Prepared by: Daniel Olson Date: July 1, 2016

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Report to: ASCLS House of Delegates

Report of: Health Professions Network (HPN) Representative

Submitted for: August 2016 House of Delegates Meeting

Prepared by: Daniel Olson

Date: July 1, 2016 (Since 06/22/2015)
About the Health Professions Network (HPN):
The HPN represents 80 member associations and works to promote collaboration and serve the interests of allied health professionals from 200 different health professions as well as educators, regulators, accrediting agencies, and government agencies. Since its founding in 1995, HPN has worked to advance and explore current issues relevant to health professions.
I represented ASCLS at the following Health Professions Network (HPN) Summits:

  • Fall 2014 - HPN Fall 2014 Conference, “Healthcare in Transition: The Coming Trends from a Payers Perspective,” held in Long Beach, CA, on September 9-12, 2014. Speakers and presentations included:

  • Ms. Clese Erickson, Senior Director, Center for Workforce Studies, Associations of American Medical Colleges. “Using Data to Make Decisions Regarding Workforce for Best Reimbursement Results”

  • Richard Rajaratnam, MD, Chief Integration Officer, Loma Linda University Health

“Reimbursement and Payer Considerations in this New Model”

  • Ms. Rebecca Spitzgo, Associate Administrator, Bureau of Health Workforce, HRSA “How Staffing & Workforce Issues Impact Reimbursement”

  • Phil Dalton, CEO/President, Medical Development Specialists LLC, &

Frank Bird, Vice President, Medical Development Specialists, LLC “ACO’s and Payer Considerations for Allied Health”

  • David Sayen, CMS San Francisco Regional Administrator “Testing Pay for Performance Innovations for Health Care Payment and Delivery”

  • Jennifer Miller, Assistant Professor, USC Price School of Public Policy “Economics of Healthcare & Healthcare Workforce”

  • Spring 2015 – HPN Spring 2015 Summit, “Competencies in Healthcare” which was held May 7-9, 2014, in Grand Rapids, MI. Speakers and topics included:

  • PANELISTS “Why Competencies Matter”

    • LaCheeta McPherson, Executive Dean, Health & Legal Studies & Sondra Fleming, VP, Health/Economic Development, El Centro College, Competencies Based on Education: A crosswalk of the Department of Labor with NCHSE’s National Health Science Standards”

    • Shana Welch---Director of Talent Acquisition, Mercy Health St. Marys -West Michigan Mercy Health hires based on competencies at all levels of people in touch with the patient.

    • Sarah Marino---Executive Director, MAERB (Medical Assistants) “Considering Competencies: Trajectories and Trends in Competency-Based Education”

  • Don Balasa---AAMA; and Chad Buckendall---Senior Psychometrician with Alpine Testing Solutions “Competency Development Driven by DATA”

  • Marcia Brand---Senior Advisor, DentaQuest Foundation “Competencies and their Contributions to Rural Health and New Delivery Environments”

  • PANELISTS Monica Schibig---Program Director, Respiratory Therapy, University of Missouri, Kerry Weinberg---Director of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Long Island University, & DeAnne Maxwell---NAACLS Representative. “Point-Counter-Point: New Educational Competencies Impact on Practice Standards”

  • Gail Nielsen---HPN founder, IHI Faculty, Gail A Nielsen & Associates. “Competencies Necessary for Instituting a Quality Improvement Program”

  • Rebecca Spitzgo---HRSA, “Standards and Competencies in Allied Health Policy Making”

I represented ASCLS at the HPN Collaborative Meeting, held in Atlanta, GA, on January 21-22, 2015. Health Professions Network (HPN) sponsored a meeting of leaders in healthcare. This meeting was designed to provide a forum for discussion to create an action plan for developing a comprehensive and universal model for healthcare workforce development.

I also represented ASCLS at an HPN working meeting in Dallas, TX, May 22-24, 2015, where we focused on addressing the gap analysis of the DOL Competency Model crosswalked with the National Health Science Standards. This work group completed filling in the gaps for a planned second generation DOL Competency Model. More to come.

I also represented ASCLS at the HPN Board of Directors monthly Conference Call Meetings and through the transitioning period for HPN to stand on its own. I continue to serve as HPN’s Treasurer and Finance Chair.
Save the dates:
Fall – September 30-October 3, 2015 Seattle, Washington

Spring – March 29-31, 2016 ` Atlantic City, NJ

Concerns: None
Request for Action: N/A

6701 Democracy Blvd., #300, Bethesda, Maryland 20817 301-657-2768 301-657-2909 fax

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