Present: Kathleen Dwyer, President George Trepp, Library Director

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Kathleen Dwyer, President George Trepp, Library Director

Carol Arnone, Vice President Michael Simon, Assistant Director

Dr. Ira Grushack, Secretary David Baram, Attorney

Warren Vegh, Trustee Margie Bochynski, Administrative Assistant

Absent with prior notice: Trustee Alan Greenberg

President Kathleen Dwyer called the meeting to order at 8:08 P.M.

I. Minutes of April 24, 2013 were moved for approval by Trustee Arnone, second by Trustee Vegh and unanimously approved.

Minutes of May 8, 2013, Proposed 2013-14 Budget hearing were tabled since Trustee Dwyer and Trustee Arnone were not present at the May 8th meeting and Trustee Greenberg is not present at tonight’s meeting.

II. Bills and Schedules 904, 905 and 906 were moved for approval by a motion from Trustee Vegh, second by Trustee Grushack and unanimously approved.

III. Director’s Report

1. The Joint Veterans Association’s Annual Memorial Day Parade is scheduled for Monday, May 27th, with a 9:00 A.M. assembly and a 9:30 commencement. Trustee Grushack will participate in the parade, Trustees Dwyer and Trustee Vegh might attend and Trustee Arnone will not attend.

2. The Eleventh Annual Long Beach Jazz Festival is scheduled for September 20-22. The Board approved $5,500 from the Library’s budget and $1,000 from the Weisenberg grant, following a motion by Trustee Vegh and second by Trustee Grushack.
3. The Board unanimously approved the purchase of a book return for Roosevelt Boulevard and Park Avenue costing $2,146 plus shipping upon a motion by Trustee Grushack and second by Trustee Vegh. Funding was provided by Odyssey of the Mind Angels.
4. The West End Beautification Committee and Long Beach Kids, is a community art group dedicated to restoring color and life to Long Beach, in association with Project Vortex. Project Vortex is an international coalition of artists, designers and activists dedicated to interception plastic waste debris, propose Caps for Kids, to create a large scale plastic cap mosaic. The abstract mosaic would be hung in the Youth Services Department above the film and Biography sections and would be created in the Auditorium over the course of three (3) weeks, beginning in early June. There is no expense to the Library, only the use of library space. The Caps for Kids Art Project was unanimously approved upon a motion by Trustee Arnone and second by Trustee Grushack.
5. Meeting Room Requests
a. Central Block Neighborhood Association meeting room request was approved following a motion by Trustee Dwyer and second by Trustee Grushack.
b. Central Board of Block Associations is a non-profit organization which will be comprised of representatives from several block associations. The meeting room request was approved following a motion by Trustee Dwyer and second by Trustee Vegh.
c. Ocean Breeze Condominium Association meeting room request for a general meeting was approved following a motion by Trustee Dwyer and second by Trustee Grushack.
d. Latina Women’s Group, sponsored by Project Hope, the representative was not present. The request has been tabled.
6. The Quiet Study was re-furnished due to Hurricane Sandy. The room now has five individual tables with chairs, an additional five chairs nested in the corners and the flexibility to entertain small meetings. Trustee Dwyer sees the need for a small group meeting facility but not for the purpose of conducting business. Trustee Dwyer and Trustee Arnone agreed having meetings in the Quiet Study will limit use for the patrons who need to use the room as a quiet study. The Board decided to table the use of the Quiet Study, following a motion by Trustee Dwyer and second by Trustee Arnone.

IV. Staff Reports

V. Correspondence
VI. Old Business
Library Director will begin work on the Survey for the West End Community. Trustee Dwyer wants the survey distributed to everyone in the city, not just for the West End Community.

VII. New Business

1. The Board discussed a phone instrument for the West End Branch. Trustee Grushack and Trustee Vegh agreed there is no need for a phone in the West End Branch. Trustee Dwyer and Trustee Arnone would like the West End Branch to have a phone available at the branch for emergency reasons.
2. Outreach activities before and after Sandy were reported. Presently, Joan Yonish, one of the Librarian’s, has been reaching out to the home bound, before and after Hurricane Sandy. Regarding the Martin Luther King Center, the Library does not know their status or availability.
3. Trustee Dwyer suggested the West End Branch be used as a business center and to have a computer, accompanying printer, fax machine and scanner. A staff member would be needed to monitor the equipment and to answer questions for the public

concerning the equipment. Trustee Grushack expressed that this was a city or FEMA’s responsibility to have these resources for the residents who are affected. Also, the main Library is located in the center of the city, does have computers and printers for public use. Trustee Arnone believes there is a need to have a business center in the West End. Audience member suggested contacting the Department of Labor to see if they would be able to give us the equipment needed. Trustee Dwyer made a motion to further discuss the West End Business Branch and getting in touch with the Department of Labor and second from Trustee Arnone, Trustees Grushack and Vegh agreed.

4. A Trustee Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11 at 10:00 A.M. was discussed for the Trustees were duly informed.


IX. Personnel

X. Good & Welfare

XI. Date & Time of Next Meeting

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 @ 8:00 P.M. - At the Main Library.

XII. Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:27 P.M. on a motion by Trustee Dwyer and seconded by Trustee Arnone.


Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Ira Grushack, Secretary

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