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marion weixlberger

Marion Weixlberger

PR Manager
Sirona Dental GmbH
Sirona Straße 1
5071 Wals/Salzburg
T +43 (0) 662 2450-588
F +43 (0) 662 2459-540

Nadine Friederichs

ergo Unternehmenskommunikation GmbH & Co. KG
Venloer Str. 241–245

50823 Cologne Germany

T +49 (0) 221 / 91 28 87-47


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Sirona is the global market and technology leader in the dental industry and has been a worldwide partner for dealers, dental practices, clinics, and dental laboratories for more than 130 years. Sirona develops and produces the complete range of dental equipment products, including CAD/CAM systems for computer-assisted ceramic restorations (CEREC), digital imaging systems for intraoral and panoramic x-rays, as well as volume tomography (3D), treatment centers, instruments and hygiene devices. Sirona’s largest development and production site is in Bensheim, Germany. The company has more than 3,200 employees around the world and has been listed on the NASDAQ since 2006 (symbol: SIRO).



Corporate & Persons

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Center of Innovation in Bensheim

Salzburg site

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Bensheim site

Sirona company logo

Jeffrey T. Slovin,
Chief Executive Officer

Ulrich Michel,
Chief Financial Officer

Walter Petersohn, Executive Vice President Sales

Rainer Berthan, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Bensheim site

Michael Geil, Vice President Treatment Centers and Managing Director of the Bensheim site

Dr. Jürgen Serafin, Vice President Corporate Marketing

p:\kunden\sirona 071_271\corporate publishing\sirona vision\vision1-2014\01 redaktion\26-27_menschen türk za\çağdaş bey foto.jpg

Dr. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, Private Practitioner, Turkey


INTEGO pro CS with OTP arm and whip arms

INTEGO TS with hanging hoses in the lowest possible position

Sanitization adapter for INTEGO pro

Water unit for INTEGO

Treatment in the 12 o'clock position

User interface of the assistant element

Further products from the treatment center division

TENEO, the innovation class from Sirona, offers maximum comfort for patients and practitioners

The Sirona sliding track enables optimized ergonomic working on the center.

SINIUS, the efficiency class from Sirona, with sliding track.

Together with the agency PULS Sirona has developed design worlds which correspond to a specific lifestyle. (here: Men's Cult, Dr. Allessandro Devigus)

prepCheck helps dental students to check their preparations and detect mistakes.

prepCheck is software which analyzes the preparations scanned with CEREC and displays the results in color.

Digital dentistry

CEREC AC with the intraoral camera CEREC Omnicam

Milling of a ceramic restoration

The digital impression is less error-prone than conventional impressions using an impression tray.

CEREC improves patient communication.

The online portal Sirona Connect enables the dentist to send cases to the laboratory if necessary; data transfer is so quick that an immediate exchange is possible between the dentist and dental technician.

APOLLO DI offers dentists a very cost-effective and economic start to digital impressions; the restoration is produced in the laboratory.

The inLab system for the dental laboratory: the scanner inEos X5, the inLab software including PC, the inLab MC XL milling machine and the sintering furnace inFire HTC Speed.

Imaging systems

The hybrid ORTHOPHOS XG 3D combines 2D and 3D x-rays

GALILEOS is primarily used in clinics and radiology centers.

The FaceScan integrated in GALILEOS scans the surface of the patient's face without radiation.

The digital intraoral sensor
XIOS XG Supreme.


Enhanced yet quiet performance: The new T1 Premium turbine family with three different versions, Boost, Mini head and Control.

Extends the treatment spectrum to include many pain-free alternatives for surgery, endodontics and periodontology: SIROLaser.


With the help of the SIROInspect light probe, the practitioner can easily detect during excavation where caries is still present.

The DAC Universal cleans, lubricates and sterilizes up to 6 straight and contra-angle handpieces and turbines in a fully automated process.

Please note: Not all products are available in all countries.

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