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Press Release
DokoMotto – Original Eyewear
DokoMotto, the “Made in France” hand-made eyewear brand, has put its trust in the tesa scribos brand protection solution, which is due to be presented to the public for the first time at the SILMO trade fair in Paris from 25th to 28th September 2015.
Cannes/Heidelberg, 14th September 2015. DokoMotto is the first eyewear brand to guarantee its clients the originality of its products by using the tesa VeoMark security solution from tesa scribos. Each certificate of authenticity includes a security label with a unique code, giving each item its own identity.
According to the estimates of the Italian Association of Optical Product Manufacturers (ANFAO), counterfeiting is responsible for an annual loss of income of more than 15% for the Italian optical market. France is also affected by the phenomenon to an equally large extent: According to the National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee (CNAC), French customs intercepted 75,000 pairs of counterfeit sunglasses at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in 2015. Anxious to guarantee the authenticity of his products, the brand’s creator, eyewear craftsman Florent Grellet, recently decided to employ the tesa VeoMark technology in order to ensure his clients buy the genuine article.
Florent Grellet designs and produces these frames by hand in his workshop in a pleasant little street in Le Cannet. His brand, DokoMotto, offers eyewear with breathtaking designs and bold colours – rare masterpieces which infuse the wearers with style and transform this craftsman into a true artist. Each DokoMotto design is available as a limited edition and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
Unique codes for unique eyewear

tesa VeoMark offers premium manufacturers a whole range of advantages: tesa scribos integrates the physical security feature into every certificate of authenticity. Each article is given its own identity, so to speak, just like a passport. The security code, unique to each article, is inscribed on the security label and inseparably linked to it. The owner of the brand has the possibility to customize the label and combine overt and covert security features on up to four levels. The client can see some of these features with the naked eye whilst others can only be detected by traders and customs officials with the help of a special reader.

The item-specific security features are written into the label using a high-resolution and globally one-of-a-kind inscribing process. It is not possible to copy the features using printing or holographic procedures, thus making them impossible to forge.
Guarantee and traceability

The tesa connect & check system offers DokoMotto customers the option of verifying the authenticity of their frames quickly and easily using their smartphone, tablet or computer. Upon simply scanning the QR code or accessing the website directly, they are guided automatically through a simple, self-explanatory verification process.

DokoMotto is the first eyewear brand to offer its clients the tesa scribos security solution tesa VeoMark. Florent Grellet, manager and founder of the DokoMotto brand, said: “I am proud to be able to guarantee the authenticity of my hand-made eyewear thanks to the tesa scribos technology.” For all those interested: DokoMotto’s new anti-forgery solution is set to be presented to the public for the first time at Booth 5AG110 at the SILMO trade fair in Paris from 25th to 28th September 2015.
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About tesa scribos:

As a full subsidiary of tesa, tesa scribos GmbH is part of tesa SE, a company in the Beiersdorf Group. Since being established in 2001, the company has become synonymous with expertise in the fields of security and identification, focusing on counterfeiting protection, product tracing, document protection and anti-tampering devices. With years of experience in the conceptual design, development and implementation of customer-specific product protection measures, tesa scribos offers a comprehensive customer advisory service, practicable security concepts and effective protection technologies for manufacturers of original products such as spare car parts, electronic components and consumer electronics, wine and spirits, chemicals, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Customers of tesa scribos include leading global companies such as Bosch, Castel, Continental Aftermarket, Danfoss, Mammut, Motor Service International (MSI) and Sennheiser. tesa scribos solutions include tesa PrioSpot, tesa VeoMark, tesa connect & check, tesa CodeSeal, tesa SecuritySealing, and tesa SecurityPrint. More information on these products can be found at

About Florent Grellet, eyewear craftsman
Everything started again when he found the perfect location to establish his workshop in a pleasant little street in Le Cannet. An unimposing but idyllic place, a spot which would soon see the birth of his first creations, a little shop in which the chrysalis would soon produce a beautiful butterfly as Florent Grellet developed DokoMotto, the trademark created for his brand-new collection. It offers eyewear with breathtaking designs and bold colours – rare masterpieces which infuse the wearers with style and transform this craftsman into a true artist.

None of this is surprising of course for this man now in his forties, who learnt his trade in the birthplace of French eyewear manufacture, the Jura Mountains, and who trained in the prestigious optical college in Morez before graduating with a top design award. After many years spent in optician’s shops correcting the eyesight of thousands of customers and styling just as many faces with the colours and shapes of major brands, Florent decided to return to his first love and design what started out as a piece of equipment and over the course of the years has evolved into a true fashion accessory. Florent began with his pencils and paper, and then moved on to the machines he now uses to create the new eyewear designs by hand which are almost like jewellery.

He could have chosen to mass produce them in Taiwan, but this native of the Seine-et-Marne region of France, a grandson of farmers, is well aware of the quality of work Made in France. This is also the reason why his frames, designed in one of the most beautiful villages in all of France, are produced in the town of Oyonnax, the hub of the French plastics industry.

The DokoMotto collection is full of surprises: From Kokino and its futuristic style to designs which are reminiscent of the round glasses of our (great) grandparents, there is sure to be something for every taste. What’s more, if you don’t find exactly what you're looking for, Florent Grellet has THE solution: Bespoke eyewear. What more reason do you need to discover this collection? For further information, please visit

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