ProLiantDL380G4 Installing Smart array 6i

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ProLiantDL380G4 - Installing Smart array 6i

Removing Smart Array 6i

The DL380 G4 ships with an integrated Smart Array 6i controller. The benefits include, low-cost, internal and or external channel, and an embedded U320 SCSI Smart Array Controller. The Smart Array 6i has a 64-bit PCI-X, 133MHz system interface, supporting up to 14 devices per channel, with up to 2 TB per logical volume. Additionally it supports:

To remove the component:

  1. Power down the server.

  2. Extend or remove the server from the rack ("Extending the Server from the Rack", "Removing the Server from the Rack").

  3. Remove the access panel.

  4. Remove the PCI riser cage.

  5. Remove the cable from the plastic retainer.

  1. Remove the Smart Array 6i cache module.

  2. Disconnect the cable.

To replace the component, reverse the removal procedure

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