President’s Message

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President’s Message

I would like to start my message by thanking all of the Chapter members for allowing me the opportunity to be your President this year. Thank you for all of your support and kind words. It has truly been an honor to lead this Chapter. You all have done a great job helping and encouraging me.

The Committees have done a wonderful job this year. The Education committee hosted the Fall VCORN meeting, which had good attendance and our chapter did well monetarily after splitting the profits with VCORN. Diane Evans and the Ways and Means Committee did a great job with the annual Golf Tournament, even though the weather man did not give us the weather forecast we wanted. The Bylaws and Polices were updated to reflect recent changes in the National AORN Standards. The State Legislative Committee is in the process of finalizing the RN Circulator Bill with the Virginia Hospital Association. Bonnie Vencill deserves a big thank you for all of her hard work on this process.

For the second year in a row, we awarded the Richard B. Caspari Scholarship to a Virginia Commonwealth University Nursing student and this year’s winner was Claire Hahn. We have also continued to contribute to the Owens and Minor Scholarship fund through the AORN Foundation. Craig Smith, CEO of Owens and Minor, and his Board endowed the Scholarship with over $10,000 on our behalf this past January. Janet Shortt and the Research Committee conducted a survey on personal fragrance products in the OR. They compiled their results and created a poster, which was presented at Congress in San Diego. The poster received a lot of good attention and feedback at the conference.

Our monthly meetings have been at the Sports Performance and Wellness Institute on Shrader Road. The facility has been wonderful and I would like to thank Kathy Santini for making all of this possible. This location has a spacious auditorium with two large presentation screens, tables and comfortable chairs. They also have a great dining area and two labs set up as operating room suites. We hope to continue meeting here in the future. For those of you that have not seen the facility, please come to the next meeting in September.

The Board of Directors has done a wonderful job this year. I would like to thank them for all of their assistance in making this year so successful. The BOD decided that one of our goals for next year should be to get more involved in the community and we have decided that we need to start keeping track of all of these volunteer experiences. We know a lot of you are already very involved and we hope that you share your experiences with the Chapter. With assistance from the Board of Directors, planning for the 2013 annual Golf Tournament is underway. It will be held on September 17, 2013 at the Hunting Hawk Golf Club. If you or anyone you know likes to play golf, we would love to have you join us for the tournament.

Again, thank you all for this opportunity to serve and for your support this past year. I am sure that our chapter will have another successful year with our next President, June Hill.


Bonnie Garretson

President 2012-2013

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Bonnie Garretson, RN


June Hill, RN, CNOR

Vice President

Lisa Baltimore, BSN, RN, CNOR

Past President

Debbie Martin, MSN/ED, RN, CNOR


Jean Watling, BSN, RN, CNOR


Janet Wingfield, RN, CNOR

Board of Directors

Carla Beattie, RN, CNOR

Diane Evans, RN, CNOR

Jessica Guido, BS, RN, CNOR

Janet Shortt, MHSA, BS, RN, CNOR

Tamie Zobel, RN, CNOR

Nominating Committee

Faye Hughes, RN, CNOR

Joann Schroeder, RN, CNOR

Donna Winderweedle, RN, BSPA, CNOR


Jessica Guido, BS, RN, CNOR, Editor

Sue Cheatham, RN, CNOR, Webmaster

Spring 2013, Issue 3


AORN Richmond Area 4702

AORN Foundation Contribution at Congress

During Congress, delegates from AORN Richmond along with other Virginia AORN members can be seen posing for a picture with our VCORN donation check to the AORN Foundation.

The AORN Foundation is the philanthropic arm of AORN. It is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization and provides critical funding for resources and programs that support patient safety. Specifically, the Foundation supports perioperative nurses and advances surgical patient care through funding nursing scholarships, research, and educational resources.

President Elect - Janet Wingfield

Treasurer - Debbie Martin

Board of Directors - Jackie Repass and Pam Wheadon

Nominating Committee - Carla Beattie

The Election Results Are In…The Newly Elected Officers Are…

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  • June 10th

  • August 12th

  • September 9th

  • November 11th

All meetings will be at St Mary’s Hospital @ 6pm in Room 159

Board of Director Meetings for 2013

Research Committee Report

Chief Investigator: Janet Shortt, MHSA, BS, RN, CNOR

Co-Investigator: Rebekah Welch, BSN, RN, CNOR

Research Coordinator: Carla Beattie, RN, CNOR
The research committee of Association of peri-Operative Registered Nurses (AORN) Richmond Area in collaboration with the perioperative staff of Bon Secours Richmond St. Mary’s Hospital, performed an anonymous survey through Survey Monkey on potential asthma, breathing, migraine, and headache adverse effects that occur in the peri-operative area from personal fragrance products, including perfume, cologne, lotions, and deodorants. A literature search performed revealed in a 2002-2003 of 1,057 participants and 2005-2006 of 1,058 participants that 30.5% of the general population, 37.5% of asthmatics, 67.3% of chemically sensitive, and 59.0% of multiple chemical sensitivity persons found scented products on others irritating. Research conducted in 2010 revealed in a clinical setting of 200 migraine patients 46.5% reported odors as a trigger for migraine headaches, with perfume and cologne being the trigger for 31 of the 93 stated patients.
Further research was determined to be needed in this area of study. A Survey Monkey ten question survey was submitted to 150 peri-operative staff members and 200 members of AORN Richmond Area. One hundred responses were noted. Of this study were the following results:
Gender: 91% female, 9% male
Age: 2% 18-25, 11% 26-35, 17% 36-45, 32% 46-55, 35% 55- 65, 3% over 66
Occupation: 64% Bon Secours Registered Nurses, 18% non-Bon Secours Registered Nurses, 1% Bon Secours Surgical Technologists, 2% non-Bon Secours Surgical Technologists, 6% Bon Secours Surgical Assistants, 1% non-Bon Secours Surgical Assistants, 3% Surgical Care Technician, 5% other
Respondents with a history of asthma: 10%
Respondents with a history of headaches or migraines: 34%
Respondents who have experienced breathing difficulties from individual’s cologne/perfume/ aftershave: 23%
Respondents who have experienced headaches due to an individual’s cologne/perfume/ aftershave: 52%
Respondents who have experienced asthma attack due to an individual’s cologne/perfume/aftershave: 5%
Respondents who have been bothered by a colleague’s personal fragrance products: 72%
Respondents whose patients have made a comment concerning their cologne/perfume/ aftershave: 37%
This survey indicates a high percentage of the respondents experience adverse effects of asthma, breathing difficulty, headaches, and migraines with the use of personal fragrance products on healthcare workers. This study was performed in the peri-operative setting among healthcare workers who perform direct patient care; therefore what adverse effects that may occur could potentially hinder the healthcare provider to be able to give good patient care. All healthcare workers must be conscious of the adverse effects of personal fragrance products on their colleagues and their patients and should adhere to the policy of no fragrance personal products in the healthcare environment.
Carla Beattie and Janet Shortt presented this research project in a poster presentation to AORN Congress March 2013 in San Diego, California.

My name is Bonnie Vencill and I am the chair of Chapter 4702 Legislative Committee. I have given a legislative update at every chapter meeting. The membership has served as my committee members. This has been a year to continue building collaboration with the VHHA (Virginia Healthcare Hospital Association), the VNA (Virginia Nurses Association), our lobbyist James Pickral and AORN. Steve Balog, James Pickral and I have met several times with the VHHA. We are in process of finalizing a “white paper” on the issue of utilizing RN Circulators in the surgical setting. Our goal is for this to be published and shared with healthcare organizations in the state of Virginia.
I submitted information to the Governor requesting a certificate of Recognition for Perioperative Nurse Week – Nov.5-11, 2012 and this was granted. It was disseminated to the membership at the fall VCORN meeting.
I have encouraged and am mentoring Deborah Boswell to represent our national organization as our Virginia State Legislative Coordinator. She is doing an excellent job and using her skills to keep all of our VA AORN chapters in the loop concerning legislative issues. A memo has been sent electronically to encourage all of our chapter members to participate with the National Time Out Day on June12, 2013 by sending a composed message to educate our elected officials. I have sent my “shout out” to my Senators and Representatives.
At the 60th AORN Congress I was recognized in my new role as Region 2 Legislative Representative for the National Legislative Committee. I participate in the monthly NLC conference calls and state coordinators conference calls. I will assist with the 2014 AORN Congress NLC educational session. I will facilitate networking and communication for ten states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina and West Virginia. I hope to gain some new “pearls of wisdom” and encourage other nurses to get involved legislatively.
With the assistance of the NLC we submitted a public comment statement to the Department of Health Professions concerning continued competency requirement regulations. The Governor finally approved the changes. It now reads “National certifying organization” means an organization that has as one of its purposes the certification of a specialty in nursing based on an examination attesting to the knowledge of the nurse for practice in the specialty area. The finalized regulations will be published in the Virginia Register of Regulation on June 17, 2013 (Volume 29: Issue 21) and will become effective on August 1st.
I composed a document for a member requesting information on RN circulator history in Virginia. This response was forwarded to each of our Virginia AORN chapters. Our perioperative nurses will continue to work together with our health partners to provide professional and competent care to all of our patients. In the process we will advocate for best safe practices and continued legislative involvement.
Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie P. Vencill, RN, CNOR, LSO

Region 2 NLC Representative

Chapter 4702 Legislative Chair

Legislative End of Year Committee Report

Let’s Help Out

Jackie Repass would like all chapter members to save toiletries from hotels. She is collecting the items for her church, so they can make goodie bags for the homeless of CARITAS. They are also using the items for a mission trip that her church will be taking in July.

If you would like more information about CARITAS, here is the website:

If you are involved in a mission trip, volunteering, fundraising event, or anything that is helping the community our AORN chapter wants to know about it. Please send a brief summary of the event to Jessica Guido at, so I can compile a list of our chapter member’s volunteer activities.

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