Province of southern africa religious calendar

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  1. FRIDAY ALL SAINTS DAY Solemnity (In some countries, this celebration is transferred to the following Sunday)

MARIST HISTORY: 1805 - Marcellin entered the minor seminary at Verrières. 1813 – Marcellin Champagnat, Jean-Claude Colin and Jean-Marie Vianney (the Curé of Ars) enter the Major Seminary in Lyons (as did three other Marists - Déclas, Janvier and Terraillon); 1820 - Marcellin accepts Jean-Baptiste Berne ‘the impossible child’ aged 9, who became Br Nilamon in 1825 and died five years later “in the odour of sanctity.”; 1824 - Marcellin is relieved of his duties in La Valla so as to devote himself full time to his Brothers; 1968 - Foundation in Paraguay


MARIST HISTORY: 1816 - Marcellin met his second recruit Jean-Baptiste Audras, later to become the doyen of the Institute; 1853 - Br Stanislaus died at the Hermitage. MORTUARY LIST: (1) Br Arthur Gobeil b.Canada 1913 -1985 ap.Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia; (2) 2000 - Br Quentin Duffy, Vicar General from 1967 to 1985.

  1. SUNDAY THIRTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (St Martin de Porres, Peru, Dominican Brother 1639) Psalms Week 3e:\mario hp 130118\libraries\pictures\1symbols-religious\candles two.jpg

MARIST HISTORY: 1937 Foundation in Uruguay.

  1. MONDAY St Charles Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan 1584

BIRTHDAY: 1964 - Vincent Chunga

  1. TUESDAY Psalms Week 3

  1. WEDNESDAY 47 Spanish Marist Brothers, martyrs 1936, beatified by Benedict XVI in 2007; also feast of All Saints of Africa

MORTUARY LIST: (1) Br Anesius Steinfels b.Germany ap.South Africa; (2) Br Martin Gerstenbacher b.France 1877-1944 ap.Belgium, South Africa.


MORTUARY LIST: Br Daniel Ramirez b.Mexico 1937-1999 ap.USA, Zambia.


MARIST HISTORY: 1837 – Fr Peter Chanel & Brother Marie Nizier arrive in Futuna, Oceania


  1. SUNDAY THIRTY-SECOND SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (St Leo the Great, Pope, doctor of the church 461) Psalms Week 4

MARIST HISTORY: 1957 – Foundation in Ecuador. MORTUARY LIST: Br Mark Marchand b.Canada 1922-1979 ap.Canada, Zimbabwe.


ANGOLA Independence Day. MORTUARY LIST: Br Philip Greener b.New Zealand 1903-1976 ap.New Zealand, South Africa

  1. TUESDAY St Josaphat, Bishop in Lithuania, martyr 1623


  1. WEDNESDAY St Juan Diego, Mexico, visionary at Guadalupe 1548

MARIST HISTORY: 1832 - Fr Colin invites Marcellin to meet Fr Chaminade, founder of the Marianists, for a possible merger – nothing came of it; 1942 - Cure of John Ranaivo through Marcellin’s intercession – it was one of the miracles recognised for the Beatification. MORTUARY LIST: Br José Pereira Cravo b.Portugal 1911-1977 ap.Portugal, Mozambique. BIRTHDAYS: 1932 - João Torcato; 1983 - Oswald Mkanda; 1982 - Asensio Njobvu


MARIST HISTORY: 1934 - The cause of Br François was introduced in Rome. MORTUARY LIST: Br Ezekiel McCauley b.Scotland 1915-1976 ap.South Africa.

  1. FRIDAY St Albert the Great, German Bishop, Doctor of the church 1280

MARIST HISTORY: 1845 - Françoise Perroton, the foundress of the Marist Missionary Sisters, left France for Oceania to work on the island of Wallis. In the same year four Brothers were also bound for Oceania; 1875 - Father Jean-Claude Colin, founder of the Marist Fathers, died at La Neylière; 1886 - Foundation in Rome. BIRTHDAYS: 1949 - Raimundo Puente Calleja; 1958 - Steven Finye

  1. SATURDAY St Margaret of Scotland, Queen 1093

BIRTHDAY: 1984 - Bwalya Ndapisha Francis

  1. SUNDAY THIRTY-THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (St Dionysius of Alexandria 265) Psalms Week 1

MARIST HISTORY: 1889 - Father Peter Chanel, Marist Father, was beatified by Pope Leo XIII; 1875 - Departure of the Brothers for New Zealand, under Br Sigismond, who died later in South Africa. MORTUARY LIST 2008 - Let us remember Br Gabriel Michel - not of our Province - but one of those responsible for our renewed view of St Marcellin. BIRTHDAY: 1968 – Boniface Chirambo


BIRTHDAY: 1990 – Felix Chabu (novice adm. 2012); 1989 – Steven Banda (novice adm. 2013)

  1. TUESDAY Pope St Gregory I, Gregory the Great 604


MARIST HISTORY: 1939 - Mrs Grondin of Waterville, Maine, USA, was cured of cancer through the intercession of Fr Champagnat. It was one of the two miracles necessary for his beatification.

  1. THURSDAY Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Gelasius, third African Pope 496

MARIST HISTORY: 1958 – Union of the Brothers of St Francis Régis with the Marist Institute. MORTUARY LIST: Br Pius Freytag b.Germany 1878-1959 ap.France, South Africa. He was the last of the family of three Freytag Marist Brothers to die in South Africa. BIRTHDAY: 1977 – Fortune Chakasara

  1. FRIDAY St Cecilia, Roman martyr, patroness of musicians 230

MORTUARY LIST: Br Valerian Flynn b.Scotland 1856-1914 ap.England, South Africa.

  1. SATURDAY St Clement, early Bishop of Rome, Apostolic Father ca.100; Saint Columban, Irish Abbot who established several monasteries in Europe 615; Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro, Mexican Priest and Martyr 1927.

  1. SUNDAY OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, KING OF THE UNIVERSE Solemnity (St Andrew Dung-Lac & companions, Viet Nam, martyrs 1839) Psalms Week 2

BIRTHDAY: 1968 – António Viana

  1. MONDAY Saint Catherine of Alexandria,
    Virgin and Martyr 305

  1. TUESDAY St Conrad

  1. WEDNESDAY St Virgil  ca.610

MORTUARY LIST: Br Robert McArthur b.Australia 1915-2009 ap.Australia, South Africa. BIRTHDAY: 1948 – Vincent George

  1. THURSDAY St Valerian

MORTUARY LIST: (1) Br Terence Jones b.USA 1918-1988 ap.USA, South Africa, Canada, Guam, Hawaii; (2) Br Aquinas Brady b.Scotland 1900-1993 ap.South Africa, Scotland. BIRTHDAY: 1986 - Mark Chikandwe


MORTUARY LIST: Br Joao Pereira Vitoria b.Portugal 1911-1977 ap.Portugal, Mozambique.


MARIST HISTORY: 1857 - Foundation of the Marist Missionary Sisters, centred around Françoise Perroton; 1871 – Foundation in Sydney Australia. 1911 - Four Brothers from Syria go to Madagascar to establish the a Marist school in Betafo

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