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Rollins School of Public Health


1. Special Pages: In addition to the text, your thesis needs to contain a number of special pages. Directions for formatting those pages follow. You must place these additional pages in this EXACT order:

1. Distribution Agreement

2. Approval Sheet

3. Abstract Cover Page

4. Abstract

5. Cover Page

6. Acknowledgments (optional)

7. Table of Contents (including a list of tables and figures, optional)

These pages should NOT be numbered. The body of the thesis follows immediately after the Table of Contents, and the first page of the body is page 1.

2. Signatures: A number of the special pages have space for signatures. Do NOT include signatures in the electronic copy of your thesis. Forms with signatures must be submitted to your Department ADAP.

3. Style Manual: When a program does not have specific directions, the general standard is A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations by Kate L. Turabian.
4. Footnotes: The RSPH does not have any preference in the placement of footnotes, but they must be

consistent throughout the thesis.

5. Page Numbers: Page numbers should be in the upper right hand corner. Page numbers are the only items which may fall outside the margin. Begin numbering on the first page of the BODY of the thesis. Page numbering must be consistent throughout the thesis (if you start numbering pages in the upper right hand corner you must continue numbering pages in the upper right hand corner throughout the document).

6. Margins: All materials (including text, illustrations, graphs, figures, etc.) must be within the margins (left = 1.5", all others = 1"). A thesis cannot be accepted if any of the text falls outside the margins.

7. Non-printed Sources: If your thesis refers to items other than books and journals – films, music discs, etc. – then these items should not be mixed into the bibliography, but should be listed in a separate reference section. Consult recent editions of style guides for information about how to refer to such items.

8. Spacing and Font: Double spacing is required. Acceptable font size is 11 and 12 for the text (excluding foot notes, abstracts and acknowledgements). Please choose a common font, preferably a serif font (Times, Garamond, Georgia, etc.).

Two of the special pages may be single-spaced: the Distribution Agreement and the Abstract.

9. Production of Bound Paper Copies: The library will no longer bind paper copies of theses. A list of available binding services can be found on the ETD website.


1. Generate a PDF: The electronic version of your thesis should be a PDF file.

Create the PDF version of your Thesis using the Adobe Acrobat Professional software available in ECIT, Cox Hall’s Computer Lab or in your individual programs. Do not use a non-Adobe PDF generator (i.e., freeware or shareware); the long term preservation of PDF files produced using these nonstandard products cannot be assured.

Do NOT produce the PDF file by scanning pages of printed text. This creates an “image-only” unsearchable document that the ETD system cannot process. If necessary, you may scan individual pages that contain tables or figures. If you do, make sure they are inserted at the proper place in the PDF file, and that the quality of the scanned images is good.

Your PDF file must contain the special pages (item 2 on page 5 above), without signatures.

If you need help generating a PDF file, please turn to the appropriate IT help staff.

2. Log in to ETD: To begin the electronic submission process, go to At the top of the page there is a log-in area. Log in using your Emory NetID username and password.

3. Submit Your File: Once you have logged into the ETD system, a “Submit Your Thesis” link will appear in the upper left hand corner of the page. Click on that link to proceed with the submission process. Detailed instructions on using the ETD submission software are available on the site under “Help.”

4. The ETD system will ask you to upload additional items, such as the original word-processing files, images, video or audio clips, and more. More instructions are on the ETD site.

5. My ETD: After submitting your thesis, you may continue to refer to “My ETD” to see the progress on the approval. You will receive automated e-mails informing you when your submission (1) has been received by the system; (2) has been approved by the graduate school; and (3) has been published in the repository (or embargoed for later publication).

6. Completion of your thesis submission does not indicate that you have completed all necessary steps for graduation. Confirm your graduation status with your ADAP – use OPUS to make sure you have all required credits etc., and call if you have any questions.


Send an email to

Complete the ETD help form at

The following pages contain instructions for creating the special pages mentioned earlier. Please note that (a) these pages should not be numbered, but (b) must otherwise follow the formatting instructions for the thesis or dissertation manuscript (margins, spacing, font, etc.)

Each sample page is followed by a page with comments.
Please pay close attention to the comments for each special page: they will help you avoid common errors.

Distribution Agreement
In presenting this thesis or dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for an advanced degree from Emory University, I hereby grant to Emory University and its agents the non-exclusive license to archive, make accessible, and display my thesis or dissertation in whole or in part in all forms of media, now or hereafter known, including display on the world wide web. I understand that I may select some access restrictions as part of the online submission of this thesis or dissertation. I retain all ownership rights to the copyright of the thesis or dissertation. I also retain the right to use in future works (such as articles or books) all or part of this thesis or dissertation.


_____________________________ ______________

[Student’s name typed] Date

[Title of the Thesis]
[Name of author]

[Degree to be awarded: MPH or MSPH]


_________________________________________ [Chair’s signature]

[Chair’s name, typed]

Committee Chair

_________________________________________ [Member’s signature]

[Member’s name, typed]

Committee Member

_________________________________________ [Member’s signature]

[Member’s name, typed]

Committee Member

_________________________________________ [Member’s signature]

[Member’s name, typed]

Committee Member

Degree: Your degree is either Master of Public Health or Master of Science in Public Health.

Your degree does not include a subject matter: your degree is not “Master of Public Health in Epidemiology” or “Master of Public Health in Global Health,” etc. Your degree is a level of educational attainment with no subject-matter area attached.
Department: List your department, such as Behavioral Sciences and Health Education or your interdepartmental program such as Global Environmental Health or Global Epidemiology.
Committee Chair: If your committee had co-chairs, refer to each of them as Committee Chair and list them in alphabetical order.
Committee Members: List the members in alphabetical order.
Layout: Remember that the page margin rules apply to all pages, including the special pages like this one. The layout on the previous page will accommodate multiple committee members but with committees of 5 or 6, you may use a two-column layout for the committee members.
If you have questions about any of these items, contact your ADAP.
[Title of Thesis]


[Name of author]
[Previous academic degree(s)]

[Name of university awarding the degree]

[Year degree was awarded]

Thesis Committee Chair: [name of thesis committee chair, degree]

An abstract of

A thesis submitted to the Faculty of the

Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University

in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

[Master of Public Health/Master of Science in Public Health]
in [department or program]


Previous academic degree: List your degree, the name of the university, and the year you received the degree. For example, “B.A., Yale University, 2004” or “M.Sc., University of Pennsylvania, 2003”. You can list several degrees.
Thesis Committee Chair: If your committee had co-chairs, list both, each noted as “Chair.” List them in alphabetical order.
Name of chair, degree: Ask your advisor/s how he or she or they should be listed.
Master of Public Health or Master of Science in Public Health: List the degree that applies to you.
Department or Program: Your entry here should be the same as on your approval sheet.
Year: Write the calendar year you receive your degree (not the academic year).

[Title of Thesis]

By [Name of Author]

[Text of Abstract – no more than 350 words]

Length: The Abstract may not exceed one page, formatted according to the regular page formatting instructions (margins, spacing, font). The text itself cannot exceed 350 words (not counting the title etc.) The Abstract may be single-spaced.

[Title of Thesis]


[Name of author]
[Previous academic degree(s)]

[Name of University Awarding the Degree]

[Year of the degree]

Thesis Committee Chair: [name of thesis committee chair, degree]

A thesis submitted to the Faculty of the

Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University

in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
[Master of Public Health or Master of Science in Public Health]
in [Department or Program]


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