Proposal for New Work Item for wg 22 on Digital x-ray Object

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Proposal for New Work Item for WG 22 on

Digital X-Ray Object

Submitted by Allan G. FARMAN and Xavier CARAYOL

On Behalf of Working Group 22

It is proposed that the DICOM Committee approve a Work Item for the development of a new supplement on a new Digital X-Ray object specification.
This new object is submitted to answer the raising need of having a DX Multi-frame IOD for the recent cone-beam computed tomography acquisition systems that have been introduced for x-ray imaging in dentistry.
Limitations of Current Standard
The current standard does not provide support Digital X-Ray multi-frame objects. Such objects are required for storing frames acquired by the most recent generation of dental radiographic acquisition systems offering cone-beam computed tomography and 3D reconstruction capabilities.
The Enhanced CT SOP class provides some additional attributes for CT systems, but lacks the information regarding 2D digital detectors commonly used in DX and cone beam CT systems.
Description of Proposal

The scope of this work item is to define a new DX Multi-frame IOD and Storage SOP Class, using the extensions and techniques added to the DICOM standard during the development of the Enhanced MR and CT object specifications.

The primary goal of this work item is to provide the DICOM community with a skeleton of such objects in order to ease the adoption of DICOM for dental cone-beam computed tomography. Such a skeleton is needed now so that the manufacturers involved can start with the same standard promoting image portability and interoperability.

It is expected that additions to the specifications will be made later, in order to fulfill the evolutions of the technology and the knowledge.
Parts of Standard Affected
It is not proposed to add new services, messaging or encoding.

Nevertheless, a new Storage SOP class will be introduced and the Dental Media Application Profile will be updated to reflect the new SOP class. This work item will affect Parts 3, 4 , 6 and 11 of the DICOM standard.

About 30 people are active in WG 22 and meet 4-5 times per year. Approximately 50 other individuals provide inputs via electronic communication. It is estimated that the work will take approximately 12 months. A first draft will be available by September 2006.
It is expected that 3 hours of WG 6 meeting time will be required to review and approve an initial draft in October 2006. Then at least 1 hour of WG 6 meeting time would be required on 3 different occasions to read and approve versions for public comment, letter ballot and final text.

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