Psychology The Endocrine System (pg. 170) Name

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Psychology The Endocrine System (pg.170) Name

  1. What is the endocrine system?

  2. What does the endocrine system do?

  3. What are hormones?

  4. What is the pituitary gland?

  5. Where is the pituitary gland located?

  6. What does the pituitary gland control?

  7. What hormone does the thyroid gland produce?

  8. What is hypothyroidism?

  9. What is hyperthyroidism?

  10. What do adrenal glands do?

  11. When do adrenal glands become more active?

  12. What are the two types of sex glands?

  13. What are the functions of the testes?

  14. What are the functions of the ovaries?

  15. What is the function of testosterone?

  16. What is the function of estrogen?

  17. What do hormones and neurotransmitters have in common?

  18. What is the difference between a hormone and a neurotransmitter?

  19. What are 3 ways the endocrine system affects behavior?

  20. How does the endocrine system differ from the nervous system?

  21. Explain what psychologists might learn about behavior by studying sex hormones.

  22. Describe a medical situation in which a psychologist would examine the thyroid gland. Describe the situation from the perspective of a patient. (Draw a cartoon strip to illustrate this scenario).

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