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Eyelash Enhancement and Eyeliner
Usually, eyes are most swollen the morning after the procedure as gravity takes over during the night. (Also, during the evening you may soil your pillow with residual eyeliner pigment.) However, upon waking the morning after the procedure, and with normal activity, eyes become much less swollen within a few hours. It is important to keep your eyes moist at all times with the aftercare ointment. It is best to apply the ointment approximately 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days. Use a fresh Q-tip with each application of ointment. Do not pick at the eyeliner if you notice a little lifting of color. Let it fall off naturally. Do not wear contact lenses for at least 48 hours following the procedure; however, technically, your eye doctor should advise you as to when you may resume contact lens use. Do wear sunglasses when in the sun in order to protect the fresh color for the first two weeks. Stay out of sun, pools, hot tubs and all creams around the eye for two weeks. Do not use any eye makeup for one week, and then please use a fresh tube of mascara.

Eyebrows will not appear swollen, however, they will be tender for a few days. You will need to apply an aftercare ointment to your eyebrows approximately 2-3 times a day for 7 days. Use a fresh Q-tip with each application. Do not wear any makeup over your eyebrows for 5 days. Do not pick at the eyebrows if you notice a little lifting of color. Let it fall off naturally. Stay out of the sun, pools, hot tubs and avoid direct water pressure. Refrain from electrolysis for at least 2 weeks following an eyebrow procedure. Eyebrows are always darker immediately after the procedure. Within one week, the color becomes much softer.

Lip Liner and Full Lip Color
Lips will feel swollen and tender for a few days following the procedure. However, they will only be slightly swollen. In fact, the majority of women enjoy the fuller shape of their lips following the procedure. Although you will feel comfortable with the size of your lips following the procedure, you will question the intensity of color on your lips. Be assured that the color of your lips will lighten significantly in just a few days. It is important to apply aftercare ointment to your lips consistently during the first week, especially. You will notice that on the second day post procedure, your lips will start of slough off the pigment. Do not pick at your lips. Allow your lips to slough off the pigment naturally. Usually, by day 4 or 5 the sloughing is complete. Your lips, at that time, will be quite light in color. However, they will begin to become more colorful with each passing week up to 6 weeks. They will soften into the beautiful shade you have been patiently waiting for. Meanwhile, you may apply an ice pack (which is protected with a wet barrier film of paper toweling) for 10 minute intervals for the first couple of days. Ice may be applied every hour or so, if desired. During the first two weeks, please follow these guidelines for beautiful lip color:

  • Stay out of the sun (even up to 6 weeks) as the sun will quickly fade color.

  • Be careful when brushing your teeth as toothpaste will pull out pigment.

  • Do not bite into greasy, oily, salty or spicy foods, rather cut them up and place them into your mouth.

  • Consistently apply the aftercare ointment to your lips. Use a clean Q-tip with each application.

  • Do not pick or pull off the sloughing pigment, let it fall off naturally.

  • You may wear lipstick after the first two weeks if the tube of lipstick is new.

  • Make sure you take your anti-herpes medication to help prevent cold sores two days before your next lip appointment, if needed.

  • If you have any other concerns or questions, call Heather Gutier at 602-803-2787

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