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Pre-Health Sample


1122 Main Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, Minor in Psychology Expected May 2017

GPA 3.72, Science GPA: 3.82, Deans List Awards, Honors Expected

Institut D’Etudes Françaises DAvignon, Avignon, France Spring 2016

Study Abroad Courses: French Theater, Culture, and Language taught in French

GPA: 3.65
Research Assistant June – August 2014

University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Brain Science Center, Minneapolis, MN

Programmed and conducted experiment concerning neural control of decision timing

Analyzed data using Matlab statistical software

Produced 20-page report of findings

Attended weekly lab meetings
Research Assistant January 2015 present

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes, Department of Neurology, Baltimore, MD

Assisted in study of HIV-1 expressed protein, Nef, thought to help establish persistent infection leading to


Techniques utilized included: mini-and maxiprep, PCR, restriction digest, agarose gel electrophoresis, and spin column purification of recombinant adenovirus
Student Intern June – August 2015

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Department of Cardiac Surgery, Baltimore, MD

3 hours/week for 12 weeks

Observed a variety of cardiac and thoracic surgeries and shadowed doctors in the Cardiac Surgery ICU

Attended lectures and grand rounds
Clinical Shadowing Participant January 2016

Kennedy Krieger Muscle Disorders Clinic, Baltimore, MD Dr. Kathryn Wager, M.D., Ph.D.

5 hours/week for 3 weeks

Observed taking patient histories and physical examinations

Read and discussed research papers on genetic muscle disorders

Gained experience in the diagnostic process, genetic testing, and patient counseling

Presented patient case at a weekly genetics conference within the Kennedy Krieger Institute
Medical Tutorial Program Participant September December 2016

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Baltimore, MD Dr. Mark Jones, M.D.

10 hours/week for 10 weeks

Observed a variety of orthopedic surgeries including computer assisted hip and knee replacements

Shadowed surgeons in the orthopedic outpatient center and intensive care unit

Observed rounds and diagnosis discussions

Participated in weekly surgical team meetings aimed at reviewing and discussing upcoming cases

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Mentoring Assistance Peer Program (MAPP) Mentor September 2014 – Present

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Counsel and mentor two underrepresented neuroscience freshmen by providing academic and personal development skills and support, as well as serve as liaison to university student support services

Implement with a team of other mentors various academic, cultural, and service based enrichment events/programs for freshmen mentees throughout academic year

Hospice Volunteer September 2014 - Present

Odyssey Hospice, Baltimore, MD

Visit patients at assisted living facilities 2 days/week

Provide companionship to the patients

Assist family members and caretakers with daily care including bathing patient and preparing meals
Academic Affairs Committee Co-Chairman May 2015 Present

Johns Hopkins University Student Government Association, Baltimore, MD

Collaborate with senior administration to improve course evaluations for undergraduate students

Proposed administrative policy change that would allow graded credit for civic service internships
Publicity Committee Representative September 2014 Present

Johns Hopkins University: Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium, Baltimore, MD

Recruited prominent world leaders to conduct lectures and publicized the events to the student body

Shifted focus on advertising towards social media to reduce cost and environmental waste by 30%

Increased lecture attendance by 150%, maintaining an average attendance of ~550 people
JHU Women’s Varsity Soccer Team Member September 2013 - Present

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Team captain for 2016 season

  • Right wing forward

Commit 25 hours per week to practice and games while maintaining academics and premed activities
Sorority Member, Kappa Kappa Gamma February 2014 - Present
Computer Skills: MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint; Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

Language Skills: Intermediate proficiency in French, Conversational proficiency in Spanish

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