Powerful Women Volunteering Hands of the Community

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P.O. BOX 268

JOPPA, MD 21085


April, 2012

“Powerful Women – Volunteering Hands of the Community”
Editor-in-Chief-Dottie Bishoff

Assisting Editor-Ruth Cameron

Federated April 1966

President’s Message Dottie Bishoff


Dear Club Members:

In accordance with the Bylaws Article IX, section J, the Nominating Committee of the GFWC Joppatowne Woman's Club, Inc. submits the following Slate of Officers for the 2012-2014 Administration:

President: Diane Raycob

First Vice-President- Lori Eck

Second Vice-President-Betty Manthei

Recording Secretary-Rosemary Sebula

Corresponding Secretary-Barbara Knapp

Treasurer-Maureen Cornett
Article IX section J

Names of nominees shall be published in the April Newsletter and names shall be read at the April general meeting. Any nominations from the floor shall be made at that time with the consent of the nominees.

Nominating Committee:

Betty Meidinger All my best

Betty Manthei Dottie

Diane Raycob

April Birthdays
4/1-Kathy Selle

4/8-Rosemary Sebula

4/9- Loretta DiLoreto
4/17-Dee Martin
4/27-Reno Eitel

Health News:
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their prayers, cards, flowers, fruit basket, and well wishes for myself and Bob. I also want to thank members for feeding my husband while I was in the hospital. Thanks to all of you.!! Dottie & Bob Bishoff
Please remember to keep all club members and their families in your prayers.

Art Community Service Program
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