Present: n barker, b abbott, m qureshi, m reinach, n pandya, t clough, & t mushtaq

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Minutes to the Branch Council Meeting – Monday 19th March 2012

Venue – County Hotel Chelmsford @ 7.15pm

Present: N Barker, B Abbott, M Qureshi, M Reinach, N Pandya, T Clough, & T Mushtaq

  1. Apologies for absence – Received from M Shackell, & S Vyas

  1. Minutes of the EGM meeting were accepted and signed.

  1. Matters arising from the last minutes:

  • Bill Abbott has approached a jeweller for badges and was quoted under £100 per badge. Badges are required for M Shackell, B Tweddell & T Mushtack & M Watson.

Action point- Bill Abbott to ask for the price for six badges.

  • NB presented the silver salver that was accepted at £400 plus VAT, with engraving to be carried out under the phase “ Presented to Michael Watson in appreciation of a lifetime of services to Essex Branch BDA”. The proposal to accept the silver salver was proposed by T Mushtaq and seconded by M Reinach.

Action point- NB to organize engraving

  1. Amendments to Branch Council Rules.

The amendments to the Branch Rules was accepted unanimously.

  1. Donations to the Benevolent Fund and Sick Dentist scheme.

The proposal for donations was accepted with the donations to be made by M Qureshi to M Reinach with immediate effect.

ACTION: MQ to effect transfer of funds.

  1. BDA segmentation exercise and request for return of funds.

After lengthy discussion the Branch decided that as it has not received any money for

between 3-4 years despite membership fees having been collected by BDA, it was decided that the BDA headquarters have saved a significant amount of money. There are no audited accounts for the years 2008-2009 onwards. M Qureshi has been given the accounts for the years 2010-2011 and several entries have been made under other payments, as it has not been possible to categorize these at present. It was decided that M Qureshi would request copies of all the cheques issued in an attempt to allocate them to relevant categories. Therefore Branch is in the process of correcting the accounts and as the last monies received were in December 2008 at £8292, a decision will be delayed until a full estimate can be made to the monies both not received for membership allocations and the annual cost of running Branch. Therefore, no fee shall be paid to BDA segmentation exercise until review at the next Branch Council meeting.

Action Point – N Barker to attempt to contact Bill Allen to ask him to approach Michael Watson to ask about the missing cheque stubs.

  1. Suggestions for Branch Events 2012

Suggestions were:

  1. Core Subjects Day, that will have one hour of Handling of Complaints by Brian Harvey, followed by two hours of Radiation Protection and two hours of Medical Emergencies both to be presented by the Dental Buying Group and then 2 hours of Cross Infection by Jason Stokes.

Action Point – N Pandya to approach the Dental Buying Group to request their presentations.

Action Point – N Barker to approach Jason Stokes to request his presentation.

Action Point – N Pandya to ask Dental Buying Group for their sponsorship for this meeting.

Potential venue is Channels Golf Club.

Action Point- T Clough to approach for potential dates of either 12th or 19th October 2012.

The proposal was made for the event to be free to BDA members and up to a maximum of two of their staff. Any additional members of staff will be charged at £25 per person and to consider a limited number of people to attend the meeting. The proposed fee for Non BDA members is £110.

  1. Modern Concepts in Dentistry to consider Inman Aligner, Botox and tooth whitening.

Action- M Qureshi to approach people identified by himself to present on Inman Aligners and Botox and Dental Directory for presentation of tooth whitening.

The potential venue is Basildon Post Graduate Centre – Date January or February 2013. Proposed fees £50 for BDA members and £150 for Non BDA members.

  1. Marketing to be presented by Fiona Stewart –Wilson.

Action- M Qureshi to contact Fiona Stewart-Wilson to ask to present.

Event to be held March 2013 with potential venue Hylands House.

Action Point – N Barker to contact for quotes.

Proposed fees £50 for BDA members and £150 for Non BDA members.

  1. Social evening to be at the Channels Golf Club.

Action Point – T Clough to approach venue

Action point- N Pandya to attempt to approach either Keith Fletcher or Eddie the Eagle to present

Prospective dates 14th September 2012 with BDA members fees being free and guests at £25 per head and Non BDA members at £50 per head.

  1. Pensions debate there was no further requirements to debate.

  2. Any Other Business – Nil

  3. Next Meeting – 21st May 2012 – Venue – County Hotel Chelmsford @ 7.30pm

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