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Heated Flying Suit with Mouton Collar, Fully Lined,

Spec. No. M456A, Style CFN-24 (see World Photo Press Book, page 14)

B. 40, No Cord, EC


C. 40, No Cord, EC


5908 WWII USAAF Type D-2 PARKA with Fur Ruff Hood

OD or OG Pullover Parka with Fur Ruff Hood, snap-in Brown Alpaca Liner with wool wristlets, Large hand-warmer chest pocket, 2 x Large Lower Patch Pockets, 1/4 length Zipper, and drawstrings on Hood, Rare Parka in any Condition.

(a similar Parka, a D-1, is shown in Doughboy to GI on page 145)

(a difference between Parkas is the Zipper: D-1 (3/4 length) & D-2 (1/4 length)

A. Large, Olive Drab (light-shade), Dated 1944 (Order NO. 44-3239-AF),

Spec. No. 3171, made by Aero Leather Clothing Co., 4-6 small repairs to wristlets,

2 x Inside Glove-Snaps are Damaged, NWSM

(Very Rare Size and Condition)


B. Small, Olive Green (darker-shade), Dated 1944 (Order NO. 44-3239-AF), Spec. No. 3171, made by Aero Leather Clothing Co., wool wristlets need repaired,

¼” slit on the back about five inches up from the hem, minor stains, small field-repair on lower-left sleeve, GC+


(see # 54xx for other Flying Gloves and Mittens)

5910 Flyer’s Gloves (Miscellaneous)

Catch-all section

A. size 9 ½, Purchased by the Air Force in 1969 for F-105 Pilot’s, Grey soft Leather with Fur lining, made by Ruson, woven hang label is partially loose, very good condition, Used
See on Flight Gear page



5914 RVN Era Type B-3A Flyer's GLOVES (Leather)

Gauntlet Style, Creme Color Sheepskin, MIL-G-9087, type B-3A,

A. Size 8 (Medium), dated late 1964 (DSA-1-6940), made by Mario Papa & Sons, INC., New

see on:


5916 RVN Era Flyer's GLOVES (Leather)

Gauntlet Style, Cream Color Sheepskin, MIL-G-9087A (ASG)

A. Size 9, dated 1964 (DSA-1-3930-64-E), made by Mario Papa & Sons, INC.,

still has the Paper Data Label in plastic sleeve, New-in-Plastic-Sleeve

see on Flight Gear page:


5918 Summer Type B-3A Brown Leather Flying GLOVES

Gauntlet Style, dark-Brown Color Sheepskin, MIL-G-9087A

A. aproximate size 7-8 (stamped a “Size 9”, dated 1962 (DSA1-629-E-62), made by Mario Papa & Sons, INC., White "U.S. AIR FORCE" with Logo stencilled on backs, New
see on Flight Gear page:


C. size 8, dated 1964, (DSA-1-2760-64-E), made by Steinberg Brothers, INC.,

White "U.S. AIR FORCE" with Logo stencilled on backs, thread holding them together has been removed, were folded in storage, NWSM


D. size 9, dated early-1965 (DSA-1-9130), made by Steinberg Brothers, INC., New


5920 1950s to RVN Era Leather Flyer's GLOVE

Brown Leather, MIL-G-7496A (ASG) with elastic on the back.
Use "Insert Type MA-1" in these gloves; these inserts look like the OG Wool Glove Insert, Catalog #2532, M-1949 Inserts for the D3A Leather Gloves

A. Size 5 (Medium-Large), Dated 1964 (DSA-1-4365-64-E), New


D. size 4 (Medium), Stock No. 8415-269-0415, Order No. AF33(602) 8942,

no date, ( MA-1 Wool Inserts are dated 1-28-58 ( January 28, 1958 ) the string to hold the gloves together is still present in the left glove, very-minor wear, comes with the MA-1 OG Wool Inserts, near-New See on Flight Gear page


E. size 4 (Medium), dated 1962 by Killington MFG. CO., Unused

(Comes with a NEW pair of Wool Inserts)

(factory thread that held them together has been cut but still present)


F. size 3 (small), dated 1958 by Mario Papa & Sons, INC., UnUsed


5922 post-RVN Era Flyer's GLOVEs, HAU 6/P

Sizes are the “work” glove method (a “5” = a Large Glove), Elastic at the wrist, uses the #2532 M-1949 OG Wool Inserts

B. size 6, dated 1977, by Mario Papa & Sons, INC., New


5924 RVN Era Flyer's GLOVES, Summer, Type GS/FRP-2

Sage Green Fire Resistant Cloth “NOMEX” with Gray Leather Palms

MIL-G-81188A (AS)

A. Size 8 (Medium), dated 1973, made by Mario Papa & Sons, INC., New-in-Plastic Bag see on Flight Gear page:


5930 Fire Resistant Summer Flyer’s GLOVES (Type GS/FRP-2)

Sage Green Fire Resistant Cloth with Gray Leather Palms

A. Size 11, New (Quantity)


C. Size 8, Dated 1995, New


F. size 10, dated 1997, New
See on Flight Gear page


5933 Army Flying JACKET (AG-334 Wool/Poly Blend)

Extremely Rare Flight Jacket worn by U. S. Army Pilots assigned

to the White House Flight Detachment flying the President and his Aides

A. Medium, No Date on Label, Label Reads: “JACKET, FLYING MN’S AG 344 INTERMEDIATE W/BATTING MEDIUM CONT. NO. 7737 NAME_________ RANK________ SER. NO._________ DPSC DIR. OF MFG. 40% WOOL 60% POLY.", has Epaulets, Pockets with Flaps with snap-closures, Neck, Wrist, and Waist Black Knits, Zippered Front ("Swift" brand name), Army Green Nylon lining with an AG-344 Outer Shell (outer shell is made from the same material as an AG-344 Class "A" Dress jacket), 3 ½" White House Patch on the Right Breast, washed once, Label loose on 1-side, starting to wear at the top of the wind-flap, wear on the left-bottom-side of the zipper (see picture), otherwise minor wear, EC

( this style of Jacket was worn in the 1957 - 1966 Era...VERY RARE!!! )

see Army Gear page


5935 Army Helicopter Pilot’s Non-Standard Issue Flying JACKET

Dark USAF Blue Jacket, Label reads: "JACKET, SECURITY POLICE, WINTER PD YAGC-89-3", Jacket was normally issued to USAF Security Police (APs) but this one was issued to an Army Pilot at Rhine Main AFB.

(Jacket is Styled similar to the 1st and 2nd Models CWU-45/P (Bi-Swing Back)

but the material is made of regular Blue cloth)

A. Large, Dated 1994 (SPO Number), Neck Label has been Neatly Stamped: "C-3-101 BURGE", Black Leather Name Tag on Velcro with: Army Pilot's Wing, Name, Rank, and "U.S. ARMY", New Condition

(Veteran had a Black Police Type Armored Vest, see #9006A)


5936 Olive Green Army Flyer’s JACKET

Has an Opening with a VELCRO Closure on the Back to Aid in Crew Rescue.

Label reads: "Cold Weather Jacket High Temperature Resistant"
( In 1991 a Seperate Paper Label came with these Jackets which read:

"Jacket Flyer's Cold Weather High Temperature Resistant Nylon Oxford

OG-106" )
( This Jacket is also worn by Combat Vehicle Crewmen (CVC) )

( Replaced the #5937 Flyer's Jacket )

see Jackets on the Flight Gear page:

AB. M/R, Date Faded, Excellent Color, Pilot's initials on Neck Label, subdued Patches: 101ST AIRBORNE with Tab, Both Tapes, Pilot's Wing, Rank Sewn-on-Shoulders, near-new, EC+
See on Flight Gear page


AD. S/R, Dated 1980, Excellent Color!

Color Patches: 1ST Cavalry Division on Right SSI and "52ND AVIATION BATTALION (COMBAT) FLYING DRAGONS". Subdued 8TH ARMY on Left SSI, Leather Name Tag with: Rank and Senior Pilot's Wing, EC+


AT. XS/R, Dated 1986, New

AV. S/S, Dated 1980, New-in-Plastic-Bag!

AW. M/R, Dated 1991, New-in-Plastic-Bag!

AX. M/R, Dated 1991, New-in-Plastic-Bag!

BD. S/S, Dated 1980, New

BE. M/R, Dated 1986, New

BF. S/R, Dated 1986, New

BH. M/S, Dated 1980, New

BK. M/S, Dated 1980, New

BL. M/R, Dated 1991, New

BR. M/R, Dated 1991, Excellent Color! (USAF Pilot's Jacket)

Subdued Patches: "366TH TAC FTR WING" and "AIR COMBAT COMMAND". Color U. S. Flag. Blue-on-OG: Rank-sewn-on-shoulders, Pilot's Wing, and Name Tape. Label has another name on it (typical when a Jacket has been "Borrowed"). Minor wear, EC+ (Older 366th TFW patch used with the Newer ACC Patch)


BS. M/R, Dated 1980, Excellent Color! (USAF Pilot's Jacket)

Subdued Patches: "U.S. AIR FORCES IN EUROPE" and "50TH TAC FTR WG". Color, reverse, U. S. Flag on Right SSI. Blue-on-OG: Rank-sewn-on-shoulders, Pilot's Wing, Parachutist's Badge, Name & "USAF" Tapes.

Label has a "Blacked-out" name on it . Minor wear, EC+

(Very nice matched-pair of embroidered Tapes)


BT. M/L, Dated 1984, Excellent Color! (USAF Pilot's Jacket)


Rank-sewn-on-shoulders, Pilot's Wing, and Name Tape. Minor wear, EC+

See on FLT Gear page


5937 Army OG-106 Flyer's Cold-Weather JACKET

VELCRO closures on pockets(no flaps), Cigarette & Pen pocket on left sleeve

Similar to #5938 but Heavy-Weight for Cold Weather Flying.
( Replaced the MA-1 in the 1970s; #5937 Replaced by #5936 )
( The Army's Fire Resistant version of the CWU-45/P Flying Jacket )
see a example jacket on Flight Gear page:

A. M/R, dated 1976, Good Color!

Color Patches: "52ND AVIATION BATTALION (COMBAT) FLYING DRAGONS", 1st Cavalry Divsion Right SSI, 8th Army Left SSI (Local Made on Twill...Possibly made in Japan), and "ULCHI FOCUS LENS 79" (Joint Exercise with Korea and the U. S.). Rank-under-Plastic sewn on shoulders, Black Leather Name Tag with Senior Pilot's Wing, back has stains (see picture), Below Average: Wear, Stains, etc., EC+
See on Flight Gear page


L. M/S, dated 1976, stain on back (will probably wash out), jacket never washed,

very minor wear, Excellent Color, EC+


P. S/L, dated 1977, New


R. L/S, dated 1978, Excellent color! Label needs 1 side resewn, minor stains on underside of sleeve, minor wear, EC


5938 Army Olive Green Lightweight Flyer's JACKETS

High Temperature Resistant/Low Flammability

Expandable Wrists and Waist Knits

VELCRO closures on pocket flaps

early models have a bi-swing back (see 5938T)
( Developed in the Late 1960s to Replace the USAF L-2B Nylon Jacket )
see on Flight Gear page:

L. L/S, dated 1986, New


P. S/R, dated 1979, New


T. XS/R, dated 1969, Excellent Color!

(Rare Army Flyer's Jacket....Earliest Date I have seen!)


Hand-Embroidered 1ST AVIATION BRIGADE on left SSI,

Machine Embroidered "FROM THE DELTA TO THE DMZ DUTCHMASTER GUNS" (Aeroweapons Platoon/B Troop/7TH Squadron/1ST Regiment of Cavalry....CALLSIGN WAS "DUTCHMASTER") on right chest.

Color Cut-edge 1ST CAVALRY DIVISION on Right SSI,

White-on-OG Embroidered: CIB, Rank (Sewn-on-shoulders),

and Pilot's Wing, Black-onWhite Name Tape,

Field-Repair on inside of pocket, Minor Wear, EC+

(This JACKET has 4 Major Differences from the Regular Lightweight Army Pilot's Jacket: Knits are OG (Not Olive Drab), Lining is Very Shiny,

NO Pocket Flaps and it has a Bi-Swing Back)

see pictures on the Army Gear page:


X. L/S, dated 1981, Excellent Color, Color Patches: 101st Airborne Division on Left SSI, 101st Airborne Division on Right SSI (Combat Patch), and "BLACK WIDOWS ALPHA CO 9-101 AVN". Red-on-White Embroidered Name Tape, Subdued: Rank-on-Shoulders and Pilot's Wing, minor sweat-stain on back (see picture), minor wear, EC+
See on Flight Gear page


Z. L/R, dated 1984, stains on cigarette pocket(probably ink), minor wear, GC+

( has OG VELCRO on left breast for a name tag )


AC. L/R, dated 1990, washed once, Minor Wear, EC+

AD. S/L, dated 1974, New


AF. M/S, dated 1974, washed once, Excellent Color, EC+


AG. L/S, dated 1974, label loose on one edge, sun fade, minor wear, GC


AL. L/R, dated 1980, minor wear, never washed, Excellent Color, EC+

( has black Leather Name Tag mounted on black VELCRO )


AW. S/R, dated 1974, pilot’s name inside--written with a magic-marker, an UnUsed Black Leather Name Tag in pocket to the same pilot, has a “blackened look” (probably was washed with a chemical suit), minor wear, EC


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