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described by how they look; NOT how they function!

5020 Oxygen MASKs

see Flight Gear Page:

AA.. MBU-3/P, Large, dated 1958 (improved version of the MS 22001), As-New
(with: Audio Cord, White elastic headstrap and the Mask-to-Regulator Type MC-3 Connector)

Marked sold on the site?


AC. MBU-5/P, Regular Wide, dated 1967, As-New


AD. MBU-5/P, Long Narrow, MIL-M-27274 (USAF)PT NO. 450-07 GE, FSN 1660-794-0858, EC+
( with: green plastic “Hardshell ASSY Long Nar” protector encasing mask, microphone and both cords, & “J-bayonet” assembly )


5022 Oxygen Mask Parts

see Flight Gear Page:

C. CRU-60/P, Connector from Oxygen Mask hose to Regulator, dated 1972,

by Sierra, MIL-C-38271 (USAF), EC

Marked sold on the site?

D. CRU-60/P, Connector from Oxygen Mask hose to Regulator, dated 1969,

by Sierra, MIL-C-38271 (USAF), FSN 1660-07.-9662, Used


E. CRU-8/P, Mask to Regulator, MIL-C-26522A (USAF), Used


AA. Accordian-style green rubber hose that runs from the Mask down to the connector that goes to the CRU-60/P, concentric circles have “61” embossed in the inner circle (for the year of 1961?), been used but very pliable, EC


5026 Older Leather Helmets (Civilian & Military)

C. cheesecloth hang label reads “SMALL”, Brown Leather, 2 x Leather loops on the back (with glove-snaps made by “UNITED Carr”) to hold the goggle strap,

one label has been neatly removed, made of very-supple high-quality leather, EC

(leather reminds me of English made dress glove leather = extremely high quality)
see picture on Flight Gear page:


5030 WWII Era Type A-9 Summer Flying HELMET

OD Cloth Helmet (see Sweeting's Combat Flying Clothing Book, page 74)

A. Small, Unissued, EC


B. Large, Unissued, GC


C. Large, Unissued, EC


5033 WWII Era USN BUAERO M-450-1 Khaki Cloth Flying Helmet

Naval Air Forces “Aviator’s Summer Helmet”, model M-450-1

leather chin-cup with adjustment on both sides

3 x Loops on back holds Goggle strap (2 x outer loops are narrower than #5034B)


by H.L.B. CORP. N.Y., Contract Nxs. 1020, New

( from same Pilot as #5034B )
picture on Flight Gear page: - 5033a___spec__no__m_450_1_buaero_


5034 WWII Era USN NAF 1092S Khaki Cloth Flying Helmet

Naval Air Forces Summer Flying Helmet, model 1092S

leather chin-cup with adjustment on both sides

3 x Loops on back holds Goggle strap (2 x outer loops are wider than #5033A)

B. size 7 3/8, contract number NXs-9677, by Slote & Klein, New
( from same Pilot as #5033A )
see picture on Flight Gear page:


5035 WWII Era USN NAF 1092 Brown Leather Flying Helmet

Naval Air Forces chamois skin lined Helmet, leather chin-cup with adjustment on both sides, 3 x Loops on back to hold the Goggle strap, with a short leather visor.
Some NAF 1092 Leather Helmets were used to train Marine Parachute Troops

D. size 7 ¼, contract number 1008, by B-G. INC., "USN" on back,

looks New, or Near-New, with Storage Marks

see picture on Flight Gear page:


5036 WWII Era USN NAF 1092W Brown Leather Winter Flying Helmet

Naval Air Forces Helmet with Fleece Lining for cold weather flying,

leather chin-cup with adjustment on both sides, 3 x Loops on back to hold the Goggle strap, with a short leather visor.

C. size 7 3/8, contract number NXs-9677, by Slote & Klein, small black “U.S.N.” stencilled on back, verdigris on the nickle-silver looking hardware (probably could be polished..if you are into that), looks in New or Near-New Condition
see picture on Flight Gear page:


5038 USN NAF Green Nylon Summer Flying HELMET w/EarPhones

NAVAL "Forest" Green with Green Leather Straps & Velvet Chin/Throat pad

B. size Small, label reads: "Contract No. N288s-26302" "SLOTE & KLEIN, INC.", earphone Plug reads: "NAF 215285-2", Earphone reads: ANB-H-1 A",

very-minor wear, maybe never issued, EC+

(This Contract Number may be circa 1944-45??)

(I don't know the correct nomenclature so I won't guess)

see on Flight Gear page:


5039 NAF "Khaki" Cloth Summer Flying HELMET with EarPhones

NAVAL Tan cloth with Tan Leather Goggle Straps & Velvet Chin/Throat pad

C. size Large, "Parts Helmet", see web site for picture and details
see on Flight Gear page:


5044 Older Hard: Flyer’s, Para-Rescue, & etc. HELMETs (miscellaneous)

Includes Painted visor covers, Parts, and etc.

B. HGU-2/P, size Large, dated June 1960, MIL-H-26671 (USAF),

by Consolidated Company, B-57 silhouettes on helmet ( denotes Callsigns: “Yellow Bird” & “Green Bird” ), left earphone pad has mainly disentegrated, leather shock-pads missing (they were mounted on tan-VELCRO and someone removed them), earphone pigtail, single-Green Visor works,

overall a well-used authentic piece of gear, GC
( minor history available to buyer...when used in Combat, Squadron, and etc. )
see pictures on this link:

-19- inquire

D. P-4B, size Large, dated April 30, 1959, MIL-H-7328G (USAF),

by Consolidated Controls Company, Kiwi and Kangaroo silhouettes painted on helmet, a few scratches on green Visor, right-side of chin strap missing,

average condition for it’s age, GC+

( minor history available to buyer...when used in Combat, Squadron, and etc. )

see pictures on this link:


G. HGU-16A/P, size 13C, USAF Para-Rescue Jumper’s Helmet with mike & earphones, fully lined, label from “CAL-MIL Plastic Products” of Carlsbad, California, mike dated November 1977(drawing date may be 1958(?)),

maker’s label has the wearer’s name on it, decal on front reads: “FLITE SOUND”,

average amount of wear and scratches, mike-housing repaired(ask for picfile), GC
( I have never seen a size “13C” USAF helmet = approximate size is “small” )
see pictures on this link:


K. Single Visor White USAF with MS-22001 Oxygen Mask,

I believe it is from the late-1950s into the 1960s (found with Brown Leather Flyer’s Gloves), no label on helmet, oxygen mask is a size Medium, GC+

see on this link:


last letter used was M.

5046 Hard: Flyer’s HELMETs (miscellaneous)

Helmets that I can’t read the label (might have the “custom Black liner” or etc.)

A. Black “custom” lining, small to medium size (a 7 ¼ hat size can get it on=then you get new-ears), Double Visor(Green and Clear), covered in Camouflage tape, green MBU-5/P Oxygen Mask (near-new condition), overall in Good Condition and a Great Looking Helmet, Used


5048 SPH-5 Flyer's HELMET

Used by Army Helicopter Pilot's and probably others

G. OG with One Clear Visor, Mike dated 1968, GC


5050 HGU-39/P Flyer's HELMET

A. White, Size Regular, Dated 1977, No Visor was ever installed, EC


5058 HGU-55 Flyer’s Helmet

( None in stock )

5080 Lens (Visors) for Flight Helmets

A. Green Lens, Dated 1978, New-in-the-Box! (6 in Stock)
Box marked: "IRM8475-00-118-6131LX LENS ASS'Y VISOR

P/N 32C1429-3G NOO 383-78-C-0044 A 10/78 GENTEX CORPORATION"

Green Lens wrapped in paper and inside a white cloth bag has a sticker that reads:

"97427 U. S. GOV'T P/N 32C1429-3G GENTEX P/N 74C2890 8G12 GENTX CORPORATION".

(Metal swivel-arm grommet-mounted to left-side of lens)

(I don't know what these fit but I have been told they are

for a Fighter Pilot's Helmet that has 2 x Lens(?))


B. Clear Lens, Dated 1970, New-inBox!
Box Marked: "NSN .415-.33-9282 Visor, Flying, Helmet Polycarbonate Clear DSA100-68-C-2246 Level A 5/70"


5086 Flight Helmet EarPhone CUSHION Assembly

3” x 3 7/8” gray foam rubber cushion (ONE per package) that goes inside the hard plastic Earcup. I have been told this is a Universal replacement for most U. S. Military Flyer’s Helmet(?).

B. dated 1995, label reads: “1RM 8475-00-122-6660 LX” “97427/67A1817” “N00383-92-G-K500-7046”, One Cushion per Sealed Package, New

(Limited quantity)

( See picture )


5088 Flight Helmet EARCUP

Item #5086B is placed inside this Earcup along with the Earphone.

I think these are common to many U. S. Military Flying Helmets

B. dated 1980, label reads: “8415-01-017-5707 EARCUP LEFT P/N 8-2-511 DLA100-80-C-2421 GENTEX CORPORATION”, these are for the LEFT side.

New-in-the-Government-Plastic-Package (quantity)

( See picture on: )


5098 U.S.N. Carrier Flight Operations GEAR

A. SPHPG1, Dated 1968, Green Plastic Helmet with Aural Protection Ear Muffs (ear muffs dated 1970) (N00383-70-C-0806), EC


5100 - 5179 Ground Forces Parkas, Trousers, & MacKinaws

(Also see: 575x & 73xx Sections)

5104 WWII Reversible Ski PARKA with Fur Trim Hood

2nd Pattern dated 14 July, 1942, OD/Tan reverses to White with a Handwarmer Pocket in the front, button neck-closure, buttoned pocket-flaps, and adjustable cuffs with buttons and tabs. (see Doughboy to GI, page 144)

C. Large, dated November 1942, very-clean on OD/Tan side, minor soiling on the White side, minor wear, name and his hometown on small tape on the inside, EC


D. no size label(only the “Union Label”), Aproximate size is a Large (chest = 52”, sleeves = 37”+, shoulder seam to seam = 23.5”, shoulder seam to end of cuff = 25”, neck seam to hem = 36”), a ¼” snag in back near waist-line, abrasions and very small abrasion-holes on back near hem (see pics), Average: stains, wear, etc., someone has put a “slide-lock” on the hem-drawcords(see it in pictures – it can be removed with no damage), Used


F. Medium, dated September 14, 1942, label reads: “Foster Bros. Sportswear Co., Inc., CONT. W-669-qm-21091 Stock No. 55-P-4906, Q.M.C. Tent. Spec. P.Q.D. No. 201, Dated 7/14/42 Phila. Q. M. Deport”, minor staining on the OD side, more staining on White side(normal) (see pictures), missing part of a sleeve button(still functional), minor wear, overall in Excellent Condition, Used

Chest = 50”

Shoulder seam to seam = 25”

Sleeve = 35 ½”
See on Clothing page


5105 WWII M-1943 Reversible Parka Type OVERCOAT (optional Liner)

Developed in 1943 to replace the M41 Parka. Cold climate Coat with OD and White Snow Camouflage sides. Zipper front with Windflap and 6-buttons. Fixed Hood has 3-buttons at the throat, draw-cord, and 4 x glove-snaps at the back to gather the hood. 3 x glove-snaps at the bottom in front and one snap at the back which can be drawn between the legs and snapped to the front glove-snaps for added warmth. 2-position cuff take-up tab which can be used on both sides of the parka. 2 large front pocket patch pockets with flaps with 2 slash handwarmer pockets above. Narrow webbing belt similar to the M-1 steel pot chin strap with similar hardware closure.

A removable (white or brown) Liner can be used with this parka.
See Doughboy to GI book, pages 141-142 by Kenneth Lewis

Also shown in Henri-Paul Enjames’s GI Collector’s Guide book, page 47

Per Enjames’ book the Stock No. is “55-O-3132-36/55-O-3132-46”

B. (Shell ONLY), approximate Large size (see measurements below), Neck cheesecloth hang label washed out from being overdyed(the hang label, hood drawcord, and webbing on belt are a “brown/black” Shade which can be normal after an overdye), left sleeve has a 1” rip on the upper-front and a few black stains(see pics) (black stains may clean up?), 4-5 small buttons on cuffs are cracked but all are still functional(the compactor at the rag-mill is hell on buttons/zippers), all snaps work (some have minor corrosion which can be cleaned or bees-waxed), minor black stains on the back near the hem, very minor wear, overall in excellent color and condition, Used

Parka’s White side has been overdyed Green(one veteran said their Parkas had been overdyed to all-green as the White side (when open in front or the neck) was too easy to spot(?).

This is only the 2nd M43 Parka I have seen in 20 years...I found it in a rag-mill in the 1990s.

Chest = 52+

Waist = 48+

Shoulder seam-to-seam = 23+

Sleeve = 37 3/4

Back (neck seam down to hem) = 44 ½


5106 M-1938 Mackinaw Coat ("Jeep Coat") and Parts

Hip-Length (3/4 Length), Heavy Khaki Cotton Duck Outer Material with a Blanket Lining and Collar. Double-Breasted with a Belt and 2 Lower Front Pockets. This coat came in many shades and colors. Replaced by the M-1942 Mackinaw which did not have a Blanket Collar and the Outer Material was Cotton Poplin. (see Doughboy to GI, pages 136/137 and WWII GI, page 91)

AA. Parts: Belt and Buckle, up to 54" in Length, GC


AB. Parts: Belt and Buckle, up to 40" in Length, EC


AC. Parts: Buckle (still has 65% of Black Finish), EC


AF. Parts: Large Brown Button


AG. Parts: Small Brown Button


5107 M-1942 Mackinaw Coat ("Jeep Coat") and Parts

Similar to #5106 but the Outer Material is Khaki Cotton Poplin

and the Collar is not Faced with Blanket Wool. (same Reference)

AA. Buckle, 90% of Black Finish Left, GC+


AB. Belt and Buckle, up to 42" in Length, GC


AC. BUCKLE, no finish left=just a brass buckle that needs to be polished, GC


5108 M-1943 Mackinaw Coat ("Jeep Coat") and Parts

Similar to #5107 except: Outer Material is Khaki or Olive Drab Cotton Poplin, Notched Collar, and No Belt. Front can be buttoned from the right or left (see picture). TwoPattern Dated April 19, 1943. PQD Spec No. 252A.

see Doughboy to GI, pages 136/137 and WWII GI, page 91

C. Olive Drab, Size 38 Stock No. 55-C-33120, P.O. No. 15312 Dated February 26, 1945, Spec. P.Q.D. No. 252A dated April 19, 1943, Phila. Q.M. Depot, made by Jules L. Simon & CO., (Label is in New Condition), worn once(?), Very Minor storage Marks, Coat is Near-New!


Chest = 44+

Shoulder seam to seam = 19

Sleeve = 36+

Back = 35
See on Clothing page


AA. Set of Dark Brown Buttons, EC+

(Set = 6 x Small and 8 x Large from a Khaki M-1943 Coat)

(these DARK BROWN Buttons would be ok for: M-38 or M-42 Coats)


5109 OD M-1941 U.S. Army PARKA/OVERCOAT ( Knee Length )

1st Pattern designed for WWII with Fixed-Liner and a Center-Zippered Hood


( see Doughboy to GI book, page 141 )

B. Size 44 (Large), dated January 12, 1942,

by Monarch MFG. COMPANY, Milwaukee

Pocket Label reads:

CONT. W669-QM-14902

Specification.-P. Q. D. No. 65A

Stock No. 55-P-3608 (original last-4 blacked-out and “3608” written in by hand)

Philadelphia Q.M. Depot

U. S. Army

Fixed Brown Alpaca Lining to Include Hood, hood has a drawstring,

OD Blanket Wool sleeve lining with OD wool wrist knits,

Zippered hood snaps-back so as not to block the wearer visor,

2 x button closure on throat flap,

2 x Hand-warmer pockets and 2 x Cargo Pocket without buttons on flaps,

Worn once or twice(?), minor storage marks,

8-9(?) small red paint stains (see picture), EC+

( Extremely RARE to find in this Condition and Size! )


5110 OD Shade 7 Pullover Field Parka, non-Reversible ( Knee Length )


Drawchords at: Neck, Waist, and Bottom

Adjustment Buttons at Neck and Wrists

Back of HOOD has snaps to adjust the fit over the Head

Body designed wide so you can withdraw your arms from the sleeves and hold then against your body for warmth.

Two large angle-slash pockets on the chest secured with Buttons
Full sleeve Pile Liner with Fur Trimmed Hood, does not attach to the shell.

F. SHELL ONLY, size Large, No data label--just a size label, Bottom drawchord missing, I don’t think it was ever worn=just storage marks, NWSM

Chest =58”

Shoulder seam to seam = 24”

Sleeve = 38”
See on Clothing page

5111 WWII OD U.S. Army Parka Type OVERCOAT ( Pile Liner )

WWII Era (January 1945) Parka style Overcoat with Belted waist and fixed Hood
( very similar to the Belted M-1947 Parka (#5115) )
Pocket Label reads: “Parka Type Overcoats with Pile Liner”
Spec. P. D. Q. No. 392, Outer Shell with a FIXED Pile-Lined Hood,

made of Windproof material, 2 x Hand-warmer pockets and 2 x large Cargo Pockets, HOODLESS Snap-in Gray Pile Liner with wool wrist knits, Pockets are UnLined, Web Belt with a standard GI, open-faced, Brass Buckle inserted through Belt Loops

To see similar belted Parka Overcoats check out this Book:

---or, Stanton's Korean War Book, pages 51/52

Coats shown in his book are not the WWII Belted Coats, just similar.
I have never seen this WWII Coat referenced in any book...Must be Rare!

B. Small, dated January 26, 1945, I don’t think it was ever worn!

Label reads: Stock No. 55-O-3139-35, H. P. SHAPIRO & CO., Inc.,

P. O. No. 11837, Spec. P. Q. D. No. 392, Phila. Q. M. Depot,

3 x Tailor’s Cutters Tags still stapled to inside of sleeves,

Parka Neck size label is loose on 2 sides (came from the factory that way)

Belt was missing when I got it from the Rag-Mill = comes with a "USED" belt,

A Near-Perfect Example of a RARE Parka from WWII, NWSM
( I removed the liner to inspect the inside; I waxed the glove snaps; I don’t believe the liner had ever been removed )
(Very Rare Condition)

see pics on this link:

Marked sold on site



5115 M-1947 Post-WWII PARKA Type OVERCOAT ( knee length w/Belt )

Issued to the Army and USAF in 2-3 variations with at least two 2 SPEC & Stock numbers.

Example of a pocket hang-Label:

Parka Type with Pile Liner OVERCOAT


Air Force Stock # 8310-641200-121

Trenton Sptswr., Inc.

Dated 30 June 1951


Spec. MIL-O-1952

N.Y. Q.M. P.A.

Pat. Date 21 July, 1947

Part of another hang-label:

Pattern Dated 21 July, 1947, Spec # 6-381 with AF Stock # 8310-641200-122

Spec. No. 392 with Stock # 55-O-.132-35

OG Cotton Outer Shell with Attached Hood with a White or Brown snap-in Liner.

2 x hand-warmer pockets with hidden button closures

2 x Large Cargo pockets with exposed button closures

Khaki Web Waist Belt passed through cotton loops

(see Stanton's KW Bk, pg 53 (upper Pic) and page 62 (right column

( see #5116 for Parts )

G. Small, dated June 30, 1951, worn maybe 3-4 times(?), small light-color stains(see pics) I scraped off some with my thumbnail-might be muddy water(?), all snaps, Zipper, and buttons work perfect, most snaps have their full black surface(not worn or scratched-off), Buttons are shiny, Belt buckle’s black finish 85% intact, exposed side of liner shows dust stains(probably where it was stored for 50 years(?)), probably the best condition M-47 I have ever seen, EC+


Chest (measured on outside) = 48” (allow for the very Thick liner)

Shoulder seam to seam = 19 ½”

Sleeve = 37”

Back = 39 ½”

See on Clothing page


5116 PARTS for the M-1947 OG Knee-Length PARKA/OVERCOAT

Parts for #5115 Post-WWII PARKA Type OVERCOAT

Outer Shells do not come with Belts
see pictures on Clothing page:

and scroll down

C. Medium ( chest = 50” ), white Pile LINER, wool knits perfect,

very clean condition, near-new, EC+


F. Medium ( chest = 49” ), white Pile LINER, wool knits perfect,

male glove-snaps in the front are doubled-up (see Picture), wear-holes on the rolled-over edges along front and bottom(see sample picture), normal soiling, Used


Chest = 49+

Sleeves = 35+

Back = 38.5

Shoulder seam to seam = 19.5

Sleeve to end of knit = 26+


H. Medium ( chest = 50” ), white Pile LINER, wool knits perfect,

very clean condition, minor wear, EC+


BB. Small ( chest = 50” ), OUTERSHELL, EC


BH. Medium ( chest = 53” ), OUTERSHELL, EC


BK. Medium ( chest = 53” ), OUTERSHELL,

spec no. 6-381, pattern dated July 21, 1947,

2” x 3” torn area on hem, needs to be cleaned,

not much wear, Excellent color, GC+

( you can fix the torn area with a typical Army style Field repair,

....use a backing cloth and then sew it, repeatedly )


BL. Small ( chest = 50” ), OUTERSHELL, stains on lower back (see pic), EC


CF. OD Web BELT with cast Buckle, 90% black still on hardware,

minor usage, EC+

( closed belt will fit up to 40” waist (total length of the webbing = 43 ½” )


CG. OG Web BELT with stamped Buckle, 75% black still on hardware,

minor usage, EC+

( closed belt will fit up to 39” waist (total length of the webbing = 41 7/8” )


5124 XM-1948 Olive Green Parka with Fibreglass Liner

Experimental Model of the “Fishtail” Parka with Attached Fur Ruff Hood.

Label on Liner Reads: “Parka, Outer, W/Fiberglass Liner, EX-48-1”.

Button-in Liner made of shiny (Rayon/Nylon(?)) quilted material, White to Oliver Green colors (OG side worn next to your body), “caped” over the sleeves and shoulders (caped = double-thickness) with a Blanket-Wool attached Hood.

OG outershell very similar to the M-1951 with a reddish Fur Ruff.

Identical hanging size labels sewn-in the hoods of the Liner and Shell.

A. S/S, ------see description on the Web Site

No value placed on the Shell – Value is in the Ultra-Rare Liner



5126 M-1948 OG PARKA (Complete and Parts)

1ST Model of the "Fishtail" Parka with Attached Fur Ruff Hood.

Pattern Dated 24 December, 1948
( Very Rare )
( some shells will have cigarette pockets on the left-sleeve )

C. Medium Parka-Shell (no liner), dated 3 Oct 1950,

stock number 55-P-4980-20, MIL-P-10402(MMC) N.Y.Q.M.,

wrist adjustment straps have no elasticity remaining (common in old parkas),

pocket label is loose on one side--no damage to label,

4 x minor field repairs(ask for pictures), GC+

see pictures on Clothing page:


F. size Small, Shell only (no liner),

No date on Label, stock number 55-P-4980-30, Phila. QM DEPOT SPEC. NO. Proposed US Army SPEC. 6-468,

size hang-label has been removed, wrist adjustment straps have no elasticity remaining (common in old parkas), pocket label is loose on one side--no damage to label, a near-matching cigarette/pencil pocket with Conmar Zipper has been added to the upper-left sleeve (Army Modification),

Last-4 inside, 2 snags(no holes), minor stains, Excellent Color, EC

see pictures on Clothing page:


H. size Small, Complete Parka with Liner, SPEC. 6-468,

liner and Shell both have the small hang-labels for size,

Parka has 2 x data labels sewn to the hang-pocket(common),

Liner has a large chest pocket for papers or personnel items(uncommon),

this pocket also has the data label sewn to it,

with factory cigarette/pencil pocket on upper-left sleeve,

wrist adjustment straps have no elasticity remaining (common in old parkas),

½” rust stain on right lower sleeve, small snag on liner, Good Color, EC

see pictures on Clothing page:


K. Large, Parka SHELL (NO Liner), dated January 18, 1951, stock number 55-P-4980-10, spec number MIL-P-10402(QMC) N.Y.Q.M. P. A., contract number “Q.M. 9749-OI-10455”, wrist adjustment straps have no elasticity remaining (common in old parkas), very-small white paint spot on right front near hood(see picture), brownish stains on underside of sleeves, dark stain on backside of right shoulder seam(see picture), tiny snag by cigarette pocket(see picture), small brownish stains, NEVER WASHED, worn 2-3 times, I waxed the glove-snaps and zippers and everything works fine, Fur-Ruff is as-New, this is the cleanest M-48 Shell I have ever seen, Below average stains, overall condition is 85%, Used

Chest = 64”

Shoulder seam-to-seam = 21”+

Shoulder seam to end of cuff = 26”

Sleeve = 36”

Back to bottom of Fishtail = 41”


5128 M-1951 OG PARKA with Attached HOOD (Complete)

OG Cotton Fishtail Parka SHELL with Attached HOOD and Button-In LINER,

Pattern Dated 12 March, 1951. (see Stanton's Korean War Book, pages 50 - 59)

(see Items: 5130, 5132, and 5133 for Parts to Build a Parka)

(For a Detachable Hood see: #5137 - 5144)

G. Medium, Dated 12 March, 1951, Average: stains, snags, wear, small repair, Good Color, EC
See Clothing page for pictures



K. Medium, Shell dated January 15, 1952 & Liner dated December 29, 1951

Shell: small paint stains (see pictures), Excellent Color = GC+ to EC

Liner: Excellent Color = EC+ Overall in EC


5130 M51 OG-107 Parka SHELL with Attached HOOD ( No Liner )

Fishtail Parka Shell with the Attached Hood

(No Liner….see #5132 for Liner)
Pattern Dated 12 March, 1951
(Same Pattern as #5128, But No Liner)

E. XL, Dated 1952, has the Yellow-on-Black Army Tape sewn on, New

Rare: size, condition, and date ( Label and Army Tape Picfiles available, ask )


J. Small, Excellent Color, wrist elastic still good(very unusual for a 55+ year old item), small repairs, stains, GC+


T. Large, Dated 16 June 1953, Never Washed, minor: wear and stains, Near-New


AA. Large, Dated JAN. 15, 1952, grease stains from working on a car, never washed, needs to be cleaned (I DO NOT KNOW if Dry-Cleaning will remove all the stains), small abrasion on back, Excellent Color, GC+

See on clothing page


AD. Small, Dated 1963, no elasticity left in wrist adjusters, right sleeve button broken(still functional), very-small tear where the Army Tape was removed, small abrasion at bottom of zipper (almost hidden when the flap is closed), small snags, white paint stains (someone leaned-against some wet paint), GC


AL. Medium, Dated June 1953, Last-4 on inside has bled-through to back,

no elasticity left in cuff adjusters, minor shadows on left-chest (probably an Army Tape and 2 patches removed), small field-repair on underside of sleeve, 2-3 small snags, Good Color, Below Average: Stains and etc., GC+


AP. Medium, Dated 12 March, 1951, New


AU. Medium, date faded, EC


AX. Medium, dated May 21, 1951, heavyweight cloth, made by Popular MFG CO, INC, stamped: “21 MAY 1951 QM-16192 SPEC. MIL-P-11013 (QMC) PATTERN DATE 12 MARCH 1951”, Near-New Color, Never Washed, minor wear, one dark stain near left-pocket flap (see pictures), no elasticity left in wrist adjuster straps(normal),subdued Tapes (if Tapes removed...should not have heavy shadows), EC+

see picture on:


AZ. Medium, dated 5 November 1952, cloth neck-loop hanger has started to fray, fraying on the edge of the front flap (see picture), both shoulder seams have started to come-loose(need to be opened and resewn(damn cheap-charlie manufacturer cheated the tax-payer), elastic wrist adjusters have some elasticity left (unusual), all snaps/buttons/zipper/cords still present and functional, GC+


BA. Medium (chest = 52”, sleeves = 39”, back = 41”), dated January 15, 1952, 1 male-snap on the fish-tail was not installed at the factory, NWSM
See picture on Clothing page


BB. Medium (neck hang label reads “M”), “MIL-P-11013-A (QMC)”, Buttons, Elastic, Zipper, and snaps ok (I waxed the snaps and zipper), 2 x Name Tapes have been neatly removed from the left breast, one 1/32” hole on lower-right front at bottom of zipper (see picture of it and worst stain in same area), Minor wear, maybe washed twice(?), Excellent Color, Used

Chest = 54+

Shoulder seam to seam = 23+

Sleeve = 35+

Back = 40+


BC. Medium (stamped in hood), dated January 1, 1952, made by “Progressive C & A MFG. CO., QM 23424 OI 8567 1-14-52 SPEC. NO. MIL-P-11013 QMC PATT. DATE MARCH 12, 1952 N. Y. Q. M. P. A.”, Instruction and Care label stamped in hood, Buttons, Elastic, Zipper, and snaps ok (I waxed the snaps and zipper), old Name Tape has been neatly removed from the left breast, Below Average: wear, abrasions, snags, stains, and etc., Excellent Color, Used

Chest = 56

Shoulder seam to seam = 23 1/2

Sleeve = 36+

Back = 42


BD. Small (see measurements below), Instruction and Care label stamped in hood, Buttons, Elastic, Zipper, and snaps ok (I waxed the snaps and zipper), field repair on an hood seam (the maker short changed the taxpayer by not rolling-under enough material for the seam to have held-see pic), Below Average: wear, abrasions, snags, stains, and etc., Excellent Color, Used

Chest = 48

Shoulder seam to seam = 24

Sleeve = 36 1/2+

Back = 41


5131 M-1951 OG-107 Parka
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