Present: Atsuko Seto, Chris Wolf, Claire Lindberg, Esther Ball, Donald Leake, Jean Graham, Brenda Leake, Susan Bakewell-Sachs Welcome to new members of gpc

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Graduate Programs Council (GPC)


October 17, 2007

Present: Atsuko Seto , Chris Wolf, Claire Lindberg, Esther Ball, Donald Leake, Jean Graham, Brenda Leake, Susan Bakewell-Sachs

Welcome to new members of GPC: Atsuko welcomed new members, Donald Leake and Chris Wolf.

Approval of minutes from September 19, 2007: Minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Jean Graham to accept with minor changes. The motion was carried unanimously.

Deans Report:

  • The Student appeal process is under review. Deans Pavlovsky and Albertine are taking a look at both the Undergraduate and Graduate appeal process.

Assistant Dean Report (read by Atsuko Seto):

  • Statistics pertaining to graduate enrollment based on racial/ethnic background was distributed to the group.

  • Fall issue of the Graduate Column will feature five graduate students (one Caucasian male, three Caucasian females, and one Asian female).

  • Graduate Coordinators are encouraged to forward names of students to be featured in spring issue.


  • Brenda Leake – A room is available on the fourth floor of the Library specifically for the use of graduate students. This information should be on the Graduate studies website, in graduate news letter, as well as on the list serve for students.

Old Business:

Process for Course and Program Approval:

  • Review of course and program approval process was postponed until our next meeting.

  • Interim Provost Beth Paul is to meet with Atsuko Seto to discuss this process.

Final Exam Policy:

  • The current final exam policy was discussed in terms of it’s applicability to graduate programs. It was felt that there is a need for clarification on this policy with regard to exam scheduling for graduate courses as they are traditionally held the final week of classes.

  • A discussion was held (led by Brenda Leake) as to what constitutes a final exam. It was felt that the terms “final assessment” or “summative assessment” would be more appropriate to describe the culmination of a graduate course. It was also indicated that there was a need to develop some graduate policy regarding this assessment.

  • There was discussion regarding the need to communicate policy to the campus population, in particular, adjunct professors and our international program coordinators. The suggestion was made that standardized policies be sent to Chairs and Coordinators who would, in turn, be held responsible for disseminating information to the appropriate persons.

Grading Standards:

  • There is a concern that grading standards should be established for graduate students. During discussion, it was suggested that an effort be made to reach out to departments to find out if there is an existing standard for a grading scale, and if so, what is it. Information should be sent to Atsuko Seto. This is a matter which is up for discussion in the next meeting.

New Business:

Minority Recruitment:

  • A look was taken at the Minority recruiting. The statistics (taken from the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment) seem to indicate that there is very little change in the overall ratio of minority students to non-minority students since 1997 which ranges between 12% – 14% (not including the “not reported “ category) of the graduate student population per year.

  • It was noted that the report graphs need more clarity in connection with the related statistical data.

  • It was noted that very little information is provided regarding minority scholarships which could be one means of increasing minority enrollment. Information could be provided in the Graduate Column.

  • It was suggested that this issue could be revisited at the next meeting.

Motion was made by Brenda Leake to adjourn, and seconded by Chris Wolf.

Respectfully submitted by

Esther Ball

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