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Press Release

Interview with Chris Brown, Managing Director of GC United Kingdom, since 1993

Our Success is Based on Striving to be Different and Innovative”

Mister Brown, you are managing director of the GC United Kingdom Office for 10 years now. Looking back, what was the most exciting moment for you?

The most exciting moment for me was being invited to the “Minerva Sales Meeting” (UK dealer) on the launch of GC Fuji II LC (a dual cured aesthetic glass ionomer restorative) and receiving an initial order for 200 x 5-1 kits as a result of this meeting. This product launch was the springboard to a successful beginning for GC UK and to this date GC Fuji II LC is within the top three restorative materials sold in the UK (SDM reports). The successful launch of GC Fuji II LC gave me personal pleasure and gcompany recognition from Japan as I was awarded a certificate for distinguished achievement.

Nowadays the healthcare system in the UK is changing from national to private. What is your estimation about the dentistry in the next five years?

It is my belief that dental surgeries will change gradually from surgery based, i.e. drilling and filling, to a health based operation. This will eventuate as the professional authorities have persuaded the government to change the payment structure under the NHS where the dental surgeon will be paid an hourly rate based upon a capitation/care approach to dentistry rather than item for service, which remunerates upon surgical treatments.

In which areas concerning dental clinicians and technicians do you see entrepreneurial prospects in the UK?

We will see practices changing, which will accommodate for the extended business of dentistry by utilising professionals complementary to dentistry (PCDs), i.e. therapists and hygienists, which will expand the reach of today's general practice. The entrepreneurial dentist will employ more PCDs to carry out more regular treatments of the practice allowing more time for the dentist to consult and deal with the more complex cases, i.e. implants. This also fits in very nicely with GC's philosophy of minimal intervention where new products identifying and preventing caries and disease will be introduced.

The technical entrepreneur will continue to look towards newer technologies, i.e. CAD/CAM, to gain a march on the opposition and generate work from other laboratories as well as directly from dentists. As the interest and the move towards private treatment grows within the UK, it is inevitable that we will see more dental laboratories being sold to the larger dental groups i.e. DBCs (Dental Bodies Corporate) including High Street chains, i.e. Boots the Chemist.
What are the most significant characteristics and successes of GC UK?

Our success is largely based upon the fact that we have excellent products and dedicated people and although this may seem a cliché, for our company it is very true. As far as the strategic success of GC UK is concerned, I would say that we have strived to be different and in many cases have taken the lead in new areas. We have also been successful in networking with people and organisations, which has helped to give us the coverage needed especially during the early period of growth when our numbers were low. With this in mind I would like to thank everybody who has supported GC UK over the last ten years.

And what are your wishes for the future?

To carry on in the same vein whilst managing the challenges that inevitably arise from a growing company, but from a personal point of view, to strive for a greater balance between work and family life.

Thank you very much, Mister Brown.

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