulet Buttons, with drawstring & button closure.

B. Large, Spec. No. 441A, Dated April 28, 1945, looks-unused, New or Near-New


3028 M-1943 Man’s Field Jacket LINER

Pattern Dated July 25, 1944, Cotton Poplin Shell with a Pile Liner. Button Front with Wrist and Neck Knits. 2 Slash Pockets. (see Doughboy to GI, page 89)

A. 34R (Modern S/R), Dated 1949, some Pile has rubbed-off the Lining, GC+


D. 38L (Modern S/L chest = 41, sleeve = 33.75 (sleeve to end of knit = 37.5), shldr-to-shldr = 18+, back = 29+), dated Dec 19, 1944,

repairs on Neck Knit, New


3030 M-1943 Man’s Field Jacket LINER

Similar to #3028 but Spec Labels are: Faded, Missing, or Never Stamped.

A. 36R (Modern XS/R), knits repaired, minor snags, GC


B. 34L (Modern S/R), PC


F. S/R, knits repaired, tiny snag, GC+


I have measured some of the Field Jackets/Liners and given my interpretation of the MODERN size/length.....take this with a grain of salt as this is ONLY my guesstamation!

3032 M-1950 Man’s Field JACKET

Similar to M-1943 (Button-Front), MIL-J-843 and MIL-J-10919

Stock NumberS: 55-J-384-450 and AF8310-488350-222

Pattern Dated November 1, 1950

Never made in Great Quantity -- Rarest Model of U. S. Field Jackets

A. XS/R, Dated Dec 15, 1950, MIL-J-843, # 55-J-384-450, minor paint stains (see picture, minor soiling (most should clean-up with a dry-cleaning?), Never Washed, EC+
Chest = 39

Shoulder seam to seam = 19+

Shoulder seam to end of cuff = 24.5

Sleeve length = 33.5

Back = 30+


D. S/R, Dated 7 Feb. 1951, MIL-J-843, # 55-J-384-424, worn twice(?), Never Washed, Near-New
Chest = 42

Shoulder seam to seam = 20

Shoulder seam to end of cuff = 24.5

Sleeve length = 34.5

Back = 31


G. S/R, dated 1951, Spec. No. MIL-J-10919, Stock No.: AF8310-488350-222, worn once(?), half of left-cuff button broken-off (still functional), Never Washed, as-New
Chest = 41

Shoulder seam to seam = 21

Shoulder seam to end of cuff = 25

Sleeve length = 35

Back = 30.5


(I have a vintage cuff button – may not match in shade – if you need it – ask!

See on Clothing page:

3034 M-1950 Man's Field Jacket Freize LINER

Pattern dated 27 DEC 1950 N.Y.Q.M.P.A.

SPEC. No. MIL-L-10800 (Q.M.C.)

Similar to Catalog numbers: 3056/3060/3062 but has 3-buttons near the neck and string hanger on the neck hem

RARE Model M-1950 Frieze LINER

The M-1950 Liner was worn in Korea during the early years

A. Medium, dated 23 April, 1951, QM-15199-OI-18972, SPEC. No. MIL-L-10800 (Q.M.C.), Stock No. 55-L-190-60, dark spot on right chest, minor storage marks, maybe never worn?, EC+ Approximate Chest size = 42-43”


(see 7517x for USMC Field Jackets)

3036 M-1951 Man's Field JACKET ( 1st Pattern date of the M-1951 FJ )

Marked "M-1951" on Label and "Pattern Dated 13 SEPT. 1951"

Similar to the M-1950 but has a Zippered Front.
( most jackets will have 2 x stamped labels inside;

a few have 3 sewn-on Printed Labels ( neck & 2 on the lower-right-inside )

see on Clothing page:

A. M/L, Dated 27 June 1952, Washed Once(?), EC+


D. S/R, Dated 27 June, 1952, New


P. M/L, (chest 47” sleeve 37” back 34” = modern Large/Long ),

dated 28 Jan, 1952, MIL-J-11448, Stock No. 55-J-610-20, worn 2-3 times,

minor dark stains, Never Washed, As-New Color, EC+
( almost an Extra-Large )


R. M/S (chest 46” sleeve 35” back 30”+ = modern Large/Short ), no date, Spec. No. MIL-J-11448(QMC), Stock No. 55-J-610-30, all badges neatly removed--no shadows--just stitch marks, waist drawstring replaced with OG parachute Nylon line, drawcord removed from hem, 1 label loose on one-side, minor stains, minor wear, probably never washed, Excellent color, EC

Perfect for the Vietnam SF/Ranger Reenactor:

Badges remove indicate the veteran was a Captain, or higher, in the Special Forces, Ranger qualified, wore a CIB with Senior or Master Jump wings, had a Badge over the Name Tape which was probably a LLDB Jump Wing. No name inside, damn!


I have measured some of the Field Jackets/Liners and given my interpretation of the MODERN size/length.....take this with a grain of salt as this is ONLY my guesstamation!

3038 M-1951 Man's Field JACKET

Marked M-1951 on Label, Pattern Dated November 7, 1952

Some Jackets will only have the Model M-1951 on label but NO pattern date
Similar to the M-1950 but has a Zippered Front
see on Clothing page:

A. S/R, ( chest = 42”, sleeve = 35 3/4”, back = 32,equals a modern Medium/Regular ), dated 16 April 1953, (Worn Once?), small-portion of sleeve button broken-off (still functional), Near-New, EC+
( Very Nice Jacket = may be in New Condition )
( sleeve button broken in the “rag-mill” when it was compressed in a 1,000 pound bale )
see on Clothing page:


B. M/R, no contract date on Label, Pattern dated 7 Nov, 1952, MIL-J-11448-A, Stock No. 55-J-610-25, Phildelphia QM Depot, worn 3 - 4 times, Never Washed, Excellent Color, I rescued it from a 1,000 pound bale in a Rag Mill = wrinkles (needs to be pressed), EC+
chest = 46+

shoulder seam to seam = 21+

shoulder seam to end of cuff = 27

sleeve = 37

back = 32+


G. S/S, dated April 16, 1953, made by Superior Coat Company,

Color Cut-Edge Patches:

blue-edge Special Forces SSI with Airborne Tab on Left SSI,

Hand-embroidered Master Jump Wing, Major's Rank sewn-on Epaulets,

Yellow on Black U.S. Army Tape, Name Tape neatly removed, EC

left shoulder originally had a large, odd shaped, patch (3.5” x 4.5” +/-),

no shadow, light stitch marks, all other Insignia is original to the jacket

see on this link:



K. M/L ( chest = 46” sleeve 36” back 33.5” = modern Large/Long ),

dated 16 April, 1953, MIL-J-11448, Stock No. 55-J-610-20, worn 2-3 times, never washed, part of Cutter's Tag on back of left-sleeve, As-New Color, EC+

( Rare Size )


M. XL/R, dated 16 June, 1953, contract DA-352-TAP-2233,OI-2291-C-53,

SPEC. MIL-J-11448, Stock No. 55-J-610-50, Cutter tags in pocket, Mint!

This contract was let before the Armistice was signed on July 27, 1953

( Very Rare Size, Condition, and Date! )

see on this link:


P. M/S ( chest = 46” sleeve 34” back 30 1/2” = modern Large/Regular ), dated April 16, 1953, SPEC. NO. MIL-J-11448, Stock No. 55-J-610-30, Yellow on Black US Army Tape, worn 1-2 times?, has minor stains, material has minor blemishes o/a left-waist and below the waist on right-rear, stain on right sleeve looks like it will disappear with cleaning (see picfile), NEVER Washed, As-New Color, EC
see on this link:


R. XL/R (chest = 54” sleeve 38”+ back 33” = modern XXXLarge/XLong), dated April 9, 1953, TAP 1145, SPEC. NO. MIL-J-11448, Stock No. 55-J-610-50, missing drawcord in hem, small snag on lower-right back(see pic), minor paint stains on left-cuff area(see pic), female-half of the lower-right pocket glove snap non-functioning (smashed in the rag-mill - see picfile), Excellent Color, EC
I believe this is the Largest M51 style jacket I have seen!
see on clothing page:



S. S/R (chest = 42” sleeve 35”+ back 31”+ = modern Medium/Regular-Long),

dated April 16, 1953, TAP-1234-01(OI?)-1292-C-53, SPEC. NO. MIL-J-11448 (QMC), PATT. DATE: 7 NOV. 1952, Stock No. 55-J-610-40, there is a dark stain on the front and back ( not very-visible to the naked-eye but the camera-flash picks it up (see pictures), I would guess it was from hydraulic fluid(?) ), good to excelelnt color, EC

see on clothing page:


T. S/R (chest = 42”+ sleeve 38”+ back 31.5”+ = modern Medium/Long), dated April 16, 1953, TAP-1243-OI-1301-C-53, SPEC. NO. MIL-J-11448 (QMC), Stock No. 55-J-610-40, Color Badges: older OD/OG HBT Captain’s Rank, old style Army Tape with the thick/wide embroidered Letters, stencilled Black on white name tape, female-half of the lower-front glove snap non-functioning (pulled-through the cloth), minor wear, Excellent Color, EC
see on clothing page:


V. S/R (chest = 41, sleeve 34, back 31), dated 1963, DSA-1-2252-63-C,

Never-Worn, Near-Mint, NWSM


W. M/R, (chest = 44, shoulder-to-shoulder 20.5, sleeve 35, back 31.5), dated o/a August 1964 (DSA-1-4961), local-made name tape was removed-I found it in the pocket(you have to resew it), Cut-edge 1SG rank, probably an Armored patch removed from left-SSI(very-minor shadow), has a price-scratch sheet for a Plane ticket in the pocket for OKC to SAC, Great for the early RVN Era Re-enactor, EC+


X. L/R (chest = 48+, shoulder-to-shoulder 22.5, sleeve 37+, back 33), dated April 16, 1953, TAP-1233-OI-1201-C-53, SPEC. NO. MIL-J-11448 (QMC), Stock No. 55-J-610-10, factory sewn Black/Yellow U. S. Army tape removed but in pocket, had badges hand-sewn on-then neatly removed, very minor shadows/stitch marks, very-minor reddish stain on left-top-pocket-flap, minor light-color stains on lower-right front and back, overall this is a very nice Jacket, minor wear, EC+
See on clothing page



Y. L/R (chest = 52, shoulder-to-shoulder 22.5, arm = 25, sleeve 36 1/2+, back 32 1/2), dated April 16, 1953, TAP-1239-OI-1297-C-53, SPEC. NO. MIL-J-11448 (QMC), Stock No. 55-J-610-10, stains on left-chest and upper left sleeve (see picture), worn once(?), never washed, Used
See on clothing page



I have measured some of the Field Jackets and Liners and given my interpretation of the MODERN size/length.....take this with a grain of salt as this is ONLY my guesstamation!

3040 M-1951 Man's Field JACKET

Similar to the M-1951 but does not give a Model Number or Pattern Date.
(Many of these Jackets have Labels that read: "Coat, Man's, Cotton, Wind Resistant Sateen, 9 oz., WRT, QM Shade 107" and etc.)
This style of Jacket was made from the KW Era to Early RVN Era; I have seen dates from 1952 - 1963
see on Clothing page:

A. S/R, PC


B. S/S, PC


C. M/S, PC


E. XS/R, dated 1963, Color: 2LT Rank, 2nd ID SSI, Army Tape, EC


H. XS/R, Color: 7th Army SSI, SP4 Stripes, Army Tape, GC


I. Large/Long, dated 1953, Color:

Army Tape, merrowed-edge SSG Stripes (in this near-new condition it must have been his “Inspection” Field Jacket – as it had SP4 & SP5 stripes before), OG blank tape sewn-on above right pocket (may hide a rip were the name tape was removed), Otherwise in Near-New Condition
see pics:


K. XS/R, dated 1964, Color Army Tape, (One of the Last Contracts!), New


L. M/L, dated JUNE 1952, STAINED, FC


P. S/R, date faded, still starched, Cut-edge: Special Forces left SSI (khaki edge) with Airborne Arc (blue-edge), Master Sergeant Stripes, Both Tapes, Master Jump Badge, EC+
(Tapes, SSI, & Jump Badge are original; the MSG stripes replaced SFC stripes

when he was promoted)


S. S/L dated 1964 (One of the Last Contracts!), New

( good for Early Vietnam Re-enactors )


AA. M/R ( chest = 46” sleeve 37” back 32” = modern Large/Regular ),

dated 1963, has the modern convex buttons, Yellow on Black woven Army Tape, worn 2-3 times, minor stains, never washed, as-New Color, EC+

( Great Early-Vietnam item! )


AC. S/R ( chest = 42” sleeve 37” back 31.5” = modern Medium/Regular ),

dated 1961, neatly De-Badged with minor shadows/stitch marks,

belonged to a 82nd ABD or 18th Airborne Corps Buck Sergeant,

tiny 3/16” abrasion on front, below average: wear, abrasions, stains, & etc.,

needs to be cleaned, Excellent Color, EC


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