Preclinic mobile prosthodontics

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Preclinic mobile prosthodontics

Study program

Doctor of dental medicine



Study year

II (second)


IV (fourth)

Total hours




Type of subject

Basic stomatological preclinic subject


Needed credits: anatomy and morphology of jaws and teeth, preclinic mobile prosthodontics (complete dentures)

Perform department

Department for dental prosthodontics


Prof. Ljuben Guguvcevski


Department for dental prosthodontics, Faculty of stomatology, Vodnjanska str. 17, Skopje

Key words

Faculty of stomatology, first cycle of study, basic subject, preclinic mobile prosthodontics (partial dentures)





Теоретска настава:

-Short historical rewiev on partial prosthodontics (organization, materials and technics, conceptional basis of partial prosthodontics, investigations in subject 2 school hours

Stomatognathic system changes after partial teeth loosens (extra and intraoral) 2

Impressions in partial prosthodontics (standard trays, anatomic impressions of upper and lower jaw) 2

Anatomic impressions investment, individual trays, impressions with elastomer in standard and individual trays 2

Characteristics of edentulous ridges, edentulous areas, osseal tissue, oral mucosa, resilience of oral mucosa 2

Introduction in dental surveying tooth equator, guide plate, dental survey, principle in dental survey use, model analysis in dental survey 2

Retention in partial prosthodontics, elements for retention, clasps , relation between clasp and retentive tooth 2

Wire clasp fabrication, clasp from first and second group, attachments as retentive elements, most useful attachments

First colocvium week

Indirect retention in partial prosthodontics. Statics in PP 2

Partial denture parts 2

Technical approach in partial denture fabrication 2

Characteristics of abutment tissues in partial prosthodontics 2

Use of mucosal and periodontal abutment 2

Second colocvium week
Практична настава:

-introduction in preclinical prosthodontics 3.

Anatomic impression on upper partial edentulous jaw 3.

Anatomic impression on lower partial edentulous jaw 3.

Anatomic impression investment and fabrication of studio patterns 3

Individual trays for partial edentoulusness fabrication 3.

Functional impression, fabrication of definitive working model

Retention in partial prosthodontics. Technical fabrication of equatorial clasp 3

Technical fabrication of embrace clasp 3

Technical fabrication of Bonihard’s clasp 3

Technical fabrication of Jackson clasp 3

Modeling of Ney system clasps from wax patterns 3

Fabrication of wax rims for partial dentures and bite fixation 3.

Model fixation in articulator 3

Articifial teeth articulation for partial dentures 3

Definitive labour procedures (polimerisation, definitive treatment, polishing) 3


-teoretical lectures 30 school hours, practical lectures (exercises) 45 school hours 



Методи на учење:

-teoretical learning, interactive learning, practical learning and seminar working



Излезност од учењето:

-students are educated for technical activites in partial dentures fabrication.



Оценка на активноста на студенто:




Оптовареност на студентот / часови:



Проверка на знаењето:

-two colocviums minimum 30 points, amximum 50 points.

Final exam: minimum 9 points, maximum 15 points



Учебни помагала:

-basicly literature Preclinics of partial dentures, Lj. Guguvcevski

Additional literature: Partial denture, M. Suvin

Dental prosthodontics: partial denture, B. Babic



Јазик на кој се изведува наставата:

- english

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