Press release earthquake in Abruzzo, Italian Red Cross Action: Camp Kitchens, Advanced Medical Posts, Dog Units, Special Relief teams and numerous volunteers

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Croce Rossa Italiana

Earthquake in Abruzzo, Italian Red Cross Action:

Camp Kitchens, Advanced Medical Posts, Dog Units, Special Relief teams and numerous volunteers
National Emergency appeal of the Italian Red Cross

The Italian Red Cross is active on national and international level to face the emergency following the earthquake in Abruzzo. The Head of the Italian Red Cross, Francesco Rocca arrived in the area in the early hours of the morning together with Guido Bertolaso, Head of the Civil Protection Department.
The national operations centre in Legnano is active as well as the It.R.C. Emergency Centres of Verona, Roma, Potenza and Palermo.
Two Advanced Medical Posts are already in L’Aquila (II° level A.M.P., teams of volunteer doctors and nurses for medical aid and assistance). A third Advanced Medical Post is arriving in Paganico. On site there are 3 teams for Psychological Support.
ItRC is evacuating the Orphanage in San Gregorio and will take care of the children.
Sixteen ambulances were immediately operational on the field with 150 volunteers, additional 20 ambulances are currently involved in the evacuation of all injured people from L’Aquila to the Hospitals in Tagliacozzo, Pescina and Avezzano
The Italian Red Cross has already sent 10,000 blankets to the areas hit so to assist all those who in the early hours of the morning had to abandon their homes.
At 13.00 a convoy of the Italian Red Cross left Rome taking a soup-kitchen able to provide 10,000 meals a day and two additional ones able to provide 200 meals a day each which will be already active this evening. Logistic teams of the Italian Red Cross and numerous Red Cross volunteers are on their way in order to distribute meals to the population.
17 Dog Rescue Teams, 3 Special Relief Teams and 3 Veterinary Teams are also ready to leave.
On international level the Italian Red Cross is in contact with the International Federation in Geneva so to coordinate humanitarian aid and the possible mobilization of international relief teams.
The number of those homeless is growing rapidly and this will imply having to provide assistance and support on a long term basis to the population hit by the earthquake.
The Italian Red Cross launches a national emergency appeal asking the population to support the great solidarity effort to alleviate the suffering of all the victims of the earthquake which has hit the region of Abruzzo. The interventions in the areas hit will address especially health aid and social assistance and the reconstruction of the social infrastructures, all fields in which the Italian Red Cross has much experience.
Donations can be made to the Italian Red Cross in the following ways:
- Bank account

Bank account n° 218020 at: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro – Agency of Roma Bissolati - Via San Nicola da Tolentino 67 – Roma

Croce Rossa Italiana Via Toscana, 12 - 00187 Roma.
IBAN code is:
IT66 - C010 0503 3820 0000 0218020

- Mail account n. 300004

Croce Rossa Italiana, via Toscana 12 - 00187 Roma

c/c postale n° 300004
IBAN code: IT24 - X076 0103 2000 0000 0300 004

- Donation on line

Donations online are also possible through the Italian Red Cross website:
For information:
International Department Italian Red Cross:

Comunications Department Italian Red Cross:

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Spokesperson for Francesco Rocca, head of the Italian Red Cross:

Tommaso Della Longa +39.320.79.79.485

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