Poland Position Paper

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Poland Position Paper
Poland is against international torture to an extent. There are fine lines between cruel and unusual punishment and good interrogating tactics. International torture when it comes to endangering innocent civilians lives is okay Poland. At the same time if there isn’t a sufficient amount of evidence against the criminal being interrogated there should be rules made to stop unnecessary torture of innocent people.

To do this we need to do it internationally. We need all countries on board to solidify these guidelines. In Poland especially Poland will make sure to get my point across. Poland’s position on torture would be for it but only some techniques. There are some torture techniques that are too harsh and some that are not. It is our job to draw the line between the two

International torture is only okay if you are protecting other people with the information you are gaining from it. Poland recognizes this and will push to pass documents to help form guidelines so there is no more confusion of right and wrong.

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