Powerful Women Volunteering Hands of the Community

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Loretta Di Loreto

Thanks to all who participated in the Youth Art Show. We had 40 pictures of young artists from the elementary schools. The winning pictures are hanging in the Joppatowne Library until April 1st. We met two of the art teachers' one from Magnolia and the other one from Old Paca who wanted to "Thank the woman's club for sponsoring a competition for children that involved something other than sports. " This year most of the young artist brought their families: mother, grandparents, brothers and sisters. They were all so excited, they took pictures with the family, pictures of the family with their picture. It was quite heartwarming.
Don't forget the One Stroke Painting classes will be held on Saturday, March 31st at Lori

Eck's home. See you there. "Come and join us it is a lot of fun."

Education Community Service Program

Barbara Ledford

My reading volunteers for the Joppatowne Elementary School have been enjoying reading with the students. I hope they will volunteer again for the next school term.
Keep saving the education and Campbell Soup labels. The school benefits greatly from them.

Conservation Community Service Program

Jeanette Petnic-410-679-0959
Did you know there is only one Ronald McDonald House in the State of Maryland?

Each year more than 1000, families arrive at their doorstep. Care is provided for the families 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The aluminum tabs we save are taken to a local recycling center where they are redeemed for cash per pound. Money goes directly into the main operating fund to support the children and their families. So keep saving those tabs.
We are also making a monetary contribution to the Ronald McDonald House.
Continue saving your old towels and blankets for the humane society, and continue saving old eyeglasses and used cell phones.

Home Life Community Service Program

Barbara Albers-410-679-5260

Sue Tyber-410-679-3357
I have some welcome news….Sue Tyber has volunteered to co-chair this committee. Welcome aboard Sue!!!
Our basket for Habitat for Humanity is ready when the townhouse renovation in Edgewood is finished. The date for completion has been moved up several months.
The Mother's Day menu is almost complete, but if you have a favorite that you would like to make and donate, please contact Barb or Sue. We will need you donations on Friday May 11th. between 9:00 a.m. and noon at my house.
The Alzheimer's Association Walk for the Cure is October 6th. We will be collecting any checks or cash (tax deductible) at the September general meeting. The checks can be made out to the Alzheimer's Association. I will announce the walkers in May or June. You can support an individual walker or if you don't have preference you can give the check to me and I will give it to one of the walkers who need additional funds.
Health Tip; Stay away from sugar and sugar substitutes. Yes!! Sugar Substitutes.

(Dr; Mark Hyman)

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