Protocol for group tooth-brushing method

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Protocol for group tooth-brushing method.

*Teachers have found this method speeds up the tooth-brushing and frees up more sinks for hand-washing, rather than bringing each child to sink two at a time.

  1. When the children are done eating, they clear their dishes and return to their seats. 

  2. Have the same teacher monitor brushing each day for continuity.

  3. Teacher calls them to the tooth-brushing table after it is cleaned- usually 4 to 8 children at a time. 

  4. Toothpaste cups are prepared ahead of time, and set in front of children seated at table along with their toothbrushes, and small paper cups with water for rinsing brushes.

  5. All children at the tooth-brushing table start brushing at the same time, with the timer, and teacher sings a tooth-brushing song, in addition to timer, ensuring a minimum of one minute brush time. 

  6. When they are finished they throw away the water cup and toothpaste cup and wash their hands. 

  7. Teacher responsible for supervising tooth-brushing monitors only tooth-brushing, not multi-tasking.

  8. If a child repeatedly has difficulty manipulating the toothbrush, it is ok to occasionally brush teeth for them. To do this, stand behind the child and ask the child to notice how the brush feels in his/her mouth, and then ask them to try it. Do not make a habit of brushing a child’s teeth or doing it just because a child asks you to. This process is strictly for instruction.

  9. Review the checklist to ensure all children have brushed.

*Additional protocol for toothbrush storage and replacement will follow Policy and Procedures for Dental Hygiene.

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