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U. S. N. MIL-J-7823D (WP) Leather Flying JACKET

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5858 U. S. N. MIL-J-7823D (WP) Leather Flying JACKET (G-1 Style)

#7 Zipper, Late 1960s - 1970s Era with "U.S.N." Punched in the Wind Flap

Items will be listed with the type of Collar: "Mouton" or "Synthetic"

See on Flight Gear page

BS. Size 48, Dated 1968, Mouton Collar, minor knit repairs, very supple leather,

(lining has a stain and ½” burn hole inside the sleeve near the cuff), EC+

(approximate measurements: Chest at the armpits 49"+, back 22.5", Sleeve 34.5")


CS. Size 44, Dated 1968, non-issue Mouton Collar, non-issue knits,

tiny specks of over-spray paint (normal, if worn onboard ships), GC+

( Collar and Knits have been replaced with non-issue items )


V. size 44, Dated 1971, Synthetic Collar, small repairs on knits,

probably never worn, NWSM

(G-1 belonged to an Admiral that Graduated the Naval Academy in 1953;

in his career he was the Commanding Officer of: USS Coral Sea(1975-77),

USS San Jose, CAG-8, & VA-35)


AA. Size 38 ( chest = 39”+ sleeve = 32”(35” to end of knit) back = 21.5”(25” to end of knit), Dated 1968, Reddish-Brown Mouton Collar, small repairs on knits, Inspector's label still in the pocket, worn once(?), 98% Condition,

leather is still “Factory-Shiny”, As-New!



AC. Size 40, Dated 1970, Synthetic Collar, 1 small repair on waist knit, 98% Condition, Near-New


AF. Size 38, Dated 1969, Synthetic Collar, Small repairs on the Waist Knit, 95% Condition, shows minor wear, EC+


AH. Size 40, Dated 1968, Mouton Collar, knits repaired, I don't think it was ever Worn, 95% Condition, NWSM


AM. Size 40, Dated 1969, Mouton Collar, knits replaced (non-issue; look good), Below Average: Wear, Scuffs, Abrasions, etc., EC


AP. Size 42, dated 1970, Synthetic Collar, Color Patch: “UNITED STATES SHIP AMERICA” (CV-66), Brown Leather Name Tag with: Gold Flight Surgeon’s Wings, Name, Rank, “USNR”, and “MC”(Medical Corps), large repair on waist knit, wrist knits replaced by the Navy with “seamed” knits(?), EC


AT. Size 42, dated 1967, Mouton Collar, older replacement wrist knits(darker than waist but look Navy Issue(?)), knits repaired, Below Average: wear, scuffs, abrasions, etc., EC


AW. size 40, dated 1970, Synthetic Collar, comes with an older style brown leather name tag with: Gold Pilot’s Wing, Name, Rank, and “USN”, knits repaired,

named on the leather hanger strap, 1 pocket button replaced, minor wear-still has a shiny finish, EC+

see on this link:


See G-1 Jackets on the FLIGHT GEAR page

5860 USN MIL-J-7823E (AS) Leather Flying Jacket (G-1 Style)

1970s - to ?, Jackets will have Synthetic Collars

QS. 44, dated 1976, Knits replaced (non-Issue), EC


RS. 48, dated 1972, Knits repaired, GC+

(approximate measurements: Chest at the armpits 49"+, back 22.5", Sleeve 34.5")

see pics on Flight Gear page


AA. Size 42, dated 1977, Minor Wear, Very Clean Jacket, EC+


AD. Size 36, dated 1984, Mint!


AG. Size 44, dated 1977, (Navy Flyer's Jacket)Color Patches: "PATRON 62" (VP-62) Japan made(?), Large 5" "UNITED STATES NAVAL AIR STATION JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA WE SERVE THE FLEET", and U. S. Flag, Leather Name Tag with: Wing, Name and "AEC", Minor Wear, Clean Jacket, EC+


AK. Size 44, dated 1976, (Navy Pilot’s Jacket)Color Patches: “FLELOGSUPPRON 24” (VS-24), “LOCKHEED HERCULES”, Large U. S. Flag, and cloth Name Tag with: Gold Pilot’s Wings, Name, and nickname. Knits and Zipper replaced (good Quality, non-issue), Below Average: Wear, Scuffs, Abrasions, and etc., overall in EC


AP. size 42, dated 1975, (Navy Fighter Pilot’s Jacket)

Color Patch: “FIGHTING 14” “TOPHATTERS” (VF-14),

Leather Name Tag with: Gold Pilot’s Wing, Name, Rank, and “USN”,

neck label resewn, knits repaired, 1.25” wide depression on right side of Mouton

(ask for Picture), Below Average: wear, abrasions, scuffs, etc., EC


AR. size 38, Dated 1977 by Ralph Edwards, Knits repaired, scuff mark on

upper-right sleeve (see picfile), still has the maker’s lanyards(“strings”), NWSM

( Unusual Condition for a 26 year old Jacket )


AT. Sold


see for picfiles

(see 95xx for Flyer's: Suits and Coveralls)

5863 USAAF OG Type B-15 Flying JACKET

OG Cotton (or Rayon) Jacket with Fur Collar, Specification Number 3220

About 80% of the 1st Model B-15s were made of COTTON.

(Any Jackets made of RAYON Cloth will be noted)

(see "MA-1" Book, by WOLD PHOTO PRESS, Pages 17 - 21)

(see DOUGHBOY TO GI, Page 93, Upper Right Picture)

(B-15s Listed will have an "OFF-SET" Front Zipper, Variations will be noted)

(None in stock)

5866 USAF Blue NYLON Type B-15C Intermediate Flying Jacket

Blue: Outershell,Lining, Wool Knits, and Mouton Collar

Similar Style to the USAAF B-15,

Specification No. MIL-J-6251,

Drawing NO. 5183565

M. size 42, Stock NO. S/N 8310-484000-33., by A. Pritzker & Sons, INC.,

minor wear, Collar and Zipper in 100% condition, blue glove-snaps on pockets have 98% paint, Knits have been repaired, minor soiling on back-right of outershell, Excellent Color, EC


5867 USAF Sage Green NYLON Type B-15D Intermediate Flying JACKET


Sage Green: Nylon Outershell & Lining, Knits & Pile Collar

K. size 36, by Rolen Sportswear, GC+


R. size 40, by ROLEN SPORTSWEAR CO., Contract No. AF-33 (602)-4079,

Stock No. 8310-483250-321, less than average: wear, abrasions, & etc.,

Wrist knits were “rigger repaired” by the USAF (I will include a pair of Government Issue wrist knits – so you can change them if you want), EC+
See on Flying Gear page


T. size 42 ( chest = 46”+ sleeve = 33”(to end of wrist-knit = 36”) back = 22”(to end of waist-knit 25”+) , by ROLEN SPORTSWEAR CO., Contract No. AF-33 (602)-4079, Stock No. 8310-483250-331, minor wear, minor stains, NO damage to the Knits, minor reddish stains in the armpits from the glove snaps on the cloth loops(see picture), USAF logo on left SSI is in 80% condition, 4 ¾” 431st Fighter Interceptor “RED DEVILS” patch on right breast, Senior Pilot’s Black Leather Name Tag under plastic with Rank, Name, and “USAF”, EC+
see on Flight Gear page:


5869 USAAF OG Type B-15 (MODIFIED) Flying JACKET

B-15s and B-15As were made of OG Cotton or Rayon.

(Same as #5868 except the Air Force Removed the Fur Collar and Replaced

it with a Knit Collar…….Forerunner of the MA-1 Jacket)

B. B-15(MOD), Size 38, RAYON Cloth (not Cotton).

(This is a 1ST Model B-15.....Not a B-15A), Most of the White Modification Label has faded but I have re-created what I think it Originally Read: "THIS JACKET HAS CHANGED TO B-15 MODIFIED SIZE 38 IN COMPLIANCE WITH T.O 14P3 10-501 STOCK NO. 8415-633 9628". (Label Printed with Red Ink).

Knits Repaired, Jacket shows Average: Stains, Wear, Abrasion, Holes, Scuffs, Soiling, and etc. for it's age. USAAF Left SSI has 40% remaining. White USAAF Insignia inside has about 40% remaining, Overall this is a GC+

(Extremely Rare B-15 (MOD)……..No Dealer or Collector that I have talked to has ever seen a 1st Model RAYON B-15 that was Modified)

see on USAF/USAAF Gear page:


5872 USAF Sage Green NYLON B-15D (Mod) Flying JACKET

The USAF Modified these Jackets by Removing the Fur Collars

and Replacing the Fur with a Sage Green Wool KNIT Collar.
( Modified B-15s were the Fore-Runners of the MA-1 )
( Some Jackets had the Original Woven Neck Labels Removed and Replaced with a White Printed Label and others still have their Original Labels which may be Totally or Partially covered by the Printed White Modification Label)

( Only USGI Parts are used to Replace: Knits/Zippers/etc. )

H. B-15D (Mod), Size 42 (Some of the White Modification Tag is still readable) All Knits have been Replaced (USGI), Average Stains, 5 very small burn holes:

2 by the Clip Tab, 1 by the Cord Snap-Loop, and 1 on each Sleeve. The worst spot on the jacket is on the left sleeve (Bottom Side) where it has a few abrasion holes, Overall the Condition is GC+

Chest = 48

Shoulders = 19 1/2

Sleeve (from shoulder seam to end of cuff knit) = 28+

Sleeve Length (measurement from center of neck to end of cuff knit) = 38

Back (from neck seam to bottom of waist knit) = 23+

Waist (cloth meets the knit) = 44

( I think the Original Neck Label (Tag) is still under the Modification Label )


K. B-15D (Mod), Size 42, Excellent Color!

Color Patches: Medium size 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Medium size Triangle "F 106 DEVILS 48TH FIS" (shows a Devil on the aircraft--Very Neat Patch), and White-on-Blue F-102 Triangle. White Name Tag with: Name, "WADS" (Washington Air Defense Sector), and "USAF".

Major's Rank (embroidered on Black Leather) sewn-on shoulders and White-on-Sage Green Command Pilot's Wing. USAF Insignia on Left SSI still visible, wrist knits replaced, minor repair to other knits, Tiny burn hole on back near neck knit, Modified Neck Label is 100% Readable,

Below Average: Wear, Stains, Scuffs, and etc., EC+

Chest = 52

Shoulders = 20

Sleeve (from shoulder seam to end of cuff knit) = 27 ½+

Sleeve Length (measurement from center of neck to end of cuff knit) = 37

Back (from neck seam to bottom of waist knit) = 25 1/2

Waist (cloth meets the knit) = 22


P. B-15D (Mod), size 40, Excellent Color!

As good as you can get without finding a NEW One, had a name tape but was neatly removed (shows stitch marks but NO Shadow!), neck knit has repairs, wrist knits have very-small repairs, 95% condition, EC+

Chest = 48

Shoulders = 20 1/2

Sleeve (from shoulder seam to end of cuff knit) = 37+

Sleeve Length (measurement from center of neck to end of cuff knit) = 36 3/4

Back (from neck seam to bottom of waist knit) = 24 1/2

Waist (cloth meets the knit) = 41+

see on Flight Gear Page


R. B-15D (MOD), size 36, “S/N 8415-633-9615”, top of original label still visible, named on “mod” label, neck and waist knits have repairs, Air Force “field-repair” on left-sleeve near cuff (see picture), common reddish stains, GC+
Chest = 46

Shoulders = 19+

Sleeve (from shoulder seam to end of cuff knit) = 27+

Sleeve Length (measurement from center of neck to end of cuff knit) = 36 1/2

Back (from neck seam to bottom of waist knit) = 22

Waist (cloth meets the knit) = 40

see on Flight Gear page


T. B-15D (MOD), “mod” label is hard to read, looks like the original label is under the white “mod” label, USAF Logo is faint, shoulder rank has been neatly removed, Black Name Tag sewn to left breast with: Command Pilot’s Badge and Name (this is the 4th name tag), 3 patches neatly removed from right breast, 1 patch has been neatly removed from right sleeve, tiny dark spots on right front(looks like tiny specks of dark paint-hard to see at 2-paces), neck knit ok, 1 hole on right cuff knit, 5 holes on other cuff, minor repairs to waist knit, Below Average: Wear, abrasions, snags, and etc., Excellent Color, GC+
Chest = 50+

Shoulders = 20+

Sleeve (from shoulder seam to end of cuff knit) = 28+

Sleeve Length (measurement from center of neck to end of cuff knit) = 38

Back (from neck seam to bottom of waist knit) = 25

Waist (cloth meets the knit) = 44

( pair of #6028 Issue knits included )


AA. B-15D (MOD), USAF Logo 50% condition, 2-3 minor repairs on waist knit, others knits ok, a few very minor stains, Jacket has minor wear, EC+

Chest = 54

Shoulders = 20

Sleeve (from shoulder seam to end of cuff knit) = 28+

Sleeve Length (measurement from center of neck to end of cuff knit) = 38

Back (from neck seam to bottom of waist knit) = 25

Waist (cloth meets the knit) = 42


5876 USAAF Type B-3 Leather Flyer’s JACKET

Fleece Lined Brown Leather Jacket for HIGH ALTITUDE Flying.

(see Doughboy to GI, page 91)

(none in stock)

5880 USAAF Type D-1 Leather JACKET (Fleece Lined)

"Mechanic's" Brown Leather Jacket, 2 Lower Pockets with Zipper-Closures, Buckle Throat-Closure (see "MA-1" Book by Wold Photo Press, page 112)

A. Medium, label reads, in part, “43-13608A” (1943 is the date of the drawing or the contract?), by WERBER Sportswear, named on the inside,

All Original, Left Pocket Zipper Broken (other zippers work fine),

3 x short rips in the Leather (1/2” vee-shaped, 5/8” tear, & 7/8” vee-shaped),

5” dirty spot on the inside fleece, throat buckle is rusty (still functional),

White Stencil on Left SSI "U.S. AIR FORCE", Overall GC


5890 USAAF Olive Drab/Green Cotton Flyer’s VEST

WWII ERA OD/OG Cotton Shell with Dark Brown Pile Lining, Zipper Front, most Vests do not have any Labels or Markings. (Similar to the Leather Vest)

G. 40 (Small), New (Has a Size Label - Unusual)


M. Small (Maybe a Size 41), very minor stains, EC+


P. Size 10 (Woman's Vest - UnCommon Find), NWSM



4-Pocket Wool Shirt for Cold Weather

B. Medium, Sage Green, MIL-S-6282B, Issued during the 1950-60's,

USAF Insignia on Right Breast, Cutter's Tag, Mint


Jackets with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!

I try to “air-out” the jackets before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain-----be prepared to hang the jacket someplace where you don’t get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!

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